South Beach Diet Fat Chicks on the Beach!

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Default First weigh in...

I started South Beach on Monday January 4. Though it's not a full week I decided to weigh myself this morning since Fridays are going to be my weigh in day going forward. I have lost 4.8 lbs. since Monday!! Now I know a lot of that is water (I have been peeing like a racehorse, OMG), but I was clearly extremely bloated and 2 people since Monday have asked me if I've lost weight (one was hubby, another was a co-worker). Water weight still translates into inches! I'm so psyched and this give me motivation to get through the weekend without my usual weekend wine....thanks for all the support!!
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Come on Spring!
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Yippee! Isn't that great for motivation. Water or not, it's still weight.
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What a great way to start 2010!
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Congratulations on a great start for your first week on SBD!

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Be happy.
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Great news!
Keep up the good work!
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I think that's why I got in the habit of weighing so often...made those first few days of south beach so much more worth it...when you saw that scale drop!

YEAH for YOU!!!
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I weighed again today and I am down 5 pounds!!! I started officially on Monday, too. I was trying some recipes, etc the week before but wasn't really on the plan. I'm so excited and now I just want a ticker!!!!
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Congratulations keep up the good work
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Great job all!

I seem to have stalled with yesterday marking the end of my first week at a 7 pound loss. Onto week 2! I hope I can squeeze a few more pounds out of it so when I transition into phase 2, I don't gain too much to ruin my ticker

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Congratulations new beachers!
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great, it only gets better with time, key for me was to prepare as much food a head of time, I do this on sunday evening, wash and cut vegs, boil at least 6 eggs, grill chicken breast, soak and cook (on saturday)chickpeas for snacks and salads, sometimes I will make soup or chili and portion out ,then freeze. everything is almost ready for me during the following week, for lunches, and some dinners.
I like to plan my meals and snacks for the week, seems like alot and really it is, but most of the work is done on sunday, during the week it is then easier for me.
I have been doing this for almost 2 years so it is not a chore for me, just part of my weekend routine.
well done and good luck, just stick to your plan, good results will 1000%
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