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Default Thin, Thankful and Thoughtful Thursday

Good Morning

It's time to start a brand new day! I'm thankful that no matter what happened yesterday I have the opportunity to start again. Thin?? Not, really...but I'm working on it a day at a time. Thoughtful today, yes. First on my agenda is coffee, then it's time to get the car packed and head back over the hill. Water aerobics at 9 so leaving by 5:30-6 is essential.

What's everyone up to today? The week is breezing by and I see a weekend on the horizon. Stop by and say hi.

I had an interesting day yesterday, and OP. DD1 flew home, but we went to the museum and participated in "Expedition Health". I am 5'6", and my arm span is the same. I think the extra inch can be credited to yoga. Of course, I figured out that when I get to 183-184 I will be out of the obese catagory and will be just overweight. An exciting prospect.

Have a great OP day everyone!
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Good morning, Debbie, and thanks for the start-up today. I still marvel at how early you are up and at 'em. I'm also thankful that whatever happened yesterday, today is a whole new day. I finished off Maggie's milkshake yesterday, and although I'm trying not to feel too bad about it, I've been lambasting myself because I should know better. Ice cream is a huge trigger food for me and the bane of my existence. So today I'm wearing a pair of capris with a snug waistband to remind me of the consequences.

I want to get laundry and some grocery shopping done this morning before I head over to the farm. The girls have gymnastics this evening, so it's my late night and I won't be getting home until close to 8. I'm happy they are back from vacation and we're getting back into the normal swing of things, but I'm looking forward to having tomorrow off. It's been a busy week!
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Be happy.
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Good morning Debbie! Have a safe trip this morning and enjoy the water aerobics. I know it's kind of silly, but I can't see a pool without thinking of you now. lol

Good morning Linda! I'm wearing capri pants with a snug waistband this morning too. I'm at that annoying place where one size is droopy/baggy through the seat and hips, and the size down is perfect through the seat and hips but snug on my little pot belly. Enjoy your busy day!

It got up to 81 degrees here yesterday - that's warm for summer in the mountains of Maine. We had the kids outdoors several times to enjoy the beautiful weather but unfortunately by the time my meetings ended and I got home it was raining too hard for a walk. The rain brought slightly cooler weather so I guess I'll be back to wearing a light jacket today. Just as well though, it was pretty hard to be content working inside the last couple of days!

Anne, I read your post in yesterday's thread. Congratulations to your son and to you and your husband. What an accomplishment! I'm sorry the long shifts are wearing you down. I've been spending a lot of time in hospitals the past couple of years and have noticed the long, long shifts many of the nurses work. I don't know they manage to work so long and so hard yet remain patient and cheerful with grumpy patients - but I'm sure thankful for the nurses who care for my dad. I've been praying for your family's job/financial situation each time I see your avatar. I'll add prayers for your stamina and health too, now that I know about the long shifts.

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Come on Spring!
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Good morning, Cottage and Debbie. I'm sure not thin but am thankful for many things and I'll be thoughtful when I get a minute.

I am off to the service station in the next town for an oil change, some other odds and ends and getting the summer tires put onto my car. I think we are safe from snow for a while! I have also decided to keep my 2004 Ford Focus for another few years. It's in great shape, has low mileage and just needs a paint job. (It's only 67,000 miles.) Just because my dad got a new car every two years doesn't mean I have to. Of course, in my heart of hearts, I want a red Corvette!

Looks like a rainy day today but I may get outside between showers. I have things in the barn that need sorting ready for the May yard sale. On the other hand I could start baking for the sale next weekend. Or just bite the bullet and DO the darned taxes!

Whatever your day brings, I hope it's a good one.
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Good morning chicks!

I've been reading every morning, just not taking the time to write something. I won't take time for personals right now, I need to wake the DS up too soon!

Thankful for many things indeed!!

Tonight I have work all day, although it is a light schedule. Which is good, I can finish packing and get some stuff together for the DH...since I am leaving town late tonight for a work conference. I don't think food will be a big deal (a bit of one though, they give you lovely sweet rolls most of the time in the am!) since I am w/o children. I plan on bringing yogurt, etc. to have some healthy snacks so I won't eat too much junk. I get to see a former colleague (YEESH I miss her!!!), my SIL, and Matt! Do you remember Matt?! Good gracious, I miss him too!! For those who don't know him, I worked with him, he started south beach 10 days after I did, and lost 2 lbs for every one I lost. He lost over 50 lbs!!

I hope you ladies have a fabulous day and weekend! I'll be bringing the laptop, so I'll check in when I can!!
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Hi all,
I second the thanks for the opportunity to start again. Yesterday was a somewhat frustrating day; today will be better. Also, today my son starts an afterschool program one day a week, which means we will only be using our sitter 4 days a week. She is sad about this, and my son is resistent to going to the program (which is just fun - games, homework help and martial arts, and it's only from 3-6) and I feel wierd too, but at almost 6 my son needs a little more structure and we really need to cut our childcare costs. This is the first step - next fall he'll go 2 days a week to the program and we'll really start to see some savings.

I've been on plan since Monday and feel great. I need to remember this feeling when I am getting ready to cheat! Hope everyone has a WONDERFUL on plan day.
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Hi Linda,
Nothing actually happened yesterday, I just sometimes really marvel that because I'm out of that insidious craving cycle, thanks to SBD, that even if I *finish off a milkshake* that I can pick right back up and stay on track. It is a choice, however, and I certainly think you shouldn't be feeling bad about your indisgression especially since you KNOW about your relationship with ice cream. Have a great day!

Heidi, thanks for travel mercies! I love your pool thought. When anyone mentions showshoes I think of both you and Cyndi. Hot days! Wow! Enjoy those snug capris! You know they didn't fit 6 months ago.

Ruth, I hope you noted that *I'm not thin*, either. But working on it day by day means I'm not getting fatter. I'm should look into it! Have a great day!

It's 4:37 and I regret to say that if I'm going to get to water aerobics, that I must turn this computer off and get to packing. It's a pretty organized process we've done it so many times!

See you all on the other side!

ETA-Hi Twynn and MMC-gotta dash!
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Working on healthy
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I was slow and mopey this morning but the idea of Ruth driving around in a red corvette got my attention I drive a gray 2003 Echo so it's pretty easy to beat that for excitement.

Debbie - Hope the sun shines on your drive over the mountains

Cottage - I'm often grateful that I can start over with a brand new day. Happy end of the work week to you

Heidi - Isn't this weather crazy?! A couple of weeks ago 60 would have been warm now it feels cool. Hope you get a chance to get out for a walk today.

Ruth - I love getting those winter tires off! Hope your day is a good one too

Anne - Wow, how exciting for your son. Thinking of you and your family.

Twynn - Happy travels

Mmc - Here's to a great new day

I think today is an office day. I had another meeting but I just don't think it's worth my time. Things are so fluid right now that sitting around talking about our jobs next year seems silly. Everything could change 5 times between now and the budget passing. Might as well go to the office and get my actual work done.

It looks like the rain will hold of until tonight so I'm going to fit another walk in. Crackslaw may be my secret to more weeknight walks. I love quick, easy meals!
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Good morning, everyone!

Today is an office day for me too, Cyndi. I enjoy being out on the road when it's nice, but today is going to be a good day to be in the office. Our temps were in the 80s yesterday. Today we're getting thunderstorms with temps dropping and possible snow tonight and tomorrow.

Tried to wear my low-rise jeans today and they fit but the muffin top is not attractive. So back to the mid-rise for me for a while.

Water aerobics sounds like fun, Debbie! We have thought of joining our nearest YMCA but don't know how committed we'd be since we'd have to drive 20 minutes one way to get there.

Well, better get around so I can head out the door. Hope everyone has a great day!
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Good morning everyone!
Thin, thankful, thoughtful....I love that. Thanks for such a positive start this morning Debbie. Today I really don't have any big plans, hoping to get some cleaning done and enjoy the day with the boys. We will be back in school in just a few days! I have had so much fun just hanging out with them during this week! I'm certainly thankful for my sweet boys and looking forward to some lazy summer days with them.
Ruth I can see you corvette- Go for it! My oldest helped his Nana wash her new car (Honda accord) earlier this week and he told her yesterday. "Your car went from squeaky clean to pollen green!" The pollen is terrible here now. Everything is coated with a green dusting!
Twynn- Have a great trip!
Cottage- I know how you are feeling but guilt isn't productive.
Heidi- I had on some tight in the waist capris all day yesterday. I hate being in-between sizes but that's where I'm at too! I was so happy to notice when I broke out the spring clothes that some pants were actually loose that last year were very tight! I love it when pants are loose!
Mmc- Hope all goes well with your son in the afterschool care. I bet he will end up loving it!
GeoKasher & Cyndi-
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Debbie - I love the title!

Linda - I can't keep ice cream in the house. Interesting fact: I grew up on the east coast and always heard they eat more ice cream than anyone else. Of course I had to google that and now it seems no one agrees.

Heidi - We had that same weather pattern. I hope you manage a walk today.

Ruth - Our cars are 9 and 10 years old. I would love a new one; my eye is on a hybrid. But I am too cheap. Maybe when DS goes to college. DH started our taxes yesterday and he is GROUCH!

Twynn - Sounds like a good trip. Enjoy.

Mmc - I always tell myself the same thing - I need to remember that great feeling. And I also need to remember how the crap makes me feel like crap! Great job this week

Cyndi - I hope you get that walk in. I am going to admit a TMI here... I stopped eating the slaw because it seemed to be more aptly named "gas" slaw for me. Sigh.

GeoK - Snow! When low-rise jeans first came out I hated them and the idea. Then I got a pair and they actually were more comfy on my wider waist. Less to bunch when I sit and the belly bulges over. Hmm.

Lisa - Your picture looks just like you sound when talking about your boys. They grow up so fast!

Anne - After reading Heidi's beautiful comment I went back to your post. I couldn't say it better than she did. My niece is on the spectrum, high functioning, and graduating as well. Off to a PHD program next!

Going to DS's track meet today. He finally gets to try a shorter race so it will be interesting to see how he does. Here is my strange "thoughful" for the day - I am actually just a bit concerned to be losing weight right now. The reason is that I have not done weight training in weeks (and cannot remember the last time that happened) and am worried I am already losing muscle. And you know they say muscle weighs more than fat. On a positive note, Triscuit-free for 5 days!
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Good morning everyone! I like the title too. I definitely have a lot to be thankful for. It's a gorgeous spring day! And we may get thunderstorms this evening, which I love.

I'm doing a couple of Phase 1 days to get my cravings back under control after my unsuccessful launch into Phase 2. I am very pleased with myself though that I haven't cheated, despite the cravings! Nothing else too interesting going on here, I'm going to take a long walk w/my dog after I get DS off to preschool and then do some more weeding.

Anne, Huge congratulations to your son!
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South Beacher
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Love the title Debbie. Thanks for starting the thread with such a postive thought. Have a safe drive over the mountain.

LOL Karen and the triscut free for 5 days. Those things are evil!!! Everytime I go to the store I look at the box and put them back. I thought of you when I looked at the box yesterday. I haven't had triscuts since my third week on SBD. I didn't go overboard, but I only like certain cheeses with my triscuts and the ones I like are the really high high fat ones.

Twynn Safe travel and have fun at the conference.

Heide I think you should celebrate tight pants today because as someone said you couldn't wear them a few months ago and they will be loose soon!

MMC hope son has a good time.

Me just another day in the world of travel! Enjoying reading the Beck book with my "coach". I am learning a lot about me.

have a great day.

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I will succeed
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Well chickies I am new to this thread and I have to say what a wonderful positive group

I am thankful I get to start a new day! yesterday was my first day back on sb after 3 years, (was doing ww and getting no where for over 6months) Well day one I did great until eve about an hour before bed and broke down and drank that glass of wine. Today is a new day!

Thin? I will be one day but right now I am focused on just fitting back into my mid rise jeans without having to lay down on the bed
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to The Beach, Nancy! Feel free to spread out your beachtowel and join the fun!
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