South Beach Diet Fat Chicks on the Beach!

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Default Getting re-started but need a little guidance!

I did the SBD last summer, was VERY successful on it and adored how it made me feel. Lost a lot of weight, looked great, FELT great, everything great!

Then moved back to college, didn't have a kitchen to use at all, went back on birth control, and gained everything back PLUS 12 lbs. Not looking OR feeling great these days! Eating dorm cafeteria food, and can definitely notice all of the sluggish side effects!

So I'm getting ready to re-start and I am SO stoked about it!! I have a summer job starting May 4th where I'll have full access to a kitchen in our housing complex - and after the summer the boyfriend and I are getting an apartment (so stoked about NOT living on campus anymore!) so I'm even MORE excited about being able to really adapt all of this to a true lifestyle - and I'm so ready!!

So here are a few of my questions and concerns!!

1.) I'd like to cook some stuff up in bulk before we drive down for our summer jobs that way for the first week or so - I can just worry about job training and the transition without having to worry SO much about cooking as soon as we get there. I bought a really cool set of tuppaware to store all of the food in and I think it's a good step toward making the transition easier. I'd really love some suggestions about things I can cook the night before and bring down with me (I'll have a full refrigerator to store it all once we get there and it's just a few hours long drive). I'm really excited about trying the cheesecake breakfast cups, the taco bake, the chick peas and cauliflower popcorn! Any other suggestions are super super appreciated.

2.) The little town we'll be living in is huge for tourists, but not so huge for grocery stores! The nearest bulk-food store is back in Anchorage, a good three hours drive away. We're going to do a good-sized Costco run before we go down to buy tons of eggs, v8 juice, cheese sticks, maybe some beans etc. If there's a major staple anyone can shout-out (especially ones they buy from Costco/Samsclub/Etc) to make sure I don't forget - that would be really really helpful too.

and lastly! - My boyfriend and I are going to be doing all of our cooking together - and he's really excited about all of the healthy possibilities (he's WAY more of a health nut than me, and a much better cook!). We'll be cooking primarily for the SBD for me of course, but he'll be trying to GAIN weight to turn into muscle this summer (he's 5'9 and around 150 lbs so he feels a little shrimpy - but really he's just lean ) is there anything you can recommend that could be an easy add-in for just him, so we can both eat my SBD meals, but so he could use his to beef up a little more? I know protein is a huge factor in that, and the SBD is very good about protein - is it just going to be a case of upping his protein intake even more than my own?

Sorry this is such a long post! Any general guidance would be perfect! Thanks Chickies!
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You're asking for things to prepare, but you've enlightened me! Where are the recipes for the items that you mentioned? They sound delicious!

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Katie, there are tons of recipes in our Recipe Section. Our favourites are stickied or have star ratings. Are you a Beacher too? If so, ; if not, anyhow. :lo: There's lots of good healthy lifestyle info and support in this part of 3FC and we're a friendly bunch.
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Welcome back to the Beach, Eskimomad. We've saved your towel for you.
A lot of the recipes you've mentioned can be frozen, then packed in a cooler for your trip. Some of the staples I would stock up on are dried beans, ww pastas, and oatmeal, but other than that I'm afraid I can't be much help on, since I use mostly fresh or frozen foods. For your boyfriend to stay satisfied, I would advise him to increase his servings of grains, protein and dairy. Hopefully you'll have access to fresh fruits and vegetables, as they are a major part of this plan.

katie, you'll find all of the mentioned recipes in our recipe section here in the forum. You should really check it out, we have lots of really great recipe ideas here.
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Katie he can probably eat the same stuff you are but more of it. Definitely beans are a great thing and I know some companies make a hummus mix (check ingredients) Salsa, canned Tomatoes FF RF Beans Laughing cow light cheese Mini meatloaves (Meatloaf in either muffin tins or make little mini mounds)

Turkey Jerkey!! So good! (watch ingredients)
Canned Tuna/Salmon/crab
I always keep dried minced onion for when I run out of the real deal
Ground flax adds a nutty hit to both sweet and savory stuff
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SO helpful! Yes, lots of tuna for our first two weeks. Lots and lots of beans. I LOVE the little meatloaf muffin tin idea! That is SO perfect, KO!

We'll be catching LOTS of fresh salmon while we're down there - and I'm thinking they've got to have a decent produce section - at least a frozen one. Dried minced onions are definitely going on the list - and I can't believe I've forgotten how much I LOVED laughing cow cheese! Oatmeal - definitely a stock item! Thanks CBTS! Will have to look up what exactly ground flax is...

Thanks so much for all of these excellent ideas - they sound really perfect. If you think of anything else, please keep it coming!
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So I did a little research at Costcos and it brought up a few more questions!

In consideration of BEANS - the boy and I have never been big bean eaters. It's not that we dislike them, we love them! We just don't know how to cook them or what to do with them! We both are coming from families who only eat veggies from a can, so we're still trying to figure out how to make our first steps I guess. I looked at Costco for some dried beans to take down, and they don't have any. At the local grocery store there's a lot of options and we're not sure where to start. Neither of us are picky eaters at all, and I checked with the book and from what I understand, I should eat about 1/2 cup of beans per day.. I'm just not sure which to buy and I don't want to spend a lot of money in this area trying to taste test them all to figure it out (we're also trying to learn how to budget really well (totally alien to our families too) so we can start saving up to pay back these student loans soon). The prices are all pretty similar, so that didn't help narrow it down much..

16 oz Lentils - $1.19
16 oz pearled barley - .99
16 oz white - $1.29
32 oz kidney - $3.29
32 oz pinto - $ 2.29
32 oz great northern - $2.99
*I can't find anything in the book about Cous cous - and I don't know what food group it qualifies in, but it was in the "bean section" (though I didn't think it was a bean?) but it's $8.99 for 32 oz, and I don't know how to cook it either!*

I guess my question comes down to -- if we're not picky eaters, what's a good bean we can use in a lot of different ways that would be a good food investment - and then once we buy them.. well.. what do I do with them??

My second question is about meatloaf! we didn't grow up eating meatloaf but we DO love it!! I'd like to make 6 ground turkey meatloaf cups and use a few for stuffed bell peppers, and some for Spaghetti squash with tomato sauce. My question about meatloaf is, if I precook it and freeze it... what do I do to make it thaw and edible again? Just leave it out until it's thawed? Do I put it in the oven? Do I put it in the fridge? It sounds like a silly question, I know! But I feel so lost!

Do I sound like I'm at least on the right track here?

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You can eat more than 1/2 cup of beans daily. That's just a suggestion to start out with to avoid lots of gas. I eat more than that a lot of days. I mix black beans with salsa and a little cheese for a really quick meal. I use them in the taco bake too. Garbanzo beans are good roasted. There's a recipe for them here. I use several kinds of beans in soup and chili. Kidney beans have a lot of antioxidants due to their rich color. Great Northern beans are good in soups too.

Couscous is a grain and it cooks really fast, almost like minute rice. Make sure you have the whole wheat kind.

I think the meatloaf can go straight from freezer to oven. Cooking time will vary with the size of the loaf. I would just check the center of the loaf to see if it is no longer pink
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I am lazy, and i don't have the patience for dried beans. i buy them in the can, and just rinse them really well before using them. I stock up on black (great in mexican dishes) chickpeas/garbonzo (yummy in salads, also curry dishes, can use to make homemade hummus) kidney (chili), and green and white wax beans to mix with kidney beans with onions, artichokes, oil and vinegar to make 3 bean salad, which is good by itself or on a regular lettuce and tomato salad.
I'm not a meatloaf expert, but if it was me, i'd freeze it in the portions that i would be defrosting and using it in, that way u don't have to defrost the whole loaf, and then use it within a couple of days. you can take it out the night before, so it cooks faster, and just put it in the fridge. I've seen it defrosted on the counter, too, just depends on how large the section of loaf is.
couscous is a quick cooking grain that is for phase 2 and beyond. I believe the serving size is 1/2 cup. basically you cook it by bringing water to a boil, then adding the couscous, stirring, removing from heat, and covering for a few minutes. then magically you have fluffy grains! you can eat it warm or cold, its very much like rice.
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If you buy a bag of 12 bean soup and follow directions on the back of the bag, it will let you try a variety of beans and lentels all at one time so you can get an idea of the diffrences. You just wash the beans the night before, cover with water and let soak, in the morning add your ingredience into a crockpot and let it simmer all day. It is very good.
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