Beans on Phase 1?

  • Just started SBD at the suggestion of my dr, I was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Anyway, I was reading the list of Phase 1 foods and saw beans were allowed. However, in the Phase 2 it said to avoid pinto beans, So my question is what beans are allowed on Phase 1. Thanks so much!

  • I googled "south beach diet pinto beans" and from what I understand you can eat them in phase 2 but not phase 1. Looking around it seems that older versions say leave the beans till phase 2, but newer versions say pinto beans are okay for phase 1.

    Sooo yeah.... lol- take with that what you will- I say if you want to eat them then go for it

    I tried to post links but they are being blocked for some reason.
  • First of all to The Beach! A good choice.
    According to the newer book, all beans are allowed in Phase I so go for it. The latest Phase I Food List is in the FAQ Section of this Forum.

    By the way, I'm a Type II Diabetic as well and my HA1C has been very, very good since starting this plan. We do have a Diabetes Section in 3FC that may give your further help with controlling your blood sugar. It's at .
  • I just wanted to add that beans have made phase 1 so much easier to do. They really fill me up and add flavor. So glad I joined here cause my book is from before beans were added to phase 1
  • Beans helped me the first time around when I lost 80lbs in 5mths so it's cool. I ate beans from the word go!