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Come on Spring!
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Default What's Up? Wednesday

Good morning! Pretty dull out there right now but it's better than the rain that I see is predicted until Sunday. The weatherperson is the only one I know who gets paid for being wrong! I'm keeping my fingers crossed this time.

Big day today with tag drop-off to two schools, a haircut, pet therapy and then I get to work at the Oak Leaf social 3 to whenever. The social is a big Church supper at one of our parish Churches that's in the middle of lovely farmland. It still has a drive shed and that's the favourite place for folks to eat. The menu is food porn, of course. Ham, turkey, dressing, gravy, potato salad, rolls, pickles, macaroni salad, baked beans, cheese and a huge selection of homemade pies. Don't even think of using a frozen pie crust for your pies! These ladies can tell by the type of foil pan. The good thing is I will be too sick of seeing all this food to even think of eating it. I hope to be home around seven for my own dinner but wish me luck in avoiding Rhea's pecan pie!

Time to crank up my day. The mice are back so I'm glad I didn't put away the vacuum when I got home last night. Grrr!

What's up with your Wednesday?
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Good morning, Ruth, and all to come. I'm waking up to a dry morning, and the sun is just now making it's appearance. Field Day was cancelled yesterday and rescheduled for today, so I'll be spending the morning at the school, dividing my time between Audrey and Maggie's classes. This afternoon Maggie and I will be baking cupcakes for her class picnic tomorrow, and I have to make a tray of strawberry/cream cheese tea sandwiches for Audrey's class tea party. Then, back to school to pick up Audrey and take both girls to gymnastics while I sit in my car and enjoy a peaceful hour with an iced latte and a book.
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Good Morning Everyone

Ruth, even my optimistic DH who we often call "The Weatherman" because he spent many years at sea, commented this morning "maybe it will just rain all summer and we won't have any tomatoes." I told him it has to stop sometime.....we'll see.
Looks like you're off to an extremely busy day. Better than sitting at home eating bon bons, but sometimes I wonder. Just remember Pecan Pie is

Cottage, have fun with the girls and may you make it through to the book and latte.

Me, I've been up since the wee hours. I fell asleep very early last night while trying to read. I was just hungry and was tired of sitting watching Deadliest Catch with DH eating everything he could get his hands on.
So...I am doing some "ethical sorting" this am. I have 50 yrs accum of crafts, knitting and sewing stuff from my dear neighbor who recently passed. I'm trying to get stuff to charity rather than the dumpster. Cleaning my friends house, hikers picnic then who knows what.

I'll check in later.

Thanks for all your support
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Working on healthy
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Good morning

Ruth - First we have no rain, then nothing but rain. What's with that?! Sounds like a busy day today. Just remember you can't trust anything the pie says

Cottage - Enjoy your reading time.

Debbie - I'm trying to imagine how early it has to be to count as early for you?! A hikers picnic sounds like fun Hope you have some sunshine for that.

Today is a busy, busy day for me but also my Friday so no complaints here. I've got an assessment all morning then lunch with a work friend. After that a quick oil change and tail light fix then some office and paperwork time. It's supposed to be sunny so I'll try to squeeze a walk in while my car is at the shop.

I'm going to pour a little more coffee and start getting things together here.
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Morning all! Sounds like a wet day for everyone..
except me...I've been out watering.

Nothing special happening here..same old, same old. Headed to the gym in a bit. Made a big shrimp/veggie frittata yesterday, so don't have to cook today.

Have a great day, everyone!
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Happy Wednesday!

Ruth -- Good luck with the pie and the mice! Both are hard to fight!

Cottage -- Sounds like you have a busy, but fun day. Auston loves to make cookies with me, but he only makes it through the first batch.

Lexxiss -- I can't read at night either. Fall asleep every time!

Cyndi -- You made me snort my coffee! Can't trust a pie!

Femme -- Oh, I miss fresh seafood. My mom's seafood gumbo is so much better than mine, because the seafood was alive that morning. She caught a dozen blue crabs this week and had them for dinner that night. yum!

Me: Back to the office this morning. I hope we are busier today. (I may eat those words by the end of the day.) I really hate being bored.

Auston's rash is making both of us nuts. I thought it was poison ivy, but it seems to be moving around is body. Does poison ivy do that? This morning, it's around his belly button. Today I'm going to get Dreft and wash all his clothes and sheets. Any other suggestions? I may have to take him to the doctor. He will howl all the way there, "I DON'T WANT A SHOT!!!!"

We're on the downhill to the weekend! WooHoo!!! Hope your day is great!
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Good Morning Chickies!

I was actually up before my alarm went off this morning... thats a big suprise!

Ruth- Enjoy the farmland, not the pie

Cottage - Enjoy your quiet time with the book- I LOVE iced lattes... one of these days I am going to have one...

Lexxis- freecycle may be a good place for all that craft stuff! or maybe a local school!

Cyndi- I hope your "friday" goes by as quick and painless as possible. today is my monday...*sigh*

Cat- we've been dry here too- I watered the past few days... although it sure is cloudy out right now!- Have a great day!

Chelby- Hope you get poor little Auston's rash figured out!

As for me, not sure what I am walking into today at work... I hope its busy though so I can get the day over with quickly- I got the last of the tile laid yesterday(YEAY) but now we have to grout it... I am thinking that will be painless as it sounds compared to cutting and laying all of the tile. BUT, we won't get into that until its the weekend. we get home too late on the worknights to start something like that. Well, off to plan my lunch today so I will be prepared! Hope all you chickies have a great OP day!!! Here's some to go around! I know I need it!
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jeep girl
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Good morning girls....

Not a lot of time just wanted to say hi!!

I seriously need to find a way to's just been nonstop since february around here!

Happy Wednesday
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Good morning!

RDW - I grew up on the NC coastline. Mostly Wilmington, but I've lived up and down the coast at one point or another. I hope you get the chance to live there some day. It is a special place. I prefer the mountains haha! I'm all beached out I guess. The coast is still home though.

I have a slow day today, and then I'm off to Myrtle Beach for a wedding. DH and I are going a day early to spend some QT together. I have tons to do to get ready!

Oh, this is my first TOM after spending any real time on SB - I forgot how easy it is!! No cramps or bloating - yippee!!!!
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Livin' On The Beach
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Good morning everyone! Getting ready for VBS here, and other than that, not much going on today.
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I can do this!
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Mice? Vacuum? What??? I'm thinking a mouse could really clog up your vacuum, Ruth... Your social sounds really fun...and I'm sending to help you avoid the pecan pie. I love that stuff! Enjoy the haircut!

Whew! Busy morning, Cottage! Enjoy your peacful hour...what book is on tap?

Debbie, I highly encourage you to freecycle the craft supples or donate them to schools or public assistance camp programs. It sounds like a huge job, but I applaud your work to keep the good stuff out of the dumpsters! :

Cyndi, your day sounds wonderful! Enjoy...especially the sunshine. I have a pretty decent fear that we're in for a really wet summer...and then I saw a article saying that El Nino may be back. I have no idea how that affects this part of the country, but I was in CA for the last one and it was absolutely misearable.


Chelby, if it were me, I'd take him to the doctor, but washing his clothes is a good idea, too. I don't believe poison ivy ever moves around the body, but if he came into contact with it again on something else (like clothes), maybe he could get reinfected in a new place? Poor guy! Hope you get answers.

rdw1, we must have great minds, because we sure think alike re: Debbie's craft supplies! Where are you tiling? Yes, grouting is infinitely less painful that all the cutting and such. However, make SURE you seal the grout when you're done. It's truly the MOST important step. Can't wait to see photos of your hard work!

Mandyleigh, have you been exercising? It REALLY helps me destress--from pounding out my anger or frustration, to being flooded with endorphins that make me feel all happy and calm. Other destressers for me: long bubble baths, working in the garden, spending time with friends, sipping tea while reading a book or doing a sudoku/crossword puzzle, and playing around online. Hope you can find some healthy ways to relieve the stress!

Macsmom, do you organize weddings? Hope you enjoy the QT!

Oooh, ArmyAng, I love VBS! We don't do ours until nearly August, though. What program do you use?

I don't know how many of you remember, but when I first joined the forum back in 2004, a friend of mine had a preemie who was in the NICU for months. She and her son came to visit yesterday--it was her first time seeing our house--and it was SO much fun! Little Ethan is 4 1/2 now and such a little monkey! He's fearless and in love with animals and insects. I had such a great time seeing Ange and playing with her and Ethan. What a little miracle and blessing he is to all of us.

We started our pup on Atopica yesterday. Does anyone else have experience with it? She has really vicious allergies and has been on cortico-steroids for almost 2 years straight. She is now showing signs of hypothyroidism, and the vet has us off the cortico-steroids to see if they are the reason for the thyroid problems. I hope the Atopica helps, as I hate having her on pred and things like it. Poor little itchy pup!

Biked to work today, but had to avoid it Monday and tomorrow due to rain. Hope I'll have more chances next week! Off to the gym after work and that's about it for today!

Have a good one!

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Hello everyone,

Sorry no time for personals for everyone has I only have few minutes of lunch left.

Busy busy with work and play rehearsals that is about it. I think it is going to rain here too, we have been hit with some nasty storms rolling through our area.

Have a great day everyone
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While I was picking up my prescription, I talked to the pharmacist about Auston's rash. She asked if he has had 5th Disease recently. He had it about 6 weeks ago. She said that after having 5th Disease, heat will cause the rash to reappear, even after a couple months. That's probably what's going on with him. She said that Benedryl and hydrocortison are fine to make him more comfortable, but it basically has to run it's course.

I already bought Dreft and will wash his stuff anyway. Can't hurt! Bless his baby heart!
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Live, Laugh, Love
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Chelby & Rikki, the Anna Maria Island area. It's not super touristy like a lot of parts of Florida are, and it's gorgeous, right smack dab in the middle of the gulf. Tom used to live there, and his aunt and uncle still do.

I don't know if this is going to be doable or not. It's just so.... like, we only have 2 months to figure this out. No pressure! Yargh!
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chelby - I hope the creams work. If he'll tolerate it, and ice pack will help too. Just move it around to things that itch and see if that will help keep him from scratching as much. I hope it runs it's course soon! Poor guy!!

Beachgal - I'd lose my mind if I had to plan weddings!! DH's best friend is getting married this weekend. They are eloping and taking us (witnesses) with them. Somehow I went form witnessing to buying a dress and walking down the isle as a maid!
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