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CyndiM 01-12-2009 04:37 PM

Laurie - Omnivore's Dilemma is on tape. I listened to In Defense of Food that way (though I had to listen to some sections more than once - the hazard of listening before sleep!). We listened to the Jon Stewart book while driving - it was perfect!
Unfortunately I use music to motivate me and set my intervals when working out and I am a news junkie so listen to podcasts when driving. I'll get it all figured out eventually and balance things :) I've been a serious reading junkie since I learned to read.

sophie 01-12-2009 06:19 PM

I got Second Glance at Costco this weekend and started reading this afternoon. Really enjoying it so far.
You have to read The Friday Night Knitting Club before you can enjoy Knit Two. There is very little technical stuff in it and definitely a non-knitter would enjoy it just as much.
I really enjoy this thread although I don't contribute much but I have noted some of the books for my reading list.

JuliaDH 01-12-2009 06:27 PM

Marley & Me
The Love Dare

But must finish them up and get the next pile of books going! Kinda on a self help kick for relationship building. Then after I always crave FICTION!

Jessie Confessions of an Honest Wife is a collection of essays from Christian wives. I thought it was very interesting and good, although not quite what I expected. [U]

I have this one in my pile. Maybe I will read it when complete Marley & Me in the next few days.

Steen 01-12-2009 08:42 PM

I am almost done Boots On The Ground At Dusk: A Tribute to Pat Tillman. I'm sure those of you in the US are more familiar with the event of Pat Tillman's death then us over here in Canada. A story of a great hero.

I will be starting Mein Kampft shortly. I have given up fiction to educate myself on true events. I don't miss my Nora Roberts at all!

beachgal 01-15-2009 10:41 AM

I'm not really getting anywhere of late...though I did read a quick Junie B. Jones book (Junie B., First Grader: Toothless Wonder) just for fun. I love those books!

I'm still wading through America: Democracy Inaction. Though at times I'm a little bored, there are lots of parts that make me laugh so hard!

I need to start The Companion, but I keep forgetting to take it upstairs with me. I brought another Junie B to read at lunch today--this one's Junie B., First Grader: Cheater Pants. Should be fun. :D

zeffryn 01-15-2009 11:49 AM

I have been re-reading The ABC's of Breastfeeding and still trying to finish Knitting Two. Knitting Two just didn't grab my attention like The Friday Night Knitting Club did...it has been rather slow.

I'm looking forward to starting Pillars of the Earth in the next few days.

beachgal 01-21-2009 03:43 PM

Good for you, Zeff, on doing Pillars of the Earth. I haven't even put it on the TBR pile yet, but it sound fascinating.

I'm almost done with The Companion, which is just as awesome as the second book. I can't wait for her to write more! :drool:

Our new book club choice is The Story of Edgar Sawtelle. Even though I love books with dogs, I'm not too thrilled about this one. I find I'm becoming a horrible escapist in my book choices. :o Why does a book have to include "the extremes of what humans must endure" (from the synopsis of Edgar Sawtelle) in order to be worth reading? :shrug: Oh well...I joined book club to be forced to read things I wouldn't normally read, so... Has anyone read this book?

I'm also listening to Picoult's Change of Heart on CD. It's fascinating. A little bit Green Mile hits Picoult's Keeping Faith.

cottagebythesea 01-21-2009 06:35 PM

I was finally able to get my hands on a copy of Prospect Street at the library yesterday, and it's hard to put down. Thanks, Laurie and Jenski, for recommending it! I like the way Emilie Richards pulls you into the story and will have to search out more of her books. :)

Schmoodle 01-22-2009 08:07 AM

I was going through a box of old books and found one I hadn't read yet - A Single Pebble by John Hershey. It was pretty good. I usually really like fiction that is set in China. It's the story of a young engineer (American or British, I can't remember which) that is sent up the Yangtze River on a cargo junk to evaluate putting in a dam. Culture clash ensues...

And yet again I say, PotE is one of my all-time, all-time favorites. Hope you guys like it. It's a long book, but it goes quickly because you can't put it down.

Quiet around here - we must be busy chicks these days! I stopped by the bookmobile this week and picked up some things:
Jarhead by Anthony Swoford
13 Moons by Charles Frazier
Eat. Love, Pray by Elizabeth Gilbert

I started 13 Moons last night, no opinion yet, I've only read one chapter and it hasn't grabbed me yet, but it's too soon to judge.

rebel 01-24-2009 10:23 AM

Hi, everyone. I haven't been here for a while, several months at least, and now I'm back for the book lists but not back on SBD.

congratulations, Jessie and Zeffryn!

Jessie, I've read a number of the books on your list.
I highly recommend A Mango Shaped Space by Wendy Mass. (only mentioning this here since you read a book by her.)I loved it, my then 10 yo dd loved it, my then 13 yo ds loved it, my mother loved it. It was the first of her books that I read, and the others were a little disappointing in comparison.

Laurie, I started to use Library Thing to catalog my books. You can do 200 for free, I think, and have to pay for more. I may be wrong on that. but I only started to use it for cataloging books that I own. that was over a year ago. this is me: http://www.librarything.com/catalog/rebelsm
and then I started using another, goodreads.com, which I used for the books I actually read, most of which are from the library. I used that for, oh, a couple of weeks. but I know people who use that a lot. I just found my goodreads page http://www.goodreads.com/review/list/1185962 and it looks like I never did really use it on an ongoing basis - I only ever entered book titles on 2 dates, in May and October 2008. so, for me that's not a good method.
The Camel Bookmobile by Masha Hamilton

Very good book. This is about a New York librarian who goes to Kenya to run a camel bookmobile and bring books to illiterate nomadic villages in the bush.

Somehow I missed the words: A Novel on the front of this, and thought (initially) it was non-fiction. It was interesting to read right after having read Three Cups of Tea.

here's information about the real camel bookmobile: http://camelbookdrive.wordpress.com/

beezip87 01-26-2009 02:34 AM

so far this year i read the twilight series (AND LOVED IT! dorky of me, i know :book2: ) and the kite runner, and i just finished up "the gravedigger's daughter" yesterday and really really enjoyed it. i have to go to the bookstore and get something new so i appreciate everyone's recommendations!!

beachgal 01-26-2009 12:56 PM

Rebel, what's A Mango Shaped Space about? Sounds good! Thanks for the reviews on Library Thing and GoodReads. I'd be so frustrated to have entered a ton of books on LT and find that I couldn't enter more without paying. Yikes! :fr: My dad has a HUGE collection of books, so I got him a program that he can use to catalogue them. It even allows you to use a scanner for the barcodes, though I couldn't afford to give him the scanner.

I don't really own a lot of books, though--at least, not many that I've bought/received in the last 10 or so years. I read them too fast and have no intention of rereading again, so it makes much more sense to get them from the library. There are some I can't get there, so I buy those second-hand or list them in my wish list on PaperbackSwap (thank you again and again to whomever suggested that to us!). As soon as I'm done, I list them in PBS so I can get more. :) So listing the books I own isn't really useful to me, but I'd love to list the ones I read so I can be more aware of what I've read. I'll have to check out GoodReads!

Camel Bookmobile sounds really good, too! There was a guy on Oprah who talked about doing something like that in a country in Asia. Amazing. Bringing books to the masses is such a worthy thing. :)

Schmoodle, Single Pebble sounds good! For some reason, it makes me think of African Queen... I absolutely adored Eat, Pray, Love. It's amazing and you definitely need to savor it. I have little post-it tabbies on nearly every page and tons of highlighting. That's one book I bought because I knew I'd want to look at it again and again for inspiration. Best of all, it's funny!

Cottage, I'm so glad you like Prospect Street, too! I'm looking forward to reading more by the author. Hope they're as good!

Beezip, I think you're in good company with Twilight. Lots of adults I know loved it. I'm a huge fan of the Harry Potter books. So don't worry...we'll be dorks with you. ;) How did you like Kite Runner? The sadness and graphic imagery in Thousand Splendid Suns nearly did me in. I just don't think I can handle another of them. :(

I finished The Companion, which was really good and satisfying, too! I'm working on Withering Heights, the 12th book in the Ellie Haskell series of mysteries. They are absolutely wonderful--the characters are really fun, and the main character is very, very relatable, even if she is a little cartoonish. Cottage, I think you might really like the books. They're by Dorothy Cannell and the first one is The Thin Woman. It's divine for anyone who loves romances, mysteries, gothic romances, and has ever been overweight and wanted to be loved for who they are. :)

I'm also plodding through America, which continues to be funny. I just have trouble getting through non-fiction. Plus, this book is physically large, so it limits where I can take it to read. I'm currently bringing it to read at lunch at work, where there's a large table to lay it out upon.

Look forward to hearing more about what you all are reading! :D

Kim_Star060404 01-26-2009 04:07 PM

Beezip: If being an adult and loving Twilight makes you a dork, then count me in! I loved the whole series!

I just couldn't finish Ex-Libris, so back to booksfree it goes! We had "Christmas" with my parents and sisters this weekend and I got quite a few books. I started Multiple Blessings, the book by the Gosselins from the tv show Jon & Kate Plus 8. It's been great so far, so touching! I'm just getting to the birth of the sextuplets. It's so refreshing to read about how strongly the family has relied on their beliefs to get them through such a trying, but blessed, experience! I'm sure I'll finish it quickly as I had to force myself to put it down last night and go to sleep!

swandive81 01-26-2009 04:22 PM

Just finishing up Revolutionary Road, which I am LOVING. If any of you have seen the movie, the book is SO MUCH better... and I liked the movie a lot. The book is just so good with character development and back story, it gets you so involved in the story.

beezip87 01-26-2009 05:43 PM

beachgal - The Kite Runner is really really sad, and from what I've heard very similar to A Thousand Splendid Suns. Overall I thought Kite Runner was hopeful but I've talked to a lotttt of people that disagreed - so maybe avoid it, it's pretty depressing! haha
Kim Star - I guess I felt the most dorky when I was reading the series at the same time as my 14 year old sister! Ha, glad to hear I am in good company. I LOVE Jon + Kate and have been really curious about the book.. especially because as I was reading about it online I realized how many people HATE Jon and Kate! It's crazy how many people think the show is "child abuse".. jealousy if you ask me!

Has anyone read The Hunger Games? I think that's next up for me

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