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Ruthxxx 05-27-2009 07:17 AM

Hump Day Happenings
:welcome: to Wednesday - just thought I'd remind you of the date.

No deck coffee today because it just started to sprinkle. I'm glad I got lots of outside work done yesterday because three days of wet are predicted. My neighbour is going to till my veggie plot for me but it probably won't happen until the weekend - too bad because I have tomato and squash plants clamouring to be in the ground. (Clay soil is damaged if worked when wet.)

Today I am off to Ottawa for the day and the Doggage will go to the kennel until late this afternoon. I am taking about three pounds of asparagus and five of rhubarb to my friend Shirleyanne. She is making devilled eggs for our lunch so I'll be able to easily stay OP. I hope to get a wee bit of shopping done in the Big City.

I hope your Wednesday Hump isn't too big. It's easy sliding from here to the weekend. And then it will be June and my avatar will be right!

cottagebythesea 05-27-2009 07:37 AM

It's looking dark and foreboding here, so I'm cozily enjoying my coffee here at the kitchen table.

I got to work yesterday to find both girls home sick; one with a tummy virus, and the other with a croupy cough. I let them make a nice pot of vegetable soup with noodles for lunch, and it must have been the miracle cure they needed, because they were fine after that. ;) It was a rather pleasant day, though. We played some board games and I let them watch a movie after they cleaned up the playroom. But I also got out their workbooks and had them do a few pages of schoolwork, too. :devil:

Hopefully, today they are both going to school, and we have gymnastics this afternoon. I'll probably spend the morning cleaning and getting groceries. But we're almost through the week already, whoohoo!

Chelby29 05-27-2009 08:12 AM

Good Morning, Friends,

Ruth, Have a wonderful day shopping in the Big City with your friend today. Wish I had a friend with asparagus. :)

Cottage, Children aren't supposed to be sick the last week of school! I'm glad they are feeling better.

It's supposed to be another rainy day here, too. The sun is going to come out Friday and stay all weekend. WooHoo!!! It's been weeks since we've had a sunny weekend. I'm very excited.

Yesterday I had a perfect Phase 1 day. I was hungry, but after eating like a pig for weeks, that is to be expected. Today's lunch is packed. I'm low on snacks because I still haven't been to the grocery store. No time! Anyone want to shop for me? :)

You all have a great Wednesday!

CyndiM 05-27-2009 08:16 AM

Good morning :coffee2: at least the clock says morning - the sky and my body say too early to be awake.

Ruth - Sounds like a good day to go visiting and shopping.

Cottage - Maybe the girls had the "too much excitement and activity post holiday weekend flu" :) Are you heading to Maine this weekend?

Normal day on tap here. I've got a visit in the morning and then more paperwork and scheduling this afternoon. Yesterday was such a long day I'm sure I'll run out of energy early.

My plants are very happy to see the rain. I am too, I've been carrying water in buckets! Someone offered me tomato plants which I'm having a hard time refusing. Of course that will mean more beds or large pots :eek: I'm thinking about pots for the cherries this year. Hmmm. Too bad I can't get some of the plants to some of you!

Okay, time to get moving.

TwynnB 05-27-2009 08:16 AM

Good morning chickies!

Ruth - Yummmmmmm.....wanna drop some of that asparagus off here?!? :D Enjoy your visit!

Cottage - ewww! Glad you didn't pick it up! Hopefully, they're feeling better today!

Chelby - Good job OP!

Me - packed work day, then off to look at a couple of houses. I'm excited about one, it's out in a country subdivision on one acre. We'll see. I just want a house! And a garden!

Have a great day ladies!

cottagebythesea 05-27-2009 08:29 AM

Chelby, good for you for having a clean day yesterday! I've been battling the munchies, myself. I'm not really hungry, I just want to eat. So far I'm winning, but it's hard.

Cyndi, it sounds like you could use a coffee IV drip. :) Maggie's cough is due to allergies, poor tyke. And Audrey must have eaten something that didn't agree with her, because she was fine by lunchtime. I'm not going to Maine until next Thursday. I can hardly wait!

Twynn, I hope you see a lot of houses that you like, and hopefully, one that you'll love. Good luck!

Lexxiss 05-27-2009 08:31 AM

Good Morning:sunny:
Ruth, happy shopping!

Chelby, good start on P1! I'll do your shopping for you.

Cottage, isn't amazing what a homemade pot of soup will do.

Cyndi, we planted 10 cherry tomato plants. DH cut them in half last year and dried them. They got crunchy and he ate them for snacks. I pitched them into soups.

Twynn, a country home on an acre sounds heavenly! Best wishes.

Me, I'm still OP. Finally getting a ticker, I moved it down 9 pounds!! That is for 2 wks P1 and 1 on P2. It felt good and is keeping me motivated. I just have 9 to go to stop backtracking and venture out into new territory. I got my bike ride in yesterday morn and then it poured most of the rest of the day. Today I'm going to clean again at my friends house, then see what else I can fit in based on the weather. I may have to travel tomorrow so I am trying to stay organized. After all the trips we've made I have it down to a science getting the house clean and the car packed.

Schmoodle 05-27-2009 09:23 AM

No coffee yet so I am not coherent. I forgot to make it last night before I went to bed. I'm going to drive DD to school and swing by McDonald's to get a cup. Then I'll be back.

beachgal 05-27-2009 10:29 AM

Morning, all! Our rain arrived yesterday--it was absolutely perfect, starting out nice and light and then increasing as the day went on. Our plants are almost dancing in joy and, although it kept me from biking to work today, I am too--since it'll save us a lot of money in water bills! ;) We have sprouts coming up all over in our veggie garden--even the cantaloupe and pumpkin sprouted this year! Hopefully we'll avoid a sad year like the last one. :crossed:

I'm amazed at your yield, Ruth! How many asparagus/rhubarb plants do you have? We got just about one pound of rhubarb from my first harvesting, and one stalk of asparagus. The rest were very thin and woody. It's only the third year for the plant, so maybe it'll have more in the future?

Hope everyone has a great day. I'm back at work after a week off and am already feeling the stress! Yikes!

Kim_Star060404 05-27-2009 11:16 AM

Hi, everyone! I can't believe it's Wed. already!!

Ruth: I wish I could partake in your asparagus/rhubarb harvest. I still haven't found anyone in town or at the farmer's market that has an established "crop". The store-bought stuff is definitely inferior. Have a great time in the "big city" and I hope you get some shopping in!

Cottage: Good morning! Sounds like your veggie-noodle soup recipe is a miracle cure. ;) Maybe you could bottle it and sell it as such. Wouldn't school-kids everyone just LOVE that?!

Chelby: WTG on having a perfect P1 day! I know how hard that is after being on vacation. I hope the weekend truly is sunny!

Cyndi: Mmmmmmm, tomatoes. We missed out and didn't get any to plant this year. DH bought what was labeled a tomato plant, but didn't quite look right, so now we're just waiting for it to flower/fruit so we can see what it is. It is most definitely not a tomato; maybe it's a pepper. At least that's what I'm hoping for. I'm glad you got some rain to alleviate that bucket-carrying!!

Twynn: There's nothing quite like country-living! Good luck on the house search!

Lexxis: WTG on losing 9 lbs. in 2 weeks! What a great accomplishment!

Schmoodle: "See" you after you wake up! Have a great day!

Laurie: Don't you love it when things start sprouting? Seeing those little green tops poking up is such an exciting thing!

Me: I'm EXHAUSTED today. I started watching Sweeney Todd last night, had to stop for "our" tv shows, then got back to it at 11 pm. I was up until about 12:15 watching it and then couldn't get to sleep after. I finally went to bed around 3 am, so I'm pretty tired right now. Thank goodness dinner is leftovers and the only thing I have planned tonight is my workout. I will be hitting the sack early tonight.

Ok, I need to get to work now. I hope everyone to come has a great day!

Pearlrose 05-27-2009 02:31 PM

Hello everyone,

Quieter day at work so that means I am playing catchup with work. Still more rounds of interviews tomorrow, I feel so bad for some of the applicants they are way over qualified for our position but they will take anything to work again, but we have to go for the best fit. What I will do for a couple of them is refer them to another positon that might work better for them after we select our candidate.

We have not stopped raining in days- I could use a little bit of sunshine- I am off to a luncheon will do my best to stay op.

Have a great evening ladies. BTW DD2 is doing great on her maintence plan.

weezle 05-27-2009 03:11 PM

Good afternoon! I got some prednezone into Sophie last night so she stopped her itching, scratching, and flapping, and got some ear drops into Oscar's right ear, so I slept straight through the night!!!! Didn't wake up until 7:12 when Little Guy woke up. WHEW! Still not the kind of sleep I like, but I'll take it.

7 nights done, 5 to go.

Been busy keeping after the dogs and with MK which is why I haven't popped in much lately. Once my parents come back from Key West (jerks) then things will settle down and get back to normal, and I'll be able to sleep in until 8:30 or 9 every morning. Need my beauty rest!

Hope all is going well with everyone. I just realized that I have been so busy that I haven't eaten lunch yet. My stomach is quite demanding. Better grab a bite, watch some TV, and then head out to make some deliveries. Hope you girls have a great day!


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