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Come on Spring!
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Default Trembling Tuesday?

No not from cold but from a somewhat unstable system. I guess they are still ironing out the wrinkles after the problems. Now to see if this posts!
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All seems well from this end.

Good morning! I'm watching the lovely sunrise over what promises to be another glorious day. This weather just begs for putting everything else on hold and getting outside to enjoy it. I'm going to do just that as soon as the sun is fully up.
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Be happy.
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Ah, I'm glad I came back! I couldn't post earlier but all seems fine now.

Good morning ladies!

I've got a couple of parent teacher conferences and my class after school so it will be a long day today. I'm bringing quite a few snacks with me so I won't be tempted at class - I ate several mini chocolate bars last month. . We take turns supplying snacks for the class and everyone seems to think chocolate, pastries and pretzels are the way to go. lol (I hope they won't be disappointed when it's my turn. )

I hope you've each got a great day ahead.
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Working on healthy
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Good morning Today is going to be sunny but chilly here (seasonable I suppose). Still I'll take it over some of the November weather we have had in the past.

Ruth - Hope there's dog snuggling time in your plan for the day

Cottage - Enjoy your outside time. 27 is a wee bit too cold for me to go out until I absolutely have to (to start the car so the heat is on when I get in!).

Heidi - Eventually they will catch on and some healthy options will work their way in. It took awhile but things are better in our office now. Good luck tonight

Just an office day for me today, starting with an always exciting staff meeting. I sure hope there is coffee! I'm out of the office for meetings Thursday and Friday, so not a bad week.

I finally managed a perfectly clean P1 day yesterday I'm trying the Sonoma idea about no sweet foods, even artificially sweetened, for 10 days to try to kick out my cravings. Believe it or not the gum was the hardest thing to avoid. I really need to get things under firm control before the holidays. 10 days will take me to T-Day so I will have a pumpkin dessert. I also made a huge pot of the broth soup with tons of legal veggies. I always find that helpful with meals and for snacks. In the cooler weather it's really satisfying.

It's nice to be able to post again
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Come on Spring!
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We seem OK now. I wonder if the site just needs coffee first thing. Our day is supposed to be sunny but it's still very dark and cold out there. No wolves howling this morning though. Gotta love the Canadian wilderness.

Preparation for Delta's Country Christmas celebration is in full swing. I am not doing the Nativity Pageant this year but we are having Saturday night concerts in the Churches every Saturday night until Christmas. This weekend we have a country gospel group at our church. I just got an email asking me to provide 100 carol sheets! My old printer takes almost a minute to do one side of one sheet so that is going to be a big NO. I'm just waiting for the email from the Pageant folks asking me for costume help. That'll be another NO. I'm getting good at this with practice.

Lots of the usual running around stuff today including pet therapy mid-afternoon. That is always a pleasant break as the nursing home residents just adore my dogs and the dogs love all the attention. Jazz is working out very well and will definitely be ready for the next official testing.

Time for coffee and some oatmeal on this chilly Tuesday. The trembling is me from the cold rather than the website.....I hope!
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Good Morning

Trembling is the word here. I took Bing outside and its 19 degrees and windy. I came in and did a mental calculation as to when I could reliably feel confident that Spring was on it's way-looks like 3 months. Guess I'd better get used to it.

Ruth, thanks for sharing Country Christmas. It looks like fun-when you don't get stuck doing everything. Good job on "No". Have fun with the doggies! I really love taking them to visit because everyone loves it so much.

Cottage, I'm glad you're going to take advantage of the nice weather. Enjoy!

Heidi, glad to hear you're incorporating healthy plans into your curriculum. Have a great day!

Cyndi, soup sounds wonderful. Interesting on the Sonoma idea. Hope it works. BTW did you get lots of books at the book sale?

Me, knitting, pooling and a meeting later today. DH is still not feeling well since his flu shot so it's pretty boring around here. I think I'll get my chores done early-maybe get some soup going and let Bing supervise my knitting.

Have a great day everyone!
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Good morning chicks!

Ruth - yeah!! Ruth knows how to say NO!!!! Are you feeling better today?

Cottage - Hasn't this weather been fabulous?!

Heidi - you'll have to let us know what you decide to bring when it's your turn!

Cyndi - Sonoma idea? Thankfully, I don't chew gum! I am also VERY glad it's soup season!!

Lexiss....I would say how 'bout we trade houses for a week, but ours isn't FL or anything! I would love to visit CO in the winter sometime. We almost moved out there a few years ago, but PA filled our needs better.

Me - Day 7 of Phase I!!! It'll end tonight at church, they ALWAYS make pasta, and I can't justify bringing my own food to an event that they pride themselves on cooking for us. I'll go heavy on the salad, and try to resist dessert! I lost 1 1/2 lbs, which is just a bonus really. I haven't had any sweets in 6 days! I needed to kick the halloween candy nibbling habit. I am however looking forward to my cranberries and apples again!

Today is same ole same ole. Work, then church tonight. HOpefully nothing exciting!

Have a great day!
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Good morning everyone. My computer has not been liking this site for some reason lately.
I'm doing so so. A little stressed from certain people at work and I have the Marine Corps ball this weekend so now I'm stressed about that because I want to look nice. Ugh
Haven't been eating too great the past couple of days (Sun and Mon) but Sunday was our cake tasting and Monday I had this all day meeting at our county office and they fed us, sadly all they had (and I'm not exxagerating here) was pizza. SO go figure. I'm trying to get back on plan today. I'm having whole grain pretzels, RS peanut butter and an apple. I have to go back to the county office this morning and finish up some paperwork that I started yesterday. Lets hope I finish it all.
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quick flyby....and yes, YAY for soup/stew season!!!!

day brightening hugs all 'round (another icky, nasty, gray soup-y day here)

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I'm trembling from the COLD! BBRRR! Soup for dinner I think, looking forward to snuggling up with some soup in my pajamas! It's miserable here!
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Good morning, everyone! 19* here this morning. Yikes! We had a heater repair man out just yesterday at lunch. PTL he was able to fit us into his schedule on such short notice. We would have had a miserable night if he wasn't able to get to us and get the thermo-coupler fixed! My widget says that its still 19*, but the home thermometer read 23* when I left for work. Either way, it's not that much of a difference.

Well, I'm off. My coworker and I are out to do inspections today. What a great day for it, huh?

I hope everyone is warm and cozy!
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Looks like a nice day today. Not much new except DH and I have drs. appts.
For me its a check to see if I can get the flu shot, and hubby has a cold which isn't too bad but has developed a pink eye. Just as well that we get rid of all this nonsense before Christmas.
Debbie is your prayer shawl a lace knit.
take care
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Good morning, beachers!

It is a gorgeous day here so far. This morning, I watched a squirrel gather leaves for its nest.

Cottage: Sunrise is so beautiful. All is quiet and the world just... wakes up.

Heidi: good job planning ahead so you can stay away from those chocolate bars!

Ruth: concerts every Saturday to Christmas, how neat! Way to bring in the season!

Lexxiss: good morning! your day sounds nice and I hope DH feels better soon

Twynn: at least salad is an option for ya! and way to go on day 7! mmm... cranberries and apples...

Sillyfluff: ooh! Marine Corps ball sounds fantastic! You will look great. just be happy and confident and it will show.

Jandaman: hi! don't think we've met before. and I ditto the yay for soup season!

meelsie: good morning! when I get cold the only thing that helps is a hot bath or shower. then I'm all snuggly buggly lol

Kim: hello, another person I don't think I've met! stay warm!

Sophie: boo for pink eye! but I hope you are all healthy and happy by Thanksgiving so you can kick off the holidays in a good place.

As for me... I know I haven't been around much... some mornings I just don't have anything to say lol! unbelievable, I know! I have not been perfectly on plan but I feel good and thats what matters most to me. I was getting a bit discouraged because I wasn't moving the scale quickly enough but remembering now, the last time I did a diet similar to this... it still took me 6 months to lose 30 lbs. My body just is stubborn. kinda like the rest of me

I'm going to look at buying a yule/christmas tree today. I have been to Good will and they are running 20 bucks... I am going to check 2 salvation army's and then make my decision. It's very important for me to have a tree this year. I did not have one the past 2 years and it is very special to me. Since my ex husband and I split, I have not had a tree. and in some ways, have not had a 'home'. Having a tree is almost like having moved on... and having found my new home... even if I put it up myself and enjoy it myself. I am my own and I am ok.

Have a wonderful day, everyone. and thanks for letting me jabber
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Good afternoon everyone,

Sounds like everyone has a chilly morning today, lucky this morning started at 48 and stayed at 48 degrees, but it is a yucky rainy day again.

Swamped at work but I guess that is job security right plus I love what I do so that makes it better.

Tonite is BL Makeover edition and I have to work out during since I didn't get to go walking except for a few minutes today.

Have a great day everyone
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