• So I bought non-sugar-added fudgcicles (by Blue Bunny)...

    and they have Malitol in them.

    I'm on day 3 of phase 1 and I have yet to have one... I've never been a big sweets person but I bought them for the occasional chocolate craving.

    I guess my question is this: is this a no-no on phase 1? a no-no altogether?

    I've read that it affects some people... I don't know if it will affect me. Honestly, I imagine I MIGHT have 1 each week if that. I spent 4 buck on em and damn I don't want to waste that money but if I'm not supposed to have them, I will.

    I do have sugar free jello as well that I haven't touched yet either. I know we're supposed to have that treat and IF I feel the need, I sure will but as I said, I've never been a big sweets person so ... so far I've skipped that evening "treat".

    Can you recommend some other fudgcicle brands that would be better for me?
  • Gothik

    The sweeteners affect everyone differently, and personally don't bother me or cause cravings. I had SF fudgesicles or SF Jello on P1. They definitely helped me through.
    Early in P2 I always wanted something "sweet" in the evening after dinner, and now the urge for sweets is very minimal.
  • thanks Lexxiss
  • Gothik, while sweeteners affect everyone differently, I have heard many times that a large number of people seem to become hungrier and "crave" sweets when eating things that taste very sweet, even when the thing that makes them sweet shouldn't raise blood sugar. Diet soda is often mentioned as a culprit in this. Therefore, it's to your benefit if you can avoid sweets. If, like me and others, you find that going without any sweets makes you feel so deprived that you tend to overeat, it's better to have some on-plan sweets. But if you can avoid them, it'll make sticking to plan even easier, so do it!

    Personally, I find that malitol can really cause cravings for me. I use the Popsicle/Fudgesicle brand of NSA fudge bars and don't have cravings from them. Hope that helps!