Tuesday's Daily Chick Chat

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  • Mmmmm, my coffee's really good this morning! I'm enjoying it while listening to the wind just a'howling and carrying on outside. I'm sure glad I don't have to be out in it today. The girls are going on the fox hunt with Cindy at noon, and I hope it lets up a little by then, but it's not supposed to. And I just heard it's going to be even stronger tomorrow.
    We had a great hike in the woods yesterday, and the girls had a blast pretending we were in Terabithia. We were scrambling up and down steep hills and climbing over boulders, so I got a good workout. Their imaginations are so vivid, and it's wonderful to watch them play make-believe.
    I'm trying to get some laundry done before going in today. While the girls are at the hunt, I'm going to try to get their playroom and bedrooms organized. It's easier to do while they're not there.

    What's everyone up to today? I'm eagerly awaiting news from Zeff, too!
  • Good morning Cottage That hike sure sounds like fun Sometimes I really miss working with kids.

    So the car thing was interesting. They hooked it up and looked around and discovered I needed a fuel mixer thing and an injection wire. Seems mice were chewing on my wire! When they took it apart they called me back to tell me that the entire injection wire harness area was a mess and the mice had chewed through to the fire wall and they couldn't give me an estimate until they took it all apart. Then I went to my Dr. appt. and my BP was 142/90 but they understood. In the end we lucked out and the harness itself was okay and they didn't need the other part once they repaired all the wires. Seems the wires were causing the whole thing. this is the end because there is a chance the harness might need to be replaced and it's expensive. For now we got out of there for a reasonable amount. I'm going to put dryer sheets around the engine because apparently that keeps mice away. DP has had them in her air filter twice but they can't do as much damage there. Bet you all wished you lived out in the country! The thing that makes me mad is I had it to my former mechanic 6 times in 2 years for the beginnings of this problem and he never found anything wrong! Finding the mice earlier would have saved a lot of headaches. Now I'm just hoping this really is the end.

    Zeff - Thinking of you and the babe and can't wait for pictures

    Jen - Still keeping you and DP in my thoughts.

    Ruth -It's too quiet here in the morning! Can't wait to hear from you again.

    Lori - Missing you too! Everyone is so busy this week.

    Okay, time to get moving. Hope everyone has a good day wherever you are and whatever you are doing!
  • good morning ladies,

    I like having the time in the morning to check in here, it sure seems to help me focus. Wish I could find just a few moments to do this when I have to go to work. Maybe that could be a doable resolution for the new year.

    Cottage-I love having the kids out and watching them. We are very much city folks so my kids would have a ball out hiking around on boulders.

    Cyndi-Glad the car stuff didn't turn out so bad.

    As for me I really have put off the girls room as late as I can. I need to get in there and get it cleaned out. Tonight is my dads BD so I offered to make dinner for the folks and brothers. Chicken Fajitias, with the fixings and Apple Crisp are on the menu. I want to get the tree down before tomorrow night the boys are having friends over to do video games for the night and they could use all the room they could get. So I guess my next two days could be busy. Better get started.

    Hoping all is good with Zeff and her family.

    Everyone have a great day and a safe one.
  • Good morning Chickies,

    Cottage- sounds like you had fun yesterday, hope you get all your laundry done.

    Cyndi, wow those mice sure are trying to do some damage glad it was too expensive.

    phxsunflower- hope you get the girls rooms cleaned.

    I am assuming that Zeff has gone to go have her baby boy. How exciting, I have to read all the posts I have been missing while in Colorado. The scale was not too bad when I go on this morning only 1 lb gain so I will work on getting that off. Had a wonderful time in Colorado even though our rental van was broken into on Christmas eve and my dd1 purse was stolen. The cops did a wonderful job and collared the thiefs on Christmas day and they have recovered some of her stuff which they are mailing back home to us.

    Now have to get back on track with eating and exercising. Hope everyone has a wonderful day.
  • Morning chicks! Looks to be a nice day out there.

    Cottage your hiking adventure sounds like it was exciting!

    Cyndi hope this is the end of your car whoa's

    Phx hope you get everything done that needs be.

    Pearl glad to hear your trip was good, minus the break in of course.

    Zeff hope all is well with your newly added to family!

    Me Clean eating day yesterday, finally! One day at a time right? I'm trying to not go back to P1 but do a 1.5 version. I'll see how it goes this week and adjust if necessary.

    Work is rough right now and I am trying real hard to keep a positive attitude that atleast I still have a job in this whole mortgage mess!

    Hope you all have a great day!
  • morning...i woke up to, well cramps. so days not starting out well
  • Cottage: I'm glad your hike and day with the girls was nice. Enjoy your day off!

    Cyndi: Ugh! Sorry about the mice problem, but at least it was an easy/reasonable fix. I hope this is the end of it! Have a great day!

    Phx: Wow, you are busy! I hope the room cleaning and "de-treeing" goes well. I also hope you get some time to relax in between.

    Pearl: Congrats on only a 1 lb. gain over the holidays! I'm sure you'll have that off in no time! Sorry about DD's purse and stuff. Thank goodness for the police being able to find the thief!

    Stephanie: Stay strong! Congrats on your clean eating day! You'll keep this up, I know it!

    ETA: me4life: Good morning! I guess we were simul-posting! I hope you feel better and have a great day!

    Me: I'm actually up at a reasonable hour this morning, so maybe I can catch up on what I wanted to do yesterday. It wasn't a complete loss; I did get the kitchen tidied up and the 2009 budget done. The budget actually takes a few hours when I'm making that many alterations to it.

    Today on the agenda is "spring cleaning" the master bedroom and the bathroom. Neither one should take more than 2 hours, so I should still have plenty of time left to be lazy. I do have to run to the office to take care of time cards and make sure our checks are ready to go, but that should just take an hour or so.

    Well, off to make a plan for the day!

  • Me - I'll be leaving soon for a drive to east Texas with Don to pick up the troop's trailer. The boys come back tomorrow around 1. I don't know if I'll see Brian when I'm out there but it should be fun to see what they are doing at Winter Camp. I debated on calling in sick to work and then decided to just tell the truth. I can make up the hours easily.

    Anyone heard from Ruth? I thought she was supposed to be back about now?

    Pearl - Zeff had a c-section scheduled for 2PM yesterday so we are hoping she is doing well and that we hear something soon.

    cottage - That hike sounds like fun. I just got the email on the troop's backpacking campout next month and I really wish I could go along. I've got a day camp director's workshop I can't miss though.

    Cyndi - I've heard of mice damaging cars. I'm glad you found the problem. Maybe a cat would help?

    phx - Sounds like a busy day. Those fajitas sound good. Maybe I should fix myself some shrimp fajitas for dinner.

    pacer - I'll pray your job situation improves.

    me4life - Hope you feel better.
  • Quickie check-in from the Holiday Inn Express in Ottawa. It's full of hockey kids and parents and breakfast was very rowdy. It was a tad noisy last night - kids until 9 and then parents until midnight. Boy - are they competitive!

    Once I clean my teeth, I'll wander out to the Pypers' farm and pick up my Disney. Then HOME to Delta! I'm feeling rather battered from this trip and will be sooo glad to get home. Jazz comes home this afternoon and Life will feel right again.

    I am planning to completely ignore the scale until after the weekend because the news will not be good!
  • Ruth

    Wow yes they can be rowdy, parents and all! Hope your trip home was safe.
  • Gotta fly to an appointment, but wanted to check in and say, "Hi!"

    Hope you all are staying warm...it's windy and cooooold here!
  • Hi all! I got an email from Zeff this morning. This is what it said:
    "Well, Connor decided to show.

    Baby and mom are both healthy...sorry fopr the late update. Yesterday was a full

    I will send pictures soon!"

    I'll pass along any more info if I hear from her again.

    Busy day for me. Quickly cleaning the house. Expecting a few friends and their kids today for a playdate this afternoon. This house is a wreck!!
  • Quick check in for me Wanted to let you guys know I'm alive.

    Jenski I love your pic

    Thats great news about Zeff and her new miracle - Congratulations!!!
  • Hi chicks!
    Working today, trying to make some travel plans for next week, and tie up some other loose ends while things are quiet.
    We've got plans to celebrate New Year's Eve with some friends, so I have to finalize the menu and get by the grocery store. No idea what's for dinner tonight so I need to think about that too. All my apples in the basement are getting spotty so I will try to do a big batch of apple sauce tonight. So much for my root cellar experiment.
    The kids are home this week and I promised DD we'd get to the art supply store later today so she could spend some of her Christmas money. I'll drop some stuff at Goodwill while we're out and maybe browse for a minute. I need some work clothes, but I don't plan on staying at this weight much longer, so cheap would be good.

    Glad to know that zeff and baby are well! Thanks for the update Jenski. Loved seeing your pix by the way.
    Happy Homecoming Ruth.

    Sounds like a lot of cleaning and organizing going on. I'm itching to do some of that myself, but no time right now!
    I feel the need to quote weezle right now - "moo".
  • Jen, thanks for updating everyone. Your new av is great. Hot mama!

    Well, baby Connor is healthy and nearing one day old. He was born at 1:22 Monday afternoon. He weighed 7 lb. 7 oz. and was 19 inches long. He is too cute!

    Whomever told me that the second section was easier than the first was right! I was much more agile this time than last time (probably because I didn't labor for two days prior) and was up and walking this morning (albeit slowly). I hope to go home tomorrow but I think hospital policy is 72 hours

    My mom sent beautiful flowers this morning I don't think we have anybody on the roster for visits today - looks like it will be a quiet day.

    Anyway, pictures will be coming soon.