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Mmckellen 03-24-2010 05:59 AM

Wonderful Wednesday chit chat
Am I the first? Wow!!! Just want to get this up, and I'll be back in a minute.

OK, I'm back! Yesterday was another on plan day. I woke up this morning feeling physically and mentally great. If only I can carry the memory through of how good it feels to be on plan.

Isn't it interesting how spring can really be a time of new beginnings...I feel like a lot of stuff I have struggled with recently is suddenly working itself out. Some relationships, which really did need to change because they were rooted in negativity (even though I enjoyed the ***** sessions) are indeed changing, on their own...it's scary to think of losing a closeness you've had with some people in your life, but if it helps me move on to something more positive, then I am prepared. I also seem to be in a much better groove with my boss, totally unexpectedly, and I can't tell if it's me or her, but I'll take it!! Spring resolution: more date nights with my husband. Now that my son is almost 6, the universe is telling me to let go a little and divert some attention back to my marriage. So much of why I feel so positive now is because of this site and everyone here! Thanks for being in my life.

CyndiM 03-24-2010 06:07 AM

Good morning Mmc. I've got a fresh pot of dark roast here, wish I could send you a cup :)
ETA - what a great way to look at changes. thanks for sharing that

Today is a planned WFH day for me. I have a newsletter to do and it just never gets done at the office with all the interruptions. Came home early yesterday with a touch of some kind of yuck. It aggravated my usual stuff and I was an achy mess with a slightly off tummy. Hope today is better but at least I'm at home.

I love WFH days - I'll do a little cooking, some working out and maybe run to the grocery store so I don't have to go Saturday. I'll also get a lot of work done. I'm sure the Wii Fit will pout at me because I've been using Active lately and haven't put anything like the time in I did last month. I don't think I should have to worry about my exercise equipment missing me ;)

Happy hump day

cottagebythesea 03-24-2010 06:10 AM

Wednesday's Wake-up Call
Happy Humpday! :coffee: The coffee's fresh and strong this morning. :)

I had a great day yesterday with Caite and Carley, and it was so nice that they could come out on a weekday. Caite brought Wii Sports Resort with her, and we had such fun playing that. I learned that I'm a pretty good canoe-er and the 100 pin bowling is a blast! Monica drove out after she got off work. I made the crackslaw recipe for supper, substituting fake chicken strips for the meat, and everyone loved it. I love that it's so fast and easy to throw together.
I'm going out to the farm this morning to visit Richard's parents and check on things, and I'll swing by my parent's on the way home to visit them.

Well, this took me long enough to post, and I'm sure by now someone else probably started today's thread. I'll merge if necessary. :)

litar 03-24-2010 06:21 AM

Good Morning everyone! MmcKellan love your thoughts about Spring and a new beginning! Isn't it amazing how God created the change in seasons! I am ready for SPRING BREAK here...only about 6 more days and YES I am counting down! I think it's because I have been so tired since the time change...I am hoping to catch up and feel normal again!
Hey Cyndi...I would love to have a WFH day....enjoy!
Yesterday I slipped up a little and ate some "fried dill pickles" that were definitely not on plan....I'm not real sure what happened there b/c I really wasn't starving and I have stayed OP until then. As crazy as it sounds, I think my tiredness played some part in that unexpected cheat. Anyway...I am back on the plan today!
Hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday!

TwynnB 03-24-2010 06:27 AM

Good morning chicks!

MMCK - there *must* be something going on! I've struggled the last few years with my coworkers, and they're suddenly nice to me. My DH jokes there's a three year induction phase (another employee was the same way). I guess I should be happy huh?

Cyndi - I haven't gone on the Wii fit since January....and now I'm afraid to since he'll yell at me!! It didn't do much for me heart rate wise, and with running, I put my energy into that. Was it Cottage that got the ... which Wii fit was it....does that one do better on keeping heart rate up longer?

Cottage - glad you enjoyed your day yesterday! That's wonderful you can stop by and see your parents.

My pants were suddenly loose yesterday....not sure why, but I'll take it! Maybe because I took my running up a notch speed wise, and was able to go outside?! (speaking of which, a college student in our church class is on the track team...she does a 4:38 mile!!??? HOLY GUACAMOLE!!)

I've been nibbling at the goodies from church the other night, my plan is to GET RID OF THEM!! ANd not in my mouth!!

This should be a decent on plan day, esp. if I get rid of the junk. Otherwise, it's a full surgery day at work, run the kids around for gymnastics, and then the regular crazy evenings.

Have a great day!

Lisa - I giggled that your cheat was fried dill pickles. Not sure I've heard that one before!

CyndiM 03-24-2010 06:33 AM

Twynn- We joke that the Wii Fit has a Jewish grandmother persona. It doesn't yell - it guilts. I have both Active games and like them better for "serious" workouts, both strength and aerobic.
Isn't it interesting how many of us are experiencing these transitions in different parts of our lives? Hmm

Heidi58 03-24-2010 06:42 AM

Good morning friends! :wave:

Mmc, it was great to start my day with your upbeat post. Here's to another on plan and low stress day.

Cyndi, if it's as wet, cold and dreary at your house as it is at mine this is the PERFECT day to WFH! I wish I didn't have to go out today. I wonder if you're as silly as me, trying to explain to the cartoon wii fit balance board when it starts asking where you've been? lol I tried putting my outdoor walks, treadmill work and other activities in the wii fit plus log so I wouldn't get scolded, but it was too much of a hassle. :lol:

Linda, I keep seeing Sports Resort featured in stores and online and it looks like a lot of fun. It sounds like you had a really nice day yesterday.

It's snowing here right now but melts as soon as it hits the ground. The rain/snow is supposed to continue all day. The river is high and expected to flood above us and below us this afternoon so they may send us home from school early to get the buses off the roads. Thankfully most of the flood plain here is just fields and woods so high water is more of an inconvenience than real danger or expense. Lots of road closings and wet basements but that's the extent of it most years. Tomorrow and Friday are teacher workshop days so today is going to feel like Friday in my classroom today. :dizzy:

Hi Lisa and Twynn.... just saw your posts when I previewed mine. :wave:

OK, I've put it off long enough... I'm heading in to weigh myself now. :crossed:
Have a great Wednesday! :hug:

Maryjaneld 03-24-2010 06:52 AM

Happy Wednesday :)
Sorry to post and run, but I feel like I have a million things to do today. I'm having a Passover seder in my class today (my first, I hope it goes well - not my first as a person, I celebrate every year with my family, but my first in school that is) and am dying Easter eggs tomorrow. We're very multicultural. :)

Wishing everyone a great day.

Lexxiss 03-24-2010 07:18 AM

Good Morning:sunny:

Thanks for getting us started, Mmc. I'm glad to hear you're back to feeling great. You described exactly how I feel. For me, the memory of how it feels is simply accomplished by sticking pretty close to plan as a WOE and WOL. That way, the small detours are just that, because I don't eat that way anymore. I'll keep my fingers crossed about your boss-it does sound too good to be true! Your Spring resolution sounds great!

Cyndi, glad you get to WFH today. If your Wii is so smart, it should recognize it's the time of year to get outside. I thought of you yesterday; I came upon a two hr "swap" at the Morman church with some good clothes for free. I got several smaller items to add to my wardrobe!

Linda, have a great day out "visiting".

Lisa, are you doing something special for Spring Break?

Twynn, I hope you have an uneventful day at work and I hope the goodies disappear from your reach very soon.

Heidi, I hope your day is OP ad low stress, as well. Flooding already?? Seems early.

Lauren, enjoy your Seder today. I think tradition is really important for kids.

We have determined we're the first up in this little town. It's amazing-so busy during the day and not a soul moving in the AM. It's so quiet, all you can hear is the river. We're going to visit several old cemeteries on our way out of town looking for Kirk's ancestors then hit the interstate for a quick drive back. I think it will be 8 hours driving. I think we've started a new tradition-we'll come here the first week of Spring every year. I like doing the Natl Parks during off season. What we missed in flowers and greenery was more than offset by the lack of crowds.

Enjoy your day everyone!

WaistingTime 03-24-2010 07:42 AM

Happy Hump Day:)

Good morning Mmc. What a great way to start us off! I am so glad that things are going well. I was smiling as I read.

Cyndi - Enjoy WFH and I hope the yuck leaves fast!

Linda - What an age we live in where grandmas play video games! Who'd have thought it?

Litar - I never heard of fried dill pickles!

Twynn - Loose pants:carrot: I am a big one for throwing food out instead of having it around to tempt me. I have to hide that from DH though - he hates waste. (but I hate my WAIST. Tee hee.)

Heidi - I hope things are okay with the river there. That sounds scary. Are you on the end-of-the-year countdown yet? We just got word of our official last day for kids and it is earlier than I expected.

MJ - I am very surprised that you can do a seder and eggs. Seems mostly everything is just avoided now out of political correctness.

Debbie - Have a safe drive. Do you and Kirk listen to radio, books on tape, enjoy the quiet, talk?

Chelby - I can't tell if that is good or bad news! I hope you hear soon and get some answers.

I decided I still can't get back to the gym classes yet:( I need to start cleaning my house in a big way! We recently found out our niece (and her new husband) are coming to stay this weekend so we also invited extended family to see them. I hate to admit how horrible the place is between me not cleaning since before vacation and my DH with papers sprawled all over for taxes. Also it is DH's 50th birthday Saturday and since his gift is a trip that is not happening for a while, I need to come up with some way to recognize it. Any suggestions?

It is freezing in my basement so I am off to brew some tea. BBL

Lexxiss 03-24-2010 07:54 AM


Originally Posted by WaistingTime (Post 3215456)
Debbie - Have a safe drive. Do you and Kirk listen to radio, books on tape, enjoy the quiet, talk?

For this trip I activated the XM in the car....I found out that if I put it on the Grateful Dead channel he'll drive for hours! :lol: It works out well, because in this area there isn't much else.


Originally Posted by WaistingTime (Post 3215456)
Also it is DH's 50th birthday Saturday and since his gift is a trip that is not happening for a while, I need to come up with some way to recognize it. Any suggestions?

One of my favorite things is a homemade card. I go through old magazines and cut out pictures, words, sayings...and come up with a funny and sweet message. Since it's glue and paste, they're often 8 or 10 pages. Once it's glued up I can write in my own captions, as well. You could theme it on the upcoming trip as well as the milestone of a 50th BD.

Continue healing and have a great day!

WaistingTime 03-24-2010 08:54 AM

Debbie - My DH likes to do the driving and did all 12 hours home last trip. He and I can agree on classic rock but I can also take silence. DS will plug in his earphones. But this time we listened to basketball! Poor KU. Thanks for the bday idea. Maybe I can find 50 things to put in there!

tammies00 03-24-2010 09:02 AM

Morning all

Sounds like everyone is having a nice start to the day.

MMC I like your attitude. I have been thinking the same thing. I need more one on one time with hubby. Some of the ways that we try to spend time together is to rent a movie and watch it in the room. We lock the kids out or get them their own movie. We go for a walk. We do the normal stuff to like dinner and such, but the stuff that doesn't cost a lot seems a lot more enjoyable.

Be back later. Running later this morning.


sophie 03-24-2010 09:31 AM

Good morning,
Yes Spring is wonderful. I am beginning to feel my energy coming back.
Sorry no time for personals. DH has a friend coming over to do woodworking and I have to do some pickup around here.
Hope to be back later.
take care

jennyplain 03-24-2010 10:09 AM

Hi everyone,

I've been busy the last few days so haven't had time to post. Wanted to check in and say hello. I rode my bike four miles yesterday - I just can't spend that much money on a piece of equipment without getting mileage out of it, lol. My quads are aching today. It is going to take me a while to build them up!

sunnybella 03-24-2010 10:20 AM

:yawn: Good morning everyone, and thanks for starting us off with a great post Mmc. Got back on plan last night for dinner with some baked fish and salad :). Spring is a great time for new beginnings and lets not take a day for granted. I am grateful to everyone on here for sharing their experiences while on the Beach! Have a great day everyone :D

jenne1017 03-24-2010 10:36 AM

must. get. coffee.

Work, work and more work!!! TTYL

KatehSparrow 03-24-2010 11:55 AM

Afternoon everyone! :wave:

Thanks for starting us up Mmc (and you too Cottage :))

Cyndi - I agree about the Wii Fit. My parents have one at home and I was consistently using it all of January and now, well I'm not because its 4 hours away but I'm told that every couple of days it asks my mom "Have you seen Katie recently?" It also reminded me about my cats birthday and asked if I was throwing a surprise party for her. Hmm. :lol:

I started my morning off sleeping in, which was nice. But then I took a shower and came back to find to my door locked!! Good thing I had my bathrobe. I had to call Public Safety to let me in. Needless to say, not a very good start to the day. Hope the rest of it goes better!

Kim_Star060404 03-24-2010 12:25 PM

:wave: Run-by fruiting here!

Just to clarify, the indulgence yesterday was a couple of candy Whoppers, not a couple of Burger King Whoppers. :rofl: Thankfully, there's not a BK within 100+ miles of here. :D

I'm off to New Mexico in about 1 1/2 hours with boss-man for a seminar. I'm not looking forward to it, but it's only 3 1/2 hours on the road and a one-day class, so I'll be home late tomorrow night. I did just discover that there is a Super Wal-Mart in the town we're staying in! Mama's going SHOPPING!! :lol:

Chelby: I hope you hear from the doc soon! Keep us updated!! :hug:

Well, hope to "see" everyone on Friday. :wave:

litar 03-24-2010 03:43 PM

Hope everyone has had a great day...
Several asked or mentioned that they hadn't heard of fried dill pickles...well this was my first experience with them, too. I really can't report they were great but I do love a dill pickle so that may be why I was so interested in trying them...not worth going off plan in my opinion.

Debbie- no special plans for spring break...just really need a break!!!

Anyone ever tried the SBD supercharged exercise DVD? I saw it on Amazon today wondering if it was any good???

Lexxiss 03-24-2010 08:39 PM

Checking in-we're in the car, about 175 m from home. This is the only spot I have reception. Had a great day visiting with old friends from Alaska. We shared a great meal except for a huge serving of mashed potatoes put on my plate. I put them back in the bowl when the hostess wasn't looking and replaced them with yogurt. Hmm...sneaky, but I didn't really want to eat them.

See you all tomorrow.

murphmitch 03-24-2010 10:10 PM


Originally Posted by WaistingTime (Post 3215542)
But this time we listened to basketball! Poor KU.

Hey, UNI fans here! My husband, 2 brothers & 1 sister are alumni! We are over the moon about that game.

Another long work day here, but eating is OP. Hope to get off the couple pounds I gained last week by Easter weekend. My eating is definitely affected when I'm sleep deprived. I had a lot of trouble last week when I got up at 2am on 2 different days & went to work for a 3am shift. My appetite was out of control. :dizzy:

WaistingTime 03-24-2010 10:17 PM

Anne - Good thing I 'm really not a fan:)

Night chicks. Catch you all tomorrow:hug:

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