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Default Wheat Germ Oil

This is going to sound strange, but here goes.

I've been tracking my nutrition on Fitday, and I am lacking in both Vitamin E and Iron. I'd like to get them both in my diet naturally, and I read that wheat germ oil packs 100% of your RDA of Vitamin E in one tablespoon (and since I get about half of what I need naturally, I'd only need a half tablespoon). I like this better than taking a supplement, because natural sources always seem better to me than taking something in pill form.

However, the 'wheat germ' is scary to a fairly new SBer. Does it count as a fat because it's an oil, or do I need to count it as both a fat and a good carb? Since it's such an oddity, it's not on the food lists that I saw, so I thought I might get the input of you folks on the forum.

Here's the wiki page, if that helps any:
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I am sorry that I can't help you (bc I dnt do SB)...But I noticed you live in Nashville...where I am going to be moving in August! I'm so excited!!!
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I would count it as a fat, as it is an oil.
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Good question! Since it's only oil, I don't see how it could be considered a carb. I've never heard of the you have a bottle of it? Does it have a label that lists nutrition info, and if so, does it have any carbs in it?
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If you're worried about Vitamin E intake, Almond Breeze unsweetened almond milk has 50% of the RDA in one serving. I love the vanilla one. I also make sure I get my nut servings in daily.
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It is an oil, not a carb. One way you could get it into your diet is to mix it into salad dressing. I love Ken's Caesar, but I mix it half and half with flax oil to get the goodness of flax oil into my diet.
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