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Default Feeling Incredibly Discouraged...Could Use A Little Support!

Hey, everyone. My name's Anna and I'm 21 years old. I'm new here after trying to find some sort of online support group for weight loss. Lucky me for stumbling across this.

I have always been overweight (ah, the joys of an overweight childhood) but have never had any serious health problems from it until now. Due to weight gain, I was recently diagnosed with diabetes and hypertension, and as of right now I feel backed into a corner and forced to do something to improve my weight and absolve these health conditions. I decided to do South Beach, simply because the no/low carb diet seemed to go hand-in-hand with the eating concerns for diabetes. I spoke with a nutritionist and endocrinologist, and I am now weaning off my twice-a-day doses 750 mg of Metformin (was previously being taken for PCOS) as well as beginning to take 15 mg of Actose once a day. I test my blood sugar immediately when I wake up, and two hours after I start eating dinner.

Tomorrow will be my 1-week marker for South Beach Phase 1 and I am miserable. I lost two pounds within the first three days, but I haven't weighed myself since. I've been following the diet rather non-traditionally, simply because I'm a college student home on break. I wake up somewhere around noon or 1 and, therefore, can't fit the whole breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, dessert thing into the day. When I get up, I usually don't eat anything simply because I'm not hungry - I'll usually have a cup of tea. When I get hungry around 3 or 4, I'll make something like eggs and cheese with two slices of turkey bacon and that will fill me up for the rest of the night. If I have any hunger pangs, I grab a handful of nuts to tide me over for the night. My cravings haven't really gone away, although I'm not sure if it's mental or physical. I feel desperate, like I'm never going to improve and that I'll be stuck being ill and obese for the rest of my life.

Could anybody give me some support? Some inspiration? I could really use it.
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I am 20, and sort of a veteran about these kinds of things...feel free to send me a private message if you'd like to talk!
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I just joined myself....mainly because I thought those little tickers would motivate me! (Right now I am suffering from a serious case of ticker envy!)

I find that trying to stick to diets have ALWAYS been my downfall in the past. I have looked for every quick fix I can...and have recently just admitted to myself that diet and excersize are what it's going to take!

Try setting mini goals for yourself first. I think that helps. I love chocolate, so my first goal is to lose 10lbs...then I can have a piece! I find little motivators like that help. Don't worry, you REALLY can do this! Start think of food just as NUTRITION....It gets very gross.

I Love a big now instead of seeing a mouthwatering burger I see 3 pieces of white bread....white bread is full of sugar that immediately turns into fat in your body. Mac sauce? already fat. All those patties? fat and will feel super greasy to crap out during a cleanse!!!

Hope any of this worked for you

ps. when i was 19 I lost 30lbs in a month, just diet and excersize. I just started a 45 minute work out in the mornings this week and people arw already noticing a difference! Don't get defeated, get angry....and let that anger be the fuel for your workout!!!!!
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Sometimes eating too little can impede your weight loss. I'd make an effort to eat more. I used to not be able to eat breakfast and not get hungry for a while. I started making myself eat something for breakfast- even if it was something small, like an egg, a few bites of cheese, etc. Then I started eating more for breakfast. Now if I don't eat breakfast by 7:00 am (I get up at 5:30) my stomach is like HELLO! FOOD!

Track the calories you eat for a day- if they are below 1200 you need to eat more.
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Hello Anna

If you are looking for support, you have come to the right place! I am constantly amazed at the many success stories and the care and compassion that has been given freely by 3FC members along the way. There is lots and lots of support, but you will need to do the footwork. If you keep reading the stories here, you will come to realize that you can do this, too! You can be healthy!

South Beach Diet is a very realistic way of eating to help improve your health conditions and help you lose weight. It is not a no/low carb diet, but focuses on eating healthy carbs.

It is very important to read the book and understand the workings of SBD. Following the diet "non traditionally", in my opinion, is not following SBD. There is a very specific reason for eating B,S,L,S,D,S. And, yes, it is adaptable to people with your waking hours and schedule. I don't believe your cravings will go away until you commit to a schedule which includes regular meals and snacks.

If you feel desperate, and are concerned about being ill and obese the rest of your life, you may have to make some major changes in your lifestyle in order to change your outcome.

I am older then you are, but when I joined 3FC and started SBD, I was still in pretty poor health. 8 months of eating OP has changed that. I feel better than I ever have, and now enjoy the major changes I made in my life to overcome obesity.

The support is here. The inspiration is here. This is what I have found works for me; I use the book and this forum for reference and I concentrate and focus on eating OP every single day, to the best of my ability. I post here every single day. When I get up in the morning I come here and check in and then plan my day. When I give support, I get it back, and I need support every single day.

I really hope that you keep posting. It takes alot of courage to introduce yourself and you have taken a big step. If you are following SBD I would suggest using this forum as home base, but I would also suggest that you peruse some of the other forums for diabetes and age-based support.

SBD will work if you make it a priority in your life.

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Hi Anna,
I'm so sorry you are feeling discouraged. One of the big points in the book is that uneven blood sugar levels actually impede weight loss. A big red flag is that you get up and don't have anything but caffeine for a couple of hours. That is sending your blood sugar and insulin levels up and down. I know it is hard to eat first thing if you are not hungry. Try to eat a small meal with protein and veggies - a hard boiled egg and some celery, or a couple of slices of turkey with lettuce leaves, etc. - something small, but still containing protein and veggies. 3 hours later try to do the same thing with a larger meal. It is interesting that in phases 1 and 2 in the book you are REQUIRED to eat snacks, but not in phase 3 - that is because eating something regularly stablizes your blood sugar and insulin levels and actually helps you to lose weight.

If this is going to work you for you, you really have to commit to changing your habits - but the good news is that not only will you lose weight, you will feel fantastic and have loads more energy. One personal recommendation - try to get to bed earlier and wake up a bit earlier.
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I think most of "dieting" is in the head...a "diet" is deprevation and something you do for a while till the weight comes off.

I changed my mindset and just think "this is the way I eat" I don't eat stuff that is not good for me. Worry about your health first and the weight will follow. Since you are young, it's a great time to start thinking about how you want to feel when you are old. If you eat this way, you'll feel young forever. I see other people my age and I swear it's like all they talk about is what pill they are taking for what ailment.

You are doing something great for yourself now to prevent boring pill converstations when you are older!!! Life is for having fun, not counting out pills.

Once school starts again, if you are not hungry before your first class, fix a sandwich to bring with you to eat between your first and second class. I get up at 4 and hit the gym at 5 and bring a turkey/spinach sandwich with me to eat at school at 7. I fix my lunch and breakfast the night before and pack them in an insulated bag. That way I don't have to hit the school cafeteria to eat. If you are organized and plan ahead, once you get back to school, it will be a breeze.

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Anna! You've taken the first big step, just by coming here and posting. Starting a weightloss plan always looks daunting at first, but just take it one day at a time. The chickies here have given you excellent advice, and we're all here to help motivate and encourage you to be successful. The important thing is to not give up. If you slip a little, just get right back on the wagon. You can do it, and remember that we're here for you.
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Hi Anna - welcome. The women on here are the best - filled with encouragement and wonderful wisdom.

I will add that I just saw Dr. Oz explaining that if you don't eat breakfast your body thinks it is going to starve and that will actually have a negative impact on your metabolism!
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Hi there!!!! I've only been here for about 7 or 8 weeks, but I now check the boards daily and love the support and ideas I've already gotten!!! Welcome and dive in!! I would second that you need to eat more. I know it seems to counteract what "dieting" seems to be, but this is healthy living and to ensure healthy blood sugar levels and metabolism you have to eat. Even if you can't bring yourself to eat a real breakfast when you get up, how about eating a string cheese? Some mornings this is all I can eat after I've had my coffee. Most mornings though I eat my eggs. I can't do veggies for breakfast, or haven't found a recipe I like yet but I can tolerate eggs. Good luck, and don't give up!!! This way of living/eating works!!!
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I've been dieting since I was college on and off so I feel you on many levels. It's important to make yourself get up, even at 9 or 10, and eat and exercise. Reading the book will help a lot but until you are ready to change your lifestyle habits entirely, not just eating, you will not be successful. It took a lot for me to realize it and it didn't dawn on me until I quit smoking that I wouldn't quit until I was ready.

On the weekends, I am a sleep inner! But, I make sure to get up no later than ten to make sure I am fitting in my food, water and exercise. Even if it's walking up and down the stairs 10 times. ANd I will allow myself to nap if I really can't stay awake and feel I need it.

Good luck on your journey and

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Hi Anna,
One of my plans is to not cal this a diet but a "plan"- to eat healthy food, in the right combinations, so that I feel better and ultimately lose weight.

It is very important to eat all your meals and snacks on this plan. And drink plenty of water.

Even if you wake up later, you should still follow through with meals and snacks.

It is easy to get discouraged( I posted today about feeling discouraged), but stay on plan and it will work and you will feel so much better!!
Best of luck, and happy planning!
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You all have been so helpful and wonderful! I do realize that I should eat more and I've been making an effort today. I had my Praxis exams for my teaching certificate and, although I cheated and had a piece of whole grain bread with some peanut butter, I had breakfast! I also brought along nuts and a cheese stick to the test and made sure to munch a little in between sessions. When I got home I had a turkey roll-up with a slice of cheese and the rest of my nuts and a cheese stick (love 'em).

What I have been noticing is that, even after just a week, I physically can't eat as much as I used to in one sitting. When I ate my toast and peanut butter this morning, I could barely finish it. I'm stuffed after a tiny turkey roll-up and a cheese stick. So I guess I'll have to make an effort to keep the "grazing" up.

My point is - I feel much more motivated today. Thank you so much for being there for me when I felt so icky!

<3 Anna
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Glad to hear you're feeling better! Good job making an effort to eat more, too. Keep visiting with us and I'm confident you can hold onto that motivation!
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Hello Anna!

It's nice to meet you. I'm glad you're feeling better, and I look forward to hearing about your successes on SBD.
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