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Come on Spring!
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Default Wacky Wednesday Warblings

Happy April Fool's Day. Boy, did we have fun with this when we were kids - until noon, that is, when the adults would call a halt. In France they go around sticking fish onto people's backs or butts and call it poisson d'avril. I never figured out how this all started and will poke around the net later.

Today will be a flat-out day with a luncheon at the Clinic with both dogs invited. I think Jazz will beg off as he has half a haircut at the moment and looks pretty silly. His legs are done but not his feet and he looks like he's wearing huge shaggy slippers! After the lunch I pick up a ton of daffodils for the daffodil days running until Sunday. I'm still short volunteers so call me if you can help!

Time to update the weightloss threads and poke around for Spammers. See y'all later.

Gee! April Fool's Day, Hump Day and new month all at once! Can we stand the excitement?
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Good morning and HAPPY APRIL'S FOOL!

I know I'll have to watch my back this afternoon, as Audrey & Maggie have been eagerly anticipating playing pranks on everyone. It doesn't help matters that they only have 1/2 day of school because of conferences. I used to slip a piece of cardboard between the bread in my kids's sandwiches at lunch, and I just may pull that prank on the girls.

I stepped on the scale for the first time in over a month and did not like what I saw. Those little dark chocolate Dove Easter eggs that I've been mindlessly popping in my mouth everytime I walk by the dish have caught up with me. So with the beginning of this new month I'm vowing to get a firm grip on my eating and stay OP. It's going to be a challenge, with 3 birthdays and our 40th anniversary, but I will persevere!!!

Let's all start this new month on a positive note, and don't forget to watch your backs today!
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Good morning

Ruth - I love daffodils Hope the luncheon is yummy.

Cottage - The scale is not my friend today either. I am stuck in an eternal 5 lbs up, 5 lbs down (much slower). Blah! Hope you make it through the day unscathed

DP is rather fond of April Fool's Day. She blogs at a Vermont blog and they made much of the day. She's been working on her piece since the weekend. I think she likes it better than Christmas

Just a quiet, catch-up office say for me. Maybe I'll be back!
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Good Morning!

Ruth, When I was in high school, instead of 'Rolling' houses, we'd 'shrimp' people. We'd put shrimp in hubcaps. Smelled bad after a few days... Ah, the life of geeky children in Southwest Louisiana...

Cottage, I feel your pain with the birthday/anniversary/weightloss situation. May 22-June25 is Birthday Month in my family. 5 birthdays in that time. Sheesh!

Cyndi, Enjoy your quiet day!

Me: My favorite Aprils Fools joke of all times: I put a piece of tape over the ear piece of my boss's phone. Everyone could hear him, but he couldn't hear anyone. I got to listen to him yell all day long, "Please speak up! I CAN'T HEAR YOU!" It was great fun -- for me! He called me in that afternoon to ask me to call maintainance to fix the phone. That's when I showed him the tape. I knew he had a great sense of humor, too.

My goal today is to eat on plan in that office. No donuts or chips or sandwiches. Only the safe food I bring from home! Wish me luck!
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Good morning chicks!

Ruth - Yeesh, I actually forgot it's April Fools!! Hope Jazz gets cleaned up today!

Cottage - have fun with that! I wish I had made lunches today for the kids, that would've been fun!

Cyndi - stinkin' scale! Honey, you're so fit though, you look awesome!!

Me - It's my DS's SIXTH bday today! The first batch of brownies I made last night were underbaked, so I finished the second batch near midnight :O. But they are goo-ooo-oood! I haven't made homemade brownies in a LONG time. They are definately better than boxed! WHOOPSS...that was food porn, wasn't it?!?! I'm not sure how I'm going to handle today either...DS's party tonight has pizza....I think they said they have salads too. I just might eat before I go. Honestly, regular pizza isn't that appealing anymore.

I'm taking a orange sized tumor off the sweetest little 11 lb dachshund today..hope she does well. Between that and the birthday, it's going to be a busy little day! Hope it's great for everyone!

Chelby - glad you're enjoying the job!! Good luck OP today!

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Hi ladies! I already had a trick pulled on me but it was mean. I heard someone tip my recycling bin all over the street at 4:30 this morning. Bottles and cans everywhere, so I was out there in the rain picking it up before any cars came along. Jerks.
I tricked the kids by putting food dye in the bottom of their cereal bowls, so the milk turned colors when they poured it. I also made strawberry Jello in water glasses with a straw in it and gave it to them as "juice." Tonight for dinner I plan to make fish sticks and mashed potatoes with gravy (cookies rolled in crushed corn flakes and vanilla ice cream with caramel sauce) and chocolate strawberry pie for dessert (meatloaf baked in a pie crust with pink mashed potatoes on top). They totally expect it, but would be so disappointed if I didn't do it. At least I try to do something different every year.
I took the morning off to head for the DMV and try to straighten out a mess with my car registration and a ticket I got last fall for a burnt out headlight. We spent hours on the phone yesterday and sick DH ended up going to the DMV but the people we needed to see only work from 9 - 10:30AM. So back I go today.
Today is my brother's birthday, he passed away many years ago. I always spend some time thinking of him and missing him on April 1.
I should try to be in a better mood today. I'll work on that.

Oh DD just got me, she came running downstairs all upset that her hamster was missing. Very convincing! She got the cat too - we both went charging for her room.

Chelby, that is a good one! Not so sure about the shrimp though. How is working going?
Cyndi, guess that means you'd better watch your back today!
cottage, I am trying for a fresh start today too. No dove eggs around here, I am waiting until the last minute to buy candy.
Ruth, I would volunteer if I could. Poor Jazz, is he feeling to embarrassed to go out?

Hi Twynn! Good luck with that surgery today and Happy Birthday to DS! I think April 1 is a most awesome day for a birthday. DD1's best friend's birthday is today too.

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well everyone is asleep yet so no aprils fools jokes as of yet. i'm going to spend the day with bf as tommorrows my bday and he has to work. so as soon as i can get the daughter around we will be heading out

ETA; i almost forgot i hit onderland today

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I can do this!
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I've never been one for playing jokes, but I enjoy the jokes of others. The one Google put on our Gmail page was hilarious. Did anyone else see it?

Ruth, how did Jazz get half a haircut? Would he not stand for the second part? You have to take a photo--he sounds adorable with fuzzy slipper feet!

Must be fun being with cute kiddos on this day, Cottage. Love the cardboard idea! Those Dove eggs are killer, aren't they? Thanks for the inspiration to start anew this month.

Cyndi, that sounds like such fun! Reminds me of the newspaper The Onion--I love their satirical and funny pieces!

Chelby, that joke is a riot! Good luck with the safe food today!

Oh, Twynn, bless you for healing the doxie. Our pup is a dachshund mix and I have great affection in my heart for them. You'll do fine tonight. Eat something first and enjoy a nice salad. Homemade brownies really are good--I didn't know until I did SBD, because I always used the box kind. SBD forced me to make them from scratch myself so they were "safe" and I was floored by how good they are!

Schmoo, about your brother. Sounds like this is a busy date for you! Can't believe all you do for your kids--what great memories! Sorry about the recycle bin. That's not a joke--it's just mean.

What a wonderful birthday gift to yourself, Me4! ONEderland! Hope you enjoy your time with BF!

I'm looking forward to a somewhat calm day. I've been filling out a goal chart each week a la the one that kaplods told us about last year. I did one of the items yesterday, which was a relief. Tonight, after the gym, I hope to get another one done: clean off the mess on my dresser in our bedroom. Hopefully DH and the puppy will keep me company and make the task more pleasant.

I'm making homemade Irish brown soda bread tonight to go with a beans and greens soup. Hope it turns out--I've only ever made it from a mix before.

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I started this post 5 times!
so i'll do the quickie me update and hopefully come back!
This morning wasn't too happy with the scale but between the Steroids and TOM it could be worse!
I bought a bathingsuit online in my size which is my impetus for stayign on the towel
Cute Tankini which will probably look squishy on my current form
Tonight our friend is comign over to make a curry (he's Indian) so I'm going to eat around the potatoes and Basmati and possibly make myself some Cauliflower Also told DH I won't be having wine (it lowers my resolve) and I'm going to buy them some kind of dessert and me SF Fudgsicles
Game on!
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Boy you guys are having fun with April Fools. DH is gone to service the car and I have a whole morning to myself. That's a rarity.
Ruth - we use to pin things on people's backs in grade school. Will have my money ready for daffodil day.
Cottage - I would love to see those little girls' faces when they bit into the sandwich.
Cyndi - I hope DP joke is enjoyed. Have a nice quiet day.
Twynn - I don't know if I could resist all that food you are going to be tempted with today.
Schmoodles - are you sure it wasn't racoons. We had some of that happening here.
me4life - how can you forget hitting onderland. Happy Birthday tomorrow.
Laurie - Sounds good to set goals. I do that and sometimes even manage to fulfill my promise.
Ko - sounds like you have a good plan for tonight. One of our neighbours in Indian and we are invited for some fabulous curry from time to time.
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I'm here, I'm here!

I read the thread while eating breakfast this morning and have gone through the day thinking that I posted. Oops.

Uh-oh. Copier is to the rescue! Hope you all have a great day!
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I'm pregnant.

HAHAHAHAHA just kidding!!!! APRIL FOOL! Yuka yuka yuka!

Another busy day! Ran Little Guy to Grammareen's house to have lunch and a play date, then made some deliveries. Just stopped home to check email and have lunch myself, then going to pick him up and come home and do dishes. Tommy's mom is coming by after work tonight and then I have another delivery to make and volleyball at 6.

Yee-haw! Well, lunch is done so I'd better skedoodle. Have a great day girlies!

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Originally Posted by TwynnB View Post
I'm taking a orange sized tumor off the sweetest little 11 lb dachshund today..hope she does well.
Is she ok?
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New month, great time to get back on track. That involves checking in here.
Strep is catching up with me, I'm exhausted! Went to the gym this morning after I took the kids to school. Good thing, no energy now!
Need to start planning dinner....
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so my dear chicks, everytime you drink coffee you have my far off ancestor to thank. This is the same village that my father was born in so I am sure that he must in some way be related to me. This man was the first to introduce coffee to Vienna in 1649.

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