New Month & Monday Cluckings

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  • Good morning and to June. My peony tree is now in bloom and looks just wonderful. Nothing like huge pink blossoms to welcome a new day!

    Today (and this week for that matter) is jam-packed with "stuff" so I may not be around much during the day. My quilt group meets this morning and then I need to straighten out some bank stuff re signing authority. I'm hoping to get an appointment for my first allergy shot and an estimate for my kitchen floor. It's probably just as well the forecast is showers again or I'd be trying to work in gardening too. Tonight I bake a rum cake for a Hort. Society meeting on Wednesday - wish me strength!

    Jazz has just dragged the side door mat and all his toys into the room and is now lying on top of his "stuff" for his morning nap. He's 11 months now but I think he will always be a puppy!

    Time to crank up my day. Come and chat a bit.
  • Monday, 6/1 Chick Chat
    A cheery good morning to everyone on this first day of June! It's looking to be another beauty of a day here, and I hope your's is just as nice.

    I just realized it's going to also be a very busy day for me. Lot's of little niggles that MUST get done, and I have a hair appointment first thing. At least I know my hair will look good for my day.
  • Ha! I told you we'd end up posting at the same time.

    Full speed ahead on the niggles. I am making my list right now and have extras if you need them.
  • Morning, Ruth. You beat me to it by a full 2 minutes! Thanks for doing the merge.
    I have a busy day ahead, too, but I just Have to relax with my coffee first. Priorities!
  • Good morning It looks like we have a little frost this morning. Glad I covered my tomatoes and peppers. It was so windy I had to wait until just before dark but I would have been sad to lose any plants.

    Ruth - Good luck with your busy week. Hope you find a minute to take a picture of the peony tree. My grandma always had peonies and now my Mom has some of those plants. I've always loved them.

    Cottage - New hair for a new month Enjoy your short work week.

    Kieran & Chelby - welcome to the birthday month!

    Not a bad week for me - three days in the office, one wfh day and one day off. I'm practicing my 4 day work week and using up some vacation days. Today is my busy day with a visit in the morning and yoga after work. Some where along the way we need to get new cell phones and switch services because my phone bit the dust this weekend. We needed to switch carriers anyway so this just pushes us to get it done. Anyone ever ordered cells through Amazon? It's a lot cheaper but I'm wondering how easy the transfer is.

    I've been having a wonderful time experimenting with ideas at For anyone who tends toward frugal it's a great blog full of ideas and recipes. I love her idea to make burgers out of leftovers and have been experimenting with a variety of things. So far they are all yummy. Zeffryn tried the muffin recipe and I'm waiting for a review

    Finally - I've been cleaning and have a couple of cook books I don't need. They are Low Carb Sweets, Baking with Stevia, and Vegetarian Cooking for Diabetics. I was going to offer them on freecycle but would be happy to send them to any 3FC chicks if anyone wants them. Disclaimer here - I'm getting rid of them because I didn't like them but you might. I actually only used one recipe from the Sweets book, never used the other two at all.

    Okay, time to get moving and get this week going!
  • Good morning chicks!

    Ruth - I bet Jazz keeps you young! Hope you get a moment to yourself today!

    Cottage - Your hair will be beautiful . Enjoy the gorgeous weather!

    Cyndi - No clue on amazon. Good idea with the books though, I have a few I don't like. So many of them have "weird" ingrediants, or lots of artificial sweeteners. I might put mine on here too!

    Me - I had a FABULOUS day yesterday. We went to a local amusement park (Del Grosso's, in case anyone eats their spaghetti sauce!), and had a blast. It was great going on the rides! I can't believe my four year old...she's a daredevil!! (one ride she got a wee bit scared though ). I think the best part was that they BEHAVED. No running off, no tantrums. *sigh*, I think there's a light at the end of the tunnel.

    But, I ate *bad* yesterday. That was my first cheeseburger on white bread in over a year!! And a *shhhh* little bit of cotton candy. So, cutting back today!! I thoroughly enjoyed myself though.

    Have a great day ladies!
  • Good morning Ruth, Cottage and Cyndi

    Something in the air just feels like a busy week. Maybe its the new month. Thanks for the reminder. I hadn't looked at my planner.

    Ruth, I'll bet your peony tree is beautiful. Your tale of Jazz and the toys brought a smile to my face.

    Cottage, enjoy your day. Theres nothing better than good hair!

    Cyndi, I'd love to check out the 333 website. Thanks for the mention. I think I would be considered "frugal".

    Twynn, thanks for sharing your fab day with us. Hop back on the plan wagon.

    Me, I'm hangin' with Mom today. I will still bike to the pool, although we'll go meet the gals from Sr Aerobics for coffee before pooling. Then home to plant the annuals I got yesterday. Other than that, I haven't really thought about it yet..

    Hi Everyone else!
  • Happy Monday!

    Ruth, I love peonies, too. Big, beautiful, happy flowers.

    Cottage, Have fun getting your hair done. I'll be getting mine done next weekend.

    Cyndi, I don't know about Amazon, but Jeff buys all our phones from Ebay and just switches Sim cards to the new phone. We've never had a problem. If you buy a new phone from your carrier, they want you to sign a new contract. We like being month to month. We have the power!

    Twynn, Your day sounds wonderful! Last year, Auston was a daredevil at the pool. This year, he's been much more cautious. Wising up with age, maybe?

    Kieran and Cyndi -- Start the party!!!

    Me: This should be a good week. My boss will get his surgery date. The grant is done. Hooray!!! And we are going to have a forensic interview with a young person with multiple personalities. Wonder who's going to show up? Always an adventure.

    I'm off to shower! Have a great week, Friends.

    Good Morning, Lexxiss! Sounds like you have a great morning planned. Enjoy it!
  • Good morning everyone! Just got my girls off to school (it's the last week), and went for a walk. Now I'm about to make coffee and breakfast.
  • Wow, Ruth, can't believe your peonies are blooming! My neighbor's are just barely budded out and we're so far south of you. Bet they're gorgeous. What a cutie Jazz is! Didn't know you were doing allergy shots...taking care of an old allergy or did you develop new ones?

    Yay for good hair, Cottage! Bet you'll look gorgeous!

    Crazy windstorms here too, Cyndi. Glad your plants are okay--a frost this time of year is just insane, especially when you don't live in Canada! I'd love to take you up on the stevia cookbook. I'm having trouble figuring out how to measure stevia for recipes.

    Sounds like such a fun day, Twynn! Have y'all gone to Knobel's? It's such a fun place!

    Hi, Debbie! I don't think we've met yet. Your day sounds fantastic!

    I biked to work today and it was such fun! : My first time, so there was a lot of planning involved in getting all my stuff to work and such. The only caveat is that I'm going to bike home, then drive to the gym and I have to avoid the temptation to delay going. I will stay strong!

    Beautiful day here and I hope to spend some time in the yard pulling weeds this afternoon. We have a bunch of "creeping charlie" invading our lawn next to our veggie garden and I just don't feel right about using weed killer so close to our food. I promised DH we'd just pull all the weeds.
  • Morning all! Been out of school for over a week, but have been out playing so much I haven't posted. Went out into the marsh to play a couple of days last week...helping to trim plants before they are planted out there. then sat in the boat taking pictures...had a blast and saw some neat "critters" out there. Got the tar burned out my skin, but now it's ok and turning brown. Gotta love the summer!!

    Just got back from the gym, eating left over frittata and seeing what the day may bring..
  • Hello all and Happy Monday (or is that an oxymoron?).
    Ruth, is there a difference between a peony tree and a peony bush or plant. I've got peonies in the side yard and I love them but they always flop over as soon as they start to bloom. They are against a new fence this year and I thought that might help break the wind, but they are still flopping.
    Hi Cat, make sure you slather on that sunscreen!
    Happy biking and weed-pulling Laurie.
    Hello AmyAng, nice to "meet" you.
    Chelby, sounds like work is going well!
    Lexxis, sounds like a lovely day ahead for you. Twynn, sounds like you had a nice yesterday. Did you look at the house again on Saturday?
    Cyndi, I am envious of your 4-day week. I am toying with the idea of using up some of my excess vaca time by taking off Friday afternoons this summer. Haven't run that past my supervisor yet, but I dont' think he'll have a prob with it.
    cottage, dueling mods are funny.

    Gardener chicks - I've got little black ants in my raised beds, gardener ladies - are they harmful to veggie plants? What can I do?
    It's such a gorgeous day here, I am really motivated to get out in the yard and do some work. Unfortunately that's not what I am paid for. I'll sneak out for a little lunch break later. DD2 has a dance dress rehearsal this evening. That's about it for our day!
  • Morning all!

    Lots of things to do today, as it is Monday, but the doggies are home with their parents and we slept like rocks last night. Ahhhh. Was nice to be able to roll over!

    Think (well, I KNOW) I didn't get my water yesterday. Gained 2 lbs and was OP. Gonna go make some green tea and make sure to chugalug all day. Have to hit the grocery store, stop by my parents' house to see my mom, and hit the bank all before getting Little Guy from school.

    If the clouds stay at bay, I'll get my 20 minutes of Vitamin D provided by the sun, too. If I can manage 20 minutes a day (which is doctor-suggested) then maybe all my freckles will connect by Labor Day when I'll be wearing a canary yellow dress for Abdul's wedding. I'm playing the role of Token White Girl. I'm honored to be in the wedding, but am going to need a little color on me to pull off canary yellow....

    Anyone try the automatic spray-on tan places? My SIL did one of the airbrush places but I don't know how I feel about standing completely nekkid in front of the airbrush technician. I'd love to have feedback about the automatic ones, if anyone's ever gotten one done.

    Well, need my tea, should do some dishes (I just stop doing them over the weekend, for some reason) and maybe some laundry. Hope everyone has a fabulous day!!!

  • Ruth- I hope your enjoy your quilt meeting and have a good productive rest of the day so you can find some "self" time later this week

    Cottage- hope your hair appointment is great! and you accomplish all your to-dos!

    Cyndi- WOW frost?! it was still80 when I went to sleep last night! I can't imagine having frost! I will def be checking out 333 site!

    Twynn- yoiur day yesterday sounds like so much fun!!!!!

    Lex- SOunds like you have a lovely day ahead of you! Enjoy!

    Chelby- sounds like an interesting day! Have a great week!


    Laurie- I am with you on the not wanting chemicals so close to the food... I bought a special hoe just for that reason! 15 minutes and the garden is mostly weed free!

    femme- your pics look like a marvelous time! Next time use sunblock!!!

    Schmoodle- I wish I could get paid just to garden too... but only in my yard... I don't want the hard labor of working on a huge farm

    Lisa- you can always wear undies in there for them to spray ya- just make sure they aren't good ones! They might also have some disposable ones you can wear... and a bandeau bikini top.

    I have been wanting to brew some green tea to have on hand- but I would like to find some large green tea bags- anyone have any idea on where I can find them? SO on the agenda for me today is lay down more tile, mow the front yard, replant beans and cukes, they must have washed away!, clean the outside of my car... read a few more chapters, and get prepared for the workweek ahead! Its supposed to be 91 here today and a friend invited us to the pool- I wish we had time!!! I can't wait till the tile is finished!!!!!
  • Hello everyone,

    No time for personals my lunch break is almost over but sounds like everyone is doing good
    Busy at work and today and tomorrow is finals for DD1 and DS and then tomorrow is DD2 last day of school. DD2 has play rehearsals tonite, yikes another busy week.

    Hope everyone has a lovely day.