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Be happy.
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B - v8, cheese stick, hot tea with milk & splenda
S - yogurt, berries
L - chili
S - almonds, apple (late supper today)
D - scallops and steamed veggies
Italian creme soda this evening.

Excercise: wii fit plus. It's an aerobics and strength training day.

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Working on healthy
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Phase 2

B: porridge & blueberries
S: Siggis grapefruit yogurt
L: kidney bean burgers & sauteed greens
S: garbanzo crunchies or garbanzo spread & sprouts (depends on which one I make!)
D: might be the greens and quinoa pie

exercise - 60m treadmill, 30m Wii yoga & strength, 20m Wii Active upper body workout

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Height: 5'8"


Tuesday Phase 2
B-cottage cheese/egg muffin (2)
S-15 almonds
L-salad with chick peas, grilled chicken, broccoli sprouts, avocado and parm. cheese (same measurements as yesterday)
S-grape toms. and sliced bell pepper with pepper jack cheese
D-sauteed ground turkey w/roasted cauliflower and broccoli
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S/C/G: 186/147/135

Height: 5'1"


My menu today looks exactly like yesterday's, as I'm using up leftovers, so I won't bother posting it again.

I did a full 30 minutes on my bike last night! My legs were so shaky when I got off, though, that I could hardly make it back upstairs. I'm not sore this morning, so I'll try it again tonight. I'm still keeping my run on the Wii at 3.5 miles in 20 minutes for now. I want to keep it at that for a few weeks before I try increasing my pace.
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S/C/G: 289/T/190

Height: 5' 7.5"


B: yogurt, V8
S: cheese stick
L: veggies (cucumber, red bell pepper, tomatoes and snap peas) with hummus (I am REALLY digging the greek olive one by Sabra) and SF jello
S: cottage cheese
S: Skinny latte from Starbucks
D: spaghetti squash pie
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Location: South Carolina
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S/C/G: 187/145.5/135


I'm Day 9 of Phase 1:

B: 3/4 cup of plain FF yogurt mixed w/2 TBL natural peanut butter and 1/2 packet of Splenda. Coffee.
L: Canadian Bacon with lots of chopped veggies.
D: Grilled chicken and green beans
S: Hummus with sweet pepper strips and slice cucumbers

Hope everyone has a great day!
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S/C/G: 240/125/130

Height: 5'8


P 1.5

B: scrambled eggbeaters, greek yogurt with blueberries, milk
L: leftover chicken and brown rice soup
D: Italian turkey meatloaf, green beans with almonds
S: sf dulce de leche pudding with 1 small apple
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Location: ontario
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Height: 5'4"


phase 2

b - oatmeal with almond milk
l - veggie soup and cottage cheese with sf jello
s - yogurt with blueberries
s - pork chop with broccoli and cauliflower and salad
s - slice of pumpernickel bread with almond butter

exercise - don't know yet
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S/C/G: 268/ticker/159

Height: 5'7"


Phase 1.25 (First week of Phase 2)

Breakfast: Ricotta waffles w/ SF syrup 1 cup 1% milk, 2 cups Coffee with 1% milk and sweetener; V8
Snack: Yogurt with 1/8 t SF jello powder
Lunch: Leftover Chicken Crack Slaw
Snack: Apple with peanut butter
Dinner: Meatloaf with green beans and a small salad
Snack: Bean Brownie

Our out ot town company got here yesterday and I did well with the exception of missing my morning snack... I'll do better today.
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S/C/G: 152/116/120

Height: 5' 3"


Phase II

B: 2 boiled eggs, V8
L: Deli turkey, RF cheese stick, Greek yogurt, apple, veggies
D: Stuffed peppers with ground turkey, some kind of veggie
S: Almond butter

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S/C/G: 185/ticker/130

Height: 5'2"


Ph 2
B-2 poached eggs, 1 slice WW toast, 2 slices turkey bacon, V8, coffee
S- 4 oz yogurt with blueberries, strawberries, a sprinkle of walnuts and fiber 1 ,sweetened with splenda.
L- chicken/black bean concoction with green peppers and mushrooms
S- apple with 1 Tbsp peanut butter
D- leftover spaghetti squash from last night, broccoli
S- haven't decided yet but it's going to be chocolate!
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Live, Laugh, Love
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Height: 5'3"


Day 1 Phase 1

B: Two fake sausage patties, cottage cheese
S: 1 oz LF Cheese
L: Broccoli Cheese Soup (AWESOME!!!)
S: 15 almonds
D: Cajun Lentils, big salad loaded with veggies, and cucumbers and tomatoes drizzled with vinaigrette
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S/C/G: 173/136/125

Height: 4"11'


phase 1
B- greek yogurt, splenda, cinnamon, 2 slices turkey bacon
S - 2 egg quiche cups, v8
L - taco bake, salad, dressing, sf jello
S - pb and sunflower seeds
D - refried bean soup, cheesy artichokes
S - fudgsicle, ff whipped cream
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Just Beachy
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Height: 5'2"


Phase 2ish
B: organic oats w/1 tbsp peanut butter
L: salmon patty w/ Ezekial (sp) burger bun
S: apple
D: WW pasta w/ low sugar tomato sauce
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Be happy.
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Phase 2

B - steel cut oats, hot tea, v8
S - blackberries, yogurt
L - chili
S - butternut squash fries
D - broiled scallops, steamed veggies, salad

Exercise: wii fit plus
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