Terrific Tuesday

  • Coffee, anyone?

    I couldn't wait for daylight this morning so I could run out and check on my garden, but everything is fine. We had frost warnings overnight and I wanted to cover the tomatoes, but Jake insisted they'd be OK, and I'm relieved that he was right. This time. One more cool day to get through, then the temps are supposed to be climbing back where they belong for this time of year.

    I'm wearing a pair of jeans today that I couldn't even pull up past my knees last year, and they fit nice and comfortable!
  • Congratulations on the jeans, cottage! What a great feeling!
    Happy Tuesday everyone...on the run as usual!
  • Good morning Cottage. We definitely had a frost but not a hard frost. I don't think anything I have out is tender so should all be fine. I'll check before I leave this morning.
    nice NSV!

    A couple of meetings and some more paperwork for me today. Then I'm meeting DW in town for some birding and an early dinner. It's still chilly but the sun is out. I'll take it!

    Better get moving so I can leave a little early.
  • Good morning!

    Ruth - phew...glad the garden is okay! Congrats on the jeans...that's got to feel great!

    Lisa, Cyndi, and others to follow - have a great day!

    Me - work. Nothing too exciting. Made homemade black bean soup, and homemade tomato soup yesterday, and they were delish!! I wasn't able to squeeze in a work out during the day, but my DH let me go while he took care of the kids at supper time (I made it, he didn't have to do a whole lot!)...so I had a fantastic trail run. I'm debating if I'd like to do more trail running...it occupies my brain so much more, althought those hills can be a killer. And definately no Ipod needed! I was a bit nervous going at dusk with the dog, that we might see a bear or porcupine (or skunk!!), but we didn't .

    Getting ready to put oriental chicken in the crock pot for supper!
  • Twynn, thanks but Cottage is the one with the safe garden. Mine is white with frost right now. Luckily Swiss chard and spinach are tough plants. Your run sounds great. I don't take my wee dogs with me into the woods because they don't have any "bush smarts". Jazz goes into the play position when he sees a squirrel.

    Busy day today with a bit of a slow start as I slept until 6. I had a meeting here last night and the dog alarm was tired from all the socializing. Their evenings are usually spent sleeping on the couch. They are both off to the vet for spring check-ups today. Disney is way too plump, mainly because she is gobbling Jazz's food. Meal times now need strict supervision from the Dog Mum.

    Pet therapy this afternoon and a trip to the Township Office to pick up a big cheque towards the Girls' Soccer team trip to Sweden. It's nice to have the ear of the Mayor and get an interest-free load. We'll be working Bingos and doing bake sales for the next century trying to pay it back.

    Cyndi and Cottage, enjoy your fitting jeans and the late day birding.

    All this talk of soup makes me want to put some beans to soak and throw in the crockpot overnight. Hmmm. Black bean, maybe?

    Gotta go. Art is here with the truck and needs instructions re moving village planters.
  • Good morning chicks.

    Linda - Woo hoo on the jeans It has been cooler than usual here too.

    Lisa - Hello... goodbye... have a great day!

    Cyndi - I like that picture. Did you take it?

    Twynn - Oriental chicken sounds good. How do you make it?

    Ruth - I got a good chuckle out of you dog alarm comments and Dog Mum line. Enjoy the busy day.

    Another boring one here. But it is DS's last track meet of the season. I cannot believe he has less than 3 weeks of school left!
  • Whoops, Ruth, guess that was a brain fart huh?! I'm on my second cup of coffee now though ....
    Karen... this is the basic recipe I use:

    I use skinless chicken thighs and chicken breasts, and I skip the browning in oil...put directly in crock pot. I don't have a problem with only 2 T of sugar in that much liquid, but you could use agave or similar if needed. I also just sauteed onion, carrots, and celery, and I'll add that and a can of pineapple b/c of the kids shortly before serving (I just realized my peapods would be excellent in here too!). I precooked the rice this am too, so everything will be ready when I get home. (now that I think about it, I think I'll take mine out first, add extra veggies, then add the rest of veggies and pineapple for the rest of the gang....)

    Shhhh...don't tell, I'm having black bean soup for breakfast. I was too lazy to make anything, and didn't want grains. It tastes yummy, even at 8 am!
  • Good Morning

    I've been having computer/operator issues this AM. It took almost an hour to get all my signals straight to be able to log on. I really need to start planning ahead for a new one. I make the last payment on the snow tires in June-maybe then!

    The operator is a bit disorganized...I didn't get all unpacked last night and we booked out of here really fast last week.

    Fortunately, the one thing in my life that continues to stay very organized is SBD and exercise. I had an OP meal in the freezer for last night, I've had breakfast and my bike is sitting ready pointed towards the pool. Wish I could get my household running that smoothly.

    Today is plant tomatoes day. The weather looks perfect! Then maybe I can get to reorganizing the house.

    Linda, I'm always glad to hear of clothes success! Congrats! I hope your garden IS ok.

    Lisa, Thanks for checking in!

    Cyndi, glad to hear that healthy food and birding are scheduled in. Have fun!

    Twynn, thanks for posting the soup recipe again. I'm sending it to my keeper file. It always sounds so good. Trail running sounds fun, but like my bike I would only go where I knew I could get back.

    Ruth, we always have to have supervised eating...Bing is our little culprit. Glad you got to sleep in! I'm hoping you've sen your last frost!

    Karen, are you in the city or countryside? I know things are out of whack with your shoulder, but are there any events you could check out that would help with the boredom factor? I'm loading up my 3 weeks with Kirk being gone to keep me occupied and out of the snack bin.

    Ok, the computer has cooperated! Hope it sends alright.

    Have a great OP day everyone!
  • Thanks for the recipe Twynn. Sugar (honey, etc.) in recipes in moderation doesn't bother me. I'm glad to know you can skip the browning part. I will definitely try this because it looks like something my sons would enjoy too. So hard to find recipes that are healthy and please us all.

    Debbie - What a great mug shot it is! And how fun to put a face to your name. I am a suburbanite. But boring suburbs, not like living in Colorado. I really started getting bored a couple of years ago (long story behind it all) and that is part of why I love the blogging so much. I probably should renew my past efforts to look for a part-time job or new volunteer work or some other hobby. Or learn to knit to keep my hands busy!

    I feel so darn lazy today. I am going to get my rear in gear and get on that darn boring elliptical. At least yesterday DH and I had an action flick to watch while working out. Today will be some less than exciting TV. I hope the endorphins kick in!
  • Congrats on the jeans and the garden, Cottage!

    Twynn, Feel like sending me some of that homemade tomato soup? I love tomato soup.

    I slept in very late this morning and got confused when my iPod was telling me that it was 6 in the evening! I'm gonna grab some coffee and get on the Wii and then work on finishing up what I started yesterday. I cleaned out 3 bags of clothes for charity, which makes me feel good. Some of the things in that bag are from elementary school! I'm such a packrat.
  • Morning Chickadees!

    Cottage, I'm so happy for you about the jeans!! You should be very proud of yourself and your success! I'm glad the garden was safe, too!!

    Lisa, happy Tuesday! Have a great day.

    Cyndi, once again I hope the paperwork flies by. I love the pic with the mama/papa/baby geese! Too cute!

    Twynn, you're making me hungry! Trail running sounds tough! I want to get into running, but I think I'll start with flat, straight ground! lol

    Ruth, I'm glad you got to sleep in, although 6am doesn't sound like much of a sleep-in!! Hope the dogs check-ups go well. Have a great day!

    Karen, Enjoy your DS' last track meet! Hope he wins!

    Debbie, LOVE the new pic!! Sorry about your computer issues... When mine isn't working properly it drives me nuts!!!

    Katie, That's really sweet of you to donate your clothes to charity! Have a great day!

    All of my beach combing plans were cancelled yesterday because it started raining shortly after I posted here. I was pretty bummed. I ended up cuddling up on the couch with Bender and watching half of season 1 of LOST. Not so productive, eh? Today I have class, then I'll be heading over to a friends house to help her fill out her unemployment paperwork (I'm a pro at this point!)... Nothing too exciting. Hope you all have a wonderful day!