• I could not find a Phase II thread to post this question. Is Agave allowed in Phase I or II and if it is allowed, is it limited?

    Does any one know if I use Agave instead of splenda how much of it I use to replace the splenda (mostly in baking)
  • Hi

    Here is a link about Agave.

    We switched over to agave a year ago. My hubby was a full blown sugar addict. SB is very focused on lower glycemic index foods and I was suprised when I learned that agave has such a low glycemic load.

    I am not overly fond of the taste of splenda in baking (although I am more than willing right now to sacrifice to lose weight). I am am well into P2 now and so I am using agave in baked goods or part spenda-part agave.

    Agave still has calories and is sugar so isn't allowed on P1. I am certainly not using it freely at this point. I am pretty conservative. It is pricey at health food stores, but I found a distributor and bought 6 gallons last year for about $120.00 Here is a link to Glycemic stuff from 3FC.

    Maybe someone else has a better suggestion as to replacing. I kind of eyeball depending on what I'm baking.
  • Sorry I can't help on this. I bake but never with sugar substitutes. My baking is only for company, funeral luncheons or bake sales.
  • Quote: I could not find a Phase II thread to post this question.
    Hi! Just wanted to let you know there's a new thread for Phase 1.5-Phase 2.
  • Walthree! There's no need to post the question in a "Phase 2" thread; posting it to all of us in the SBD forum makes tons of sense.

    You'll find we've discussed agave a lot over the years. Check out this Agave Nectar thread for one of our discussions and for a list of links (in my post--4th one down) to several other threads that address Agave.

    If you are looking for natural sugar substitutes, you might want to check out Stevia, erythritol, and zylitol as well as combination products such as Truvia. I've found that using a combination of these (along with other less natural sweeteners, if you want to use them) reduces aftertaste and combines the best of each. I especially adore using a products made by NuStevia called "More Fiber" in my baking. Since we use whole grain flours, baked goods can tend to be a bit dense, and though our focus isn't on lowering fat as much as focusing on good fats, I don't really want to increase the fat content to make up for dryness or density. More Fiber manages to make my SBD-safe baked goods lighter and moister while adding fiber at the same time! It's made with Stevia, so you use it in place of sugar.

    I find Agave best used in recipes that are made for brown sugar or honey. It works especially well in recipes that call for a small amount of honey. It definitely could cause cravings if used in large quantities, so keep that in mind and watch how your body responds.

    Best of luck!
  • Laurie have you ever made the PB cookies with stevia? I'm just curious
    I also saw somethign called Whey low
    Has anyone tried this?
  • Whey Low
    Hey KO. I really like baking with Whey low, but.........there are 4 calories per tsp. and I can only get it in our area for $12.99 for a two pound bag. They consider one tsp. as a four grams, what ever happen to the 5 gram tsp? Anyway, there are total of 4 carbs and 4 sugars per serving with an effective carb count as 1gr/serving. Don't know what an effective carb is. Ingredients: crystalline fructose, lactose monohydrate (milk) and sucrose. Gluten free. You can swap it cup for cup. So it is a reduced sugar product when I bake, not sugar free. It bakes rings around splenda. Last time I made zucchini brownies, I used half splenda and half whey-low. They were good.

    Has anyone used brown rice sugar syrup? Is it low glycemic?
  • Nan! I should have gone to you first My domestic Diva & Camper!
    I want to try them with the flourless PB cookies
    or Maybe stevia and make the bulk up with Cocoa powder
    any thoughts?
  • Are you wanting to use the liquid stevia or the powder? I haven't had very much luck with stevia in baking. I do use it everyday either in my ricotta or the greek yogurt. I do so love the PB protein balls, but have only used splenda with them. I thought about you today when I was watching QVC. They were showing a pan that makes square cupcakes and they had made nice little square meatloaves. I haven't made yours in a while. We had steamed cabbage with real bacon and pork medallions tonight for supper, a couple pieces of cuke and a couple of bites of melon. I'm so dreaming of bacon, lettuce and tomato sammies, but.......the bread, t h e b r e a d.......... I found a bread that I can actually toast and eat, but it is made in Pennsylvania, wood roasted and only has flour, sea salt and water. I have to cut it 1/4 inch thick, but since a quarter of a loaf is almost $4.00, it really lasts a long time. Has a thick hard crust. No whole grains though!
  • Nancy!!! You have me dreaming of toast with Butter mmmm butter however I've been 2 days free of refined carbs and I'm not psycho so Thats much better than giving in to sin!
    I have a new meatloaf recipe for you I just have to type it out
    i also have a new yummy O'Muffin (Not a mcMuffin!)
    What I wanted to do with the Stevia/Whey low is make The magic PB cookies 1 egg 1 cup pb 1/2-3/4 cup splenda
    I'm thinking of Calling The Evil empire (Whole foods not wallyworld) and seeing if they carry it my local small place only has stevia/ erithritol
  • Thank you everyone for you helpful replies.