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Default Finally Friday Follies

How's that for alliteration?

Happy Friday, Everyone! I don't know that I've ever started the chat! If someone starts it at the same time, feel free to delete mine, Oh Great Mods.

It's going to be a great Friday today! We work till 11, then we all leave the office for our Christmas Party at the Ruby Radish, a very quaint lunch spot. You known, I've been Santa at the office this week... The present I've been most excited about is a dollhouse for an autistic client. We have a dollhouse in our lobby. She rocks back and forth singing, "Santa bring you a dollhouse for Christmas!" (She calls herself "you".) She's 20 years old, but mentally, she's about 8. I wish I could be a fly on the wall Christmas morning. Her grandmother, who is raising her, is picking up her gifts this morning.

Anyway, I've been up since 4:15 and the coffee is ready. Will you join me?
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Good morning Chelby I'm already through my first pot of coffee (yes, this is the one place I do not follow the rules!). Why is it that I always wake up extra early when I've been up late the night before?!
That dollhouse sounds wonderful. What a fun and special week you have had. Hope the party is fab.

I had a wonderful and special night with friends last night. We were not good at the Yankee Swap because everyone loved the gift they got the first time around Food was not off the charts but a little too festive. I also tried chocolate wine. It was way too good and definitely not something I will ever keep in the house

I just have to get through today and then it's a week off for me. That will, of course, make it the longest day ever!

I am pretending that the temperature does not have that little "-" in front of it. If I couldn't see the thick ice layer on the windows it would be easier

Hope your Friday includes some fun!
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Michelle, what an amazing experience you've had this year. I have loved hearing your stories. You've touched so many lives!

Cyndi, I'm glad you had fun at your party! It sounds like something you guys will have to do every year now!

I just got back from the gym. Laundry is still running - regular clothes plus sheets and towels today. I cleaned out the fridges this morning. YICK! I hate that job, but it had to get done. I still had Thanksgiving leftovers in there. EW! Now it's all fresh and open in there. Connor just got home from his last day of school before break. No homework - yay! I'm going to get a shower and then do his violin practice with him and then see if he wants to help me assemble the treat bags for our AWANA kids for the party on Sunday. I finished all of their ornaments last night and now I just have to stuff the bags with goodies.

Better get crackin' before it's time to go gather the girls. Happy Friday!

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Good morning! Everyone sounds so happy and excited this morning!

Chelby, thnaks for starting the thread, and have a good time at your Christmas party today! Your enthusiasm regarding the dollhouse is catchy! I'm excited for the recipient, too!

Cyndi, I don't even want to think about how cold it is if there's a thick layer of ice on your windows! Brrrrr! I'm trying to imagine chocolate wine, but it's not doing anything for me. I've had a chocolate martini before, but didn't care for it at all. I hope your day is fun so it flies by and your vacation can get started!

Kara, what kind of homemade ornaments did you make, and what else is going into the goodie bags?

We're getting a big snowstorm this weekend, and it's supposed to start tomorrow morning, so I'd better get out there early and get all my running around done today! I just have to pick up 2 gift certificates and a few groceries, and I may see if I can find an outfit or two for Amber at Justice. We can expect 6 or more inches of snow, and we have a birthday party for Carley tomorrow and a family party on Sunday, but we may be snowed in all weekend instead!
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Cottage -, and it tastes like dark chocolate milk with a kick. Very lethal Good luck with that snow storm. I' glad one is missing us but it sounds like ti will be a tough one for those that get hit.

Kara - eww, scary fridge. Sounds like a fun afternoon with the kids
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Last day of work then a 2 week break. I'm gonna cheat today because we are having our front office christmas secret santa thing and everyone brought in food. Tonight is Brad's christmas party...I'm not sure if its all of 10th Marines...but I hope not...I'm not a huge fan of crowds. Tomorrow morning is christmas shopping and then off to Tryon Palace for the christmas celebration we go to every year. Then sunday I'm off to bake at a friends house all day.
I hope everyone had a terrific day and I should be back on later.
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Default Christmas is not a date. It is a state of mind.

Good Morning Chicks:

Cold here again this morning didn't even look at the temp don't want to know. DH is feeling a little better he has taken DD1 to the university to write her last exam and then it is Christmas break. DD2 stayed home today because " there is NOTHING going on at school today and not ONE of her friends is going, I would be there all ALONE". I have a pretty quiet day today not many wee ones and with the girls home I might get some presents wrapped. I intend to finish everything this week end so I can just sit back and enjoy the week. I only have wee ones for three days and then I am off for 5 it is going to feel like a vacation.

Chelby- thanks for starting us up this morning. I hope your "you" enjoys her dollhouse. How wonderful. Have a great day.

Cyndi- Sounds like you had a great time last night. Chocolate wine, sounds yummy. Going to have to look for some of that.

Kara- Have fun stuffing treat bags. Hope you get a little me time today you sound like you having a busy one.

Cottage- I wish we were getting a little more snow, it is soooo cold here and what little bit of snow we had is all crunchie. Hope you get your todo list done. Enjoy your day.

sillyfluff- Have fun at your parties. Enjoy your day.

Me- I am going to finish the kids treat bags as some of the kids are done til after the holidays. This year got them Popcorn containers and put in popcorn, and juice boxes, homemade choc suckers, cars for the boys and hair stuff for the girls I think I am going to add a candy cane and then wrap then with tissue and cello wrap and topped with ribbons.

Well must dash and start my list, enjoy your day chicks.... did you notice I am not talking about my eating or exercising
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Linda, I did the kids' handprints on the ornaments (red glass balls) in white paint and then made the fingers into snowmen. They turned out really cute! I actually just got some candies for the bags. I usually hate giving out candy to kids but there was nothing else cheap enough that I could get enough for all of the kids. We have between 50 and 60 that come every week!

Silly, have a fun time at the parties!

LC, your treat bags sound so cute! I want to come be babysat by you!!!
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Good Morning

Hi Chelby! Thanks for getting us started. I do remember one other day you started the thread. I like your alliteration! Actually yesterday felt like the follies-everything that didn't need to happen did, and I raced around Denver like you know what trying to be where everyone wanted me to be and came home with an extra dog(Kirks DD's pug) who came in and peed on my knitting bag The house looked like a bad nightmare-I'm glad I picked up before I went to bed. Ok, story's a new day. Chelb, I'm so glad you shared the dollhouse story, I've been following it for months. I'm sure grandmother will relate her joyful story back. Have a nice lunch at Ruby Radish.

Cyndi, glad you had a nice evening and I look forward to your countdown. I'll just have to wait because I know you never get online while you're at work Sorry to hear of your cold weather-I remember it well from last week. It was 60 in Denver yesterday, maybe it's headed your way.

Kara, the ornaments sound so cute! Glad your fridge is done!

Cottage, TGIF. I hope you get everything done before the snow flies! See you later.

Silly, Wow I just noticed you've lost mere weight! Good for you. I find if I have an off plan event, it's pretty easy to jump back on SBD. Hope to hear from you later.

LC, I'll bet you are looking forward to sitting back and enjoying the holiday. Good luck on that list of yours!

Sorry I didn't get back yesterday
Sophie, feel better!
Lisa, good job staying away from cookies-keep remembering Key West!
Melanie, glad to hear you've been doing well!
Pearlrose, good job on P1!

Have a great day everyone! I'm going to get my home exercise done first today, then come up with things to do so as to not have to leave the house. Yesterday just didn't do it for me. We have 2 boxes to mail later but my stuff is all done, just waiting for Mom and Sis!

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Be happy.
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Good Morning!

I peeked in from home this morning but the thread hadn't been started yet. I'm always 'scared' to start it - I worry my title won't be cool enough. lol It sounds like you've all got busy days planned, I always enjoy reading about your plans.

It's still in the single digits here but at least we're above 0 now. We're on our third straight day of inside recesses. What a week for it! I'm not sure who this is harder on - the kids or the staff. The good news is that each inside recess keeps me out of the teachers' room and away from the all the tempting holiday goodies.

Ooops, it's time to clean up the toys and get back to work already. Have a great day friends!
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MORNING! Just wanted to pop in and say hey! Very busy and the other person on my "team" at work hasn't shown up yet and is not responding to the text I sent him. Hmmmm. Hopefully everything's ok.

Tonight is Chris' birthday celebration. We're supposed to get snow, too. Yuck. Busy weekend ahead - still have yet to find out if we're doing a family celebration at his parents' on Sunday.

Anyhoozle gotta get some work done and call Marleo to see if he's ok. Below is a pic of me, Anna, and Chris after her Christmas program! (Her hair is a bit frazzled from having antlers on - she was Dasher.)

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Debbie, if you can't find enough things to do at your house you can come over to mine. Oh wait. That would mean you'd have to leave your house. Well, the invite's still open!

Heidi, hope the kids are behaving today! Is it your last day before break?

Lisa, that is such a great picture! Hope your work partner shows up!
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Good morning,

Chelby- so glad that a dollhouse was found for "you". You will have to tell us what her grandmother said. Such great stories, have fun at your Christmas luncheon.

Cyndi- good luck getting through your day quickly and enjoy yor week off. I work til Tuesday and then I am off a week as well.

Kara- your treat bags for the Awana kids sounds so cute.

Cottage- hope you get everything done before the snowstorm hits

Sillyfluff- Have fun at your Christmas party today and enjoy your break

LC- Your goodie bags sounds so cute as well.

Debbie- what do you use to get rid of the urine smell, our dog has also misbehaved and peed on my carpet and I am at my wits end to get rid of the odor- I cleaned up the mess, ugh. Hope you have a good day today.

Heidi- its super cold there, stay warm

Lisa have fun at Chris' birthday celebration.

As for me- today is wfh and then off at 2:30 p.m. to take DD2 to the dentist- I think I might take her to see The princess and the frog tonight and that is about it for me. Day 4 of Phase 1- going longer than I thought I would- guess my tight clothes motivated me. No headache or anything this time around so I am happy about that and cravings are just about gone. Have a great day everyone
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Good Morning Ladies!!!!

Sounds like everyone has quite a busy day/weekend planned. I guess those of us on the East Coast and hunkering down the for the impending "snow storm." To those of you up north... I know you're used to it but I still feel sorry for you. They're calling for the possibility of snow here. There is an imaginary line to the west of where I live that ususally gets heavier snow and those of us to the east are hit or miss. I guess we'll all find out tomorrow morning! Please stay warm and be safe!!!

Chelby - what an amazing gift! I work in the Guidance office at a middle school and the autisitic children are BY FAR my favorite! I would much rather work down in one of the self contained classrooms. They bring such joy and are so funny! Keep us posted on "you"'s reaction!!!!

I weighed on Sunday... 206.5. I'm only supposed to weigh once a week, but I had to take a peak and this morning I'm down 203.5. Not taking that as official but it was nice to see the scale moving already!!!!

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Good morning everyone (afternoon for some). I was late once again this morning and I have no excuse other than, who the heck wants to get up, face the cold and go to work when it's so much nicer to hibernate under the covers?! Anywho...I'm hoping to leave at noon, so I'd better get back to work! See all you lovelies over the weekend!
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