Agave nectar?

  • I'm considering going back to SB. But I have a question. Is agave nectar allowed on any phase? I looked around the site and saw an answer from a couple years ago that people thought it was ok to use it in Phase 1 but count the calories towards the 75 calories of sweets per day. What's the recent scoop on agave?

    And my second question is, I heard there is a new food list for Phase 1. How recent are the changes? Is the sticky phase 1 food list in this forum from May 2008 current, or are there more changes? Thanks.
  • Hi Lyn!! I'm excited you're considering getting back on the beach.
    I don't think there is an official Dr.A. position on agave nectar. It is not on the allowed food lists, so technically I suppose it is not an allowed food. A lot of us use it though, including me. In moderation, I don't have any problem with it kicking off cravings, and I have a goal of someday giving up artificial sweeteners. I don't use it in Phase I though.

    The food lists in the stickies on this forum are the latest and greatest, from the SB Diet Supercharged book that came out about a year ago.
  • Schmoodle! Hey! Good to see ya.

    Yeah, I had a bit of an epiphany last night as I scarfed a piece of candy in a parking lot. I did south beach in 2003, lost 35-40 pounds but resented giving up sweets the whole time. So when I finally gave in and ate a cupcake, that was it. I was off, and regained all the weight and then some. But yesterday, I thought, this crap is poison. I am ready to give it up FOREVER. I dont care if I never eat another candy bar in my life.

    I have to brush up on whats allowed on SB phase 1, but for now I had egg beaters/spinach/1 light turkey sausage/1 kraft 2% single for breakfast. I *think* that was a good choice. I'll print out the list and figure it out. THANKS!
  • back, Lyn!

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    I agree with Schmoo--though many of us use it in moderation, I don't think anyone is using it in Phase 1. There's just too much sugar in it for that. Remember, we can't even have carrots in P1. So I think agave nectar should be reserved for Phases 2&3.