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Mmckellen 04-15-2010 06:02 AM

Thursday Thoughts
Hi all, am I the first again? I'm coloring my hair as we speak...

Worked more on the photos last night, and this morning I discovered I have photos on Snapfish I forgot about. I'll have to make a photo book with them. I actually had a productive conversation with my boss yesterday. There are rumors of a BIG meeting today...she seems mellowed out and I wonder why.

Ran off plan with some snacks yesterday and melba toast at lunch (sigh). I've got to work on getting my focus back.

Have a great day....

Ruthxxx 04-15-2010 06:04 AM

Thursday Thoughts
Good morning and here's a mug of morning beverage. :coffee: It's just first light but we could sit outside on the deck if we bundle up. It's about 40F out there.

This morning I'm off to do some major banking as soon as the bank opens. I have a $6000 cash deposit which makes me nervous especially when it's not my money. I wonder why people don't just write cheques these days. This is part of the balance for the soccer girls' Sweden trip and it'll be good to get it out of the way.

Once that's done, I carve three hours out of the day to drive to Kingston, have my teeth cleaned and checked and then come home. There won't be much left of my day by then but, if the rain holds off, I hope to get some seeds in and a few perennials split and potted. Tonight I'll spend making cookie dough for tomorrow's Big Bake.

Anybody want to skip work and come and join me? The dogs would be delighted to have the company.

Happy Thursday! :cofdate:

cottagebythesea 04-15-2010 06:11 AM

Thanks for starting us up again this morning, Mmc! I hope your hair turns out looking great! My roots are starting to show again, but my hairdresser's appointment isn't until Monday. :( I had dinner with one the other moderators, Nelie, last night, and I was really wishing I had made my appointment for this week, instead! I hope she didn't notice my roots! :o It sounds like you're making good progress on getting all your pictures organized. Good luck on the Big Meeting today!

I think I'll make myself productive with the extra time I have this morning to get some dusting and vacuuming done. I've been spending most of my time outside, and my poor house is starting to show it. Tonight is my late night, but then my 3 day weekend starts. This week went by really fast!

Lexxiss 04-15-2010 06:18 AM

Good Morning:sunny:

A quick hi before heading out with the doggies! It's so nice not to have to bundle up and sit in the blowing snow. Busy day today-Rudi is going to the groomer first thing-he's nominated for Dog of the Year at the hospital which is fantastic because he's invited us to come with him to the big bash at the country club! Other than that it's the usual busyness!
Mmc, hair is on my list, too.

Ruth, drive safe and get some seeds planted, too. PS I'd love to drop by.

Linda, when you say late night I always remember Survivor.:lol: I've been trying to work on the house....it just never ends.

Ok, they're pacing through the office-I must get coffee and go visit the great outdoors!

CyndiM 04-15-2010 06:22 AM

Good morning :coffee2: Looks like the last nice day for awhile here. Too bad it's completely scheduled already.

Mmc - We have the same plan for the morning. I forgot to do my hair last night so it's getting done before my 9:30 meeting :)

Ruth - I would love to call in "otherwise engaged" and come help you!

Cottage - I had the hair on my neck buzzed and all the hair under has defective color :o but I still keep forgetting to fix it! I can understand why people stop, it's just too much work to remember. Happy Friday

Debbie - So nice of Rudi to invite you too & Congratulations to all of you :)

I have a full day - meeting this morning and visit this afternoon. Tonight I'm supposed to get together with a friend but am not counting on it. I think something comes up about 90% of the time. :crossed: We will see :)

cottagebythesea 04-15-2010 06:25 AM

Ruth, I'd be happy to join you, but can you wait until tomorrow? ;) I'd be delighted to see Disney and Jazz again, too, and will even help you bake for the festivities on Saturday. :)

Debbie, yep, tonight is Survivor night! :carrot: Congratulations to Rudi!!!!

:wave: Cyndi!

Heidi58 04-15-2010 06:25 AM

Good morning ladies!

Wow! Congratulations to Rudi! :carrot:

I'm rushing this morning so no time for a 'real' post but I did want to pop in and wish you all a great day! :hug:

Auburn Girl 04-15-2010 06:32 AM

Administering our State Exams to a 2nd grader this morning then teaching the rest of the afternoon. My menu for my first week ended with last night, I need to find something to eat for week two. Off to check the recipe board! Have a great day!

Maryjaneld 04-15-2010 06:36 AM

Happy Thursday!

Mmckellen, hope your hair comes out great.

Ruth - love the flowers icon, so pretty

cottage - yay for 3 day weekends

Debbie - Way to go Rudi :)

Cyndi - hope you get to meet up with your friend

Hi Heidi

Today is my kindergarten class' family celebration. It will be fun and everyone's bringing in a dish to share. Lots of food. I will be realistic and sample teeny tiny bites of the ones i'm interested in. If i abstain altogether I know it'll just cause a binge later.

Have a great day :)

Ruthxxx 04-15-2010 06:46 AM

Jazz and Disney send congratulations to Rudi! Jazz is being tested May 2 and hopes to officially join the ranks of the Therapy Dogs.

Re hair colouring: I started when I was in my twenties and kept it up for more than 20 years. I was red, black, blonde, frosted - you name it! I finally just gave up and had major frosting done. It just never grew out. Now my hair is in great shape and I sure don't miss the fuss and mess of colouring.

Well, since nobody is coming to work with me, I guess I'll just gird my loins (can women do that?) and tackle Life on my own today. The dogs have gone back to bed. Jazz is upstairs on my bed which he had un-made and Disney is sleeping in "her" chair. A dog's life isn't so bad except for having to go outside for potty.

Have a good day, chickies.

WaistingTime 04-15-2010 07:51 AM

Good morning.

Mmc - It is amazing how much the whole photo thing has changed with digital and the internet. So much easier now. Melba toast is almost as bad as Triscuits for me.

Ruth - That is a long ways to have to go for a dentist visit. I am sure I have never held that much cash before!

Cottage - Oh, I need to do that. I haven't dusted in ages. I am ignoring it for now.

Debbie - Dog of the year! Congrats to him. Bow wow.

Cyndi - Hope your visit happens this time.

Hello Heidi! How did your training go?

Since we are talking about hair... (yes, my red was natural once until the gray joined in) - my mom told it like it is yesterday when she asked me if my hair is thinning! Sadly, it is. Nothing like a mom to be honest.

So DH is still not done with taxes but I believe he is finally moving on the the state ones. It was very, very, very tense here yesterday and will be again today. I would leave the house but I want to be able to sign those darn things the minute he is done.

One week until vacation - the mystery trip I am taking DH on for his birthday. I am so glad that I have been on the beach the last months before I get on a real beach!

Auburn Girl - Another teacher chick! I need to go back and look too, see what new recipes to try.

MJ - Sounds like you have a good plan. Someday I hope to handle moderation like that without the later overeating.

TwynnB 04-15-2010 08:13 AM

Karen - I realized last night at 9 pm we have local taxes. Just not in the habit of doing those! This was right after I was finishing up the state taxes (we still have a house in NC, so that makes a mess....). It wasn't too bad, we actually owed much less than I expected.

Rudi and Debbie - Congratulations! You must be so proud! I know the therapy dogs make such a difference to so many.

MMCK - I really must get my photos together as well.

Ruth - Have fun 'girding your loins' ;).

Cottage - no kidding on the housework. I haven't done a thing since I left for my conference a week ago, and with 4 cats and a dog (never mind the children and husband), you can tell I haven't. Maybe this weekend?

Cyndi - LOVE the boots! So cute! Hope they enjoy many adventures.

Heidi and Mary Jane - good morning!

Auburn - this is a fantastic place for recipes. Hope you find lots you enjoy!

Me - Got a good run in yesterday....took the dog with for 4.5 miles. WHat does she do when she gets home? Runs around the house like a crazy woman. LOL....not me!!

Today is work, maybe a break to get some errands done. I made myself a lovely monster salad for lunch!! I love that it's getting nicer out, and can't wait to make some of my summer bean salads, etc.

Hope y'all are doing well!

Pearlrose 04-15-2010 10:34 AM

Dang it I just lost my post.

so real quick

Congratulations to Debbie and Rudi.

Tammie I am doing Shred the only thing that hurts my back is the second set of situps in the first round- so I am swapping that out for situps that don't hurt for now.

Kelly- You do look like Kate Hudson in your Avatar.

Last nite DS won the Local Chamber of Commerce scholarship so that was good news. He had to write an essay on What Volunteerism meant to him.

Tonite DD1 has soccer game I will go to straight after work.

For all of those finishing your taxes today. Good Luck!!!!

Fat Melanie 04-15-2010 12:15 PM

Mckmellen, good luck with the hair dye, I'm sure it will look fabulous!

Ruth, hope you had a safe trip today. Have fun with the planting and the cookie dough making! (Yummm!! Cookie dough!!! But I'd better get such dirty thoughts out of my head, lol!)

Cottage, good luck on the cleaning today! Maybe you already do this, but I love to jam some music while I'm cleaning. Makes it more fun!

Lexxiss, keep warm! Congrats on the doggy's nomination. He must be an amazing pet!

Cyndi, good luck with your plans tonight! Hope it comes through for you and that you have a lovely evening.

Hi Heidi!

AuburnGirl, have fun!

Maryjane, good luck today! Hope you find a happy balance.

Waistingtime, hope things are a lot less tense today!

Twynn, good luck on your taxes as well!

Pearlrose, congrats on your son's achievement!

Today I am going back to the gym again, but it will be later on, maybe before dinnertime. Gotta hit up the grocery store FOR REAL this time, because I am in need of some more meats in the freezer, as well as frozen veggies. Looking forward to hitting up the gym again and get a little cleaning done in here as well! Have a great SBD day everyone.

Did I mention that the other day I turned in my college application to go back to school, completed and turned in my FAFSA, and enrolled my 2 year old into Headstart (although he won't start until a couple of months?) I feel so accomplished!!!

KellyEnix 04-15-2010 01:32 PM

Good morning ladies! I thought of you all last night as I ate a piece of ciabatta bread with oil & balsamic vinegar. I honestly almost never cheat and doing so made me feel like you were all here watching me! Ha! So thanks for keeping me from reaching for another piece!

All those of you who need your hair done should just move closer to me and I could do it for you! I worked in the salon as a color specialist for 5 years until I developed Dequervain's Tenosynovitis (its an irreversible tendon inflammation). I still do friend's and family's hair, but can't do it full time or I'm in too much pain.

I hope you all have a productive, fabulous, OP day!! I'm off to Math class...

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