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Come on Spring!
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Default Wonderful Wednesday Warblings

Glorious sunrise and coffee right now. The only thing that would make it perfect would be if I had a pee sample from Jazz! (Doesn't take much to make me happy!)

Busy day ahead with house stuff and the lawn guy and crew coming to do clean-up. As soon as they leave, I drop off Jazz at the breeder and then take Disney to the Pypers' farm near Ottawa. I'll have dinner with them and they go to my hotel near the airport for the night. I'm really looking forward to the break and may not be checking in here until I get back Monday.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!
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Good morning!

Another rainy day, but sitting here looking out at the swelling buds on the trees and the emerald green grass is pretty cheerful. The PJM rhododendrens are starting to bloom, too. I may finally pack the winter clothes away and pull out the summer things this week. I've been holding off since it's still been pretty cold out.

Another ordinary day of errands, laundry, cleaning, etc., and the girls have gymnastics this afternoon. I always look forward to that hour as my "me" time, where I can sit in my car with a book and a latte while I wait for them.
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Good morning chicks!

Ruth - ENJOY! We'll sure miss chatting with you, but hope you have a wonderful time!

Cottage - LOVE the new avatar!! Those little times by yourself are quite luscious, aren't they?

Me - I love SBD! I did phase II for a couple days, and dropped 1 1/2 lbs. I'm sure it's not a true loss, but it got me back into not the itty bitty steals here and there, and a bit more calorie control. (and no dark chocolate for 2 days?!??! How did I live??!!)

Work is a busy surgery day, then family pictures at church. I was going to make supper for tonight, and realized I think it's a night out....when would we eat with the pics at 6?!? Darned, I don't have to cook!!

Have a wonderful wednesday!
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Morning! about to go haul DH out of bed so I can get to work!
Ruth have a great time!!
Cottage the plants sound so dreamy
Twyn Love bonus no cooking night!!
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Happy Wednesday chicks,
Ruth, have a great trip.
cottage, thanks for the reminder, I need to put the clothing swap on my to-dos for the weekend.
Twynn, enjoy your night off cooking.
Kierie, have a great day at work. No dreams last night.

I am so blah blah blah, I really need to snap myself out of it.
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Oh, Ruth, I feel your pain. You wouldn't believe how desperate I got for pee sample from Angel each week! I hope Jazz gives it up soon, and at a convenient time for vet drop-off... Have a glorious trip and don't worry about a thing. Cottage and I will hold down the fort, and I'm sure the cabana boys will take care of anyone we miss.

Cottage, what are PJM rhododendrens? A house near us used to have these glorious rhododendron bushes--they were at least seven or eight feet tall--and they smelled like cotton candy when the flowers bloomed! Sadly, the new owners of the house tore the bushes out and replaced them with a rock garden.

on being at goal, Twynn! That's awesome. Are you eating dark chocolate every day in Phase 3? That certainly could be something to look forward to...

, Kierie!

Schmoodle, aren't those blah days awful? I find exercise usually snaps me out of it, especially if it's outside. Can you go for a walk and look for signs of spring? It's really energizing to see all the plants waking up.

Had a great weigh-in yesterday (216.5). Seems more than I deserve, but I guess it's a woosh after weeks of staying at 219. Had an NSV, too, last week, when I fit into my size 16 jeans. DH noticed 'em last night and made me feel very good about how I looked in them. Still battling this cold (woke up with laryngitis yesterday), but have been back in the gym, which feels good, but wipes me out. I'm SO tired at night! Hope you all have a bright and sunny, energizing day!
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Morning all!!!

A glorious day here...a bit cool this morning.
Nothing on my plate today except a few errands and a couple of power points...whatever gets done, gets done and whatever doesn't, I don't care!

Took a ride out to the "swamps" yesterday with a friend to get the area ready for some "state bigwigs" to take a tour today and then went for a nice cold beer...of course got a few shots while out there. (the first pic is my boys and oldest son's precious girlfriend on Easter Day and the last is the little blue duck all grown up) All in all a really nice day.

Thinking about going to the French Quarter festival on Friday if the old leg holds up.

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Good morning ladies! Happy Wednesday!!!!

Ruth - Have a wonderful time! You certainly deserve it!

Cottage - Sorry to hear that the ants aren't cooperating. I hope you find a remedy soon.

Tywnnb - Good job getting things back under control!

Schmoodle - Snap out of it! Spring is here and it's going to be a glorious summer!!!

KO - Good luck waking dh up!

Laurie - Congrats on getting into the jeans! What a great achievement! You've done an amazing job!

Cat - Yeah for posting pictures. I've missed seeing Louisiana from your point of view. Thanks for sharing.

Me - Had a really good time last night. I stuck to one drink, however, food was not as controlled as I had hoped it would have been. Definitely not everything was on program. However, that being said, I did control my portions and I'm thinking the scale will not suffer too much. I'm a little bummed this morning as I woke up to exercise and my on-demand is not cooperating, so I didn't get my work out in this morning. Hopefully I"ll have enough motivation in me this evening to do it after dinner. It's just certainly not my favorite.
Have a wonderful Wednesday, Ladies!!
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Good morning everyone!!!

Ruth - Have a wonderful time on your trip.

Cottage - Enjoy your "me" time today.

Tywnnb - You are a motivator to the rest of us to get back on track.

Schmoodle - Hope that you get out of the blah blah blues!! I will be posting pictures of vacation soon on Facebook as well.

KO - Great job working out.

Laurie - Congrats on getting inot a smaller size of jeans that is great.

Cat - Thanks for sharing your pictures always enjoy seeing.

HmacNeil- Today is a new day so back on track. Hopefully you will be motivated to work out tonight.

As for me- back from Florida we had a wonderful time at Disney and had a mini family reunion as well there so it was a good time with only a few minor hiccups along the way. Walked for Miles every day, but I have been horrible offtrack as far as eating and need my mojo back. But I did go to grocery store and stocked up on healthy eating choices.

Have a great day ladies.
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Welcome back, Pearl! I'm glad you had a wonderful time!

No time to chat, busy morning at work and I have a long to-do list for my lunch break! I hope everyone is having a great day!
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Good Morning ALL!!! Hope we all stay motivated and positive today. Lots of love...
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Hi Guys!

We have been without internet. It went down after the storm was over. Go figure!!! We have a tree down on DH's barn. It's going to be a mess to get off. On the positive side, we have firewood for next year!

My family is on their way here from Louisiana. Hooray! They'll be here through Saturday. My supervisor told me I could have these days off before I agreed to contract work. The decision to hire me or not will be made next week. Keeping my fingers crossed....
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Just poppin in right quick! Gotta make some phone calls and get some bookings but I wanted to say HELLO GIRLS! Once Little Guy's back in school (tomorrow) I'll have a little more computer time!
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Very busy day at work. Stressful too. I'll be so glad when my team leader gets back from vacation.

I did get to spend some time doing yardwork. Then I gave Brian the choice of walking the dog or fixing dinner. He chose cooking so he fixed ham, asparagus, pasta (fat free evap milk sauce) and fixed it as good as I could have while I walked the dog. I ran into our neighbor lady and her grown son walking their pointer so we took the dogs for a long walk and took them off the leash up at the park. Rex ended up playing in the creek and running around and had a wonderful time.
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