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Default Not sure what's going on??? Need some help!

I am in week two of Phase 1 and have stalled with the weight loss. I had lost 6 1bs but yesterday am I was up 1 lb this morning back down 1 lb. I am eating the same as I was last week??? Here's a typical day:

B: Egg or Egg beaters with veggies and lf cheese
S: string cheese or nuts (counted out) or turkey pepperoni
L: large salad with some kind of protein (chicken usually) and Balsamic Dressing (measured out)
S: Celery with Laughing cow cheese or nuts (if I haven't already had those...)
D: Lean protein (like chicken/ turkey burger-no bread, white bean chili (recipe from here) or taco bake...) and veggies
I have also had the Reece cup recipe if I wanted something sweet and hadn't had nuts for the day....

I have felt so good eating this way- Lots more energy and never really having cravings or hungry. I am not discouraged because of this but I would like to hear from some experts on this b/c it scares me about starting Phase 2 and I'm already stalling on the loss.

And I just want to say I love these boards...I lurk a lot but you guys are great and I appreciate the support more than I can say!
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Stop weighing yourself everyday!!! you will make yourself CRAZY. the body does not metabolize everything from the previous 24 even if you GAIN weight the fat does not pack on for a few days. Water fluctuations and so many other factors will make your weight jump within a 5ish pound range throughout the day, week, etc. everyone is different. make a log and write your first weight down. weigh yourself ONCE a week at that same day on the same time and keep recording. stay hydrated so you are less likely to retain water, and keep away from foods high in sodium. if you are not feeling a little hungry before bed, you may not be active enough to create a deficit for what you are eating...but your plan looks pretty good. good luck to you. keep us posted!
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It's normal to fluctuate 1 lb like that. It could really be a matter of water retention as women experience during their menstrual cycle, from eating sodium, etc. Also not to be gross, but even having a fuller colon than the day before if you know what i mean can cause a couple of pounds.
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Pleeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzz don't be discouraged!!!!!!! This is a huge lifestyle change, and I know in my heart you are not "stalled in weight loss". For one, being "stalled" is going weeks OP and not losing. The gals are absolutely right on that there are so many factors that affect the scale on a day to day basis. The scale is a guide, but by far, NOT the true measure of your success on SBD. I considered the first 6 months OP with SBD to be a continual detox process. When I started SBD I committed to 6 months OP no matter what, and it made it easier when I had those moments (6 weeks in) when I "felt" fatter than when I started.

Today, more than 8 months OP *gasp* *faint* , I find that the best thing for me to do is to continue to eat OP and make it fun and enjoyable. I focus on not going overboard on OP foods and leave the rest to my body. After "maintaining" through the holidays, I quickly lost 2 pounds once I got back to basics and increased my exercise.
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litar - you are doing GREAT You body will fluxuate sometimes. Are you weighing at the same time each day and getting in your water? That can cause changes too!

Hang in there. The scale WILL catch up!
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I know I should not weigh everyday it was just such a motivation during the 1st week! I wonder if the turkey pepperoni is a little too salty or processed and is causing me to retain water??? That is the only food newly added to week 2. Anyway thank you so much for your encouragement...I do feel better and that alone is reason enough to do this for my health.
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I eat turkey pepperoni on Ph1 and as long as I am getting at least 64oz. of water a day, it doesn't harm my loss. However, everyone is different.

Glad you are hanging in there!
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Don't forget that the big loss the first week was probably water too. If you maintain this week, it just means that you are losing fat as the water slowly gets replaced in your body. Staying on plan and not losing anything is not bad, it just means your body is catching up.
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Don't be discouraged..I know, easy for me to say, but I am going through the same thing, and felt discouraged as well at the end of my first week.
I am at the end of ph 1 and nervous about going to ph 2.

Like you, I go on the scale every day which I know you are not supposed to do. But, I agree it helps the motivation!

Keep drinking water and continue the great way you are eating.
You will lose the pounds. Plus think of how good you are feeling!!
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I had to pipe in because of the turkey pepperoni It hasn't impacted me ... nor have all the other salty stuff like cheese. You got lots of great advice here - don't be discouraged and give it time. The reality for many of us is that weight loss is a slow process. I have done PH1 three times - big weight loss at first, then minimal or nothing the second week.

Be patient and hang in there.
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And FYI - I lost 6 lbs in week 1, but then gained 1 in week 2 for a net loss of 5 lbs. It was discouraging to me after that initial loss. But, lost it in the end!

(how much do you have to lose? I only had 20, so I was grateful for 5 off the bat!)

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Step away from the scale.
Adding more veggies wouldn't hurt.
This isn't a race to lose weight. It's a lifetime journey of health.
The weight WILL come off, just putter along and voila!

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