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luvbug412 12-17-2008 11:10 AM

Is truvia "South Beach" friendly?
Since I'm planning on starting SBD after the start of the New Year I decided to take the leap to moving towards "not-sugar" sweeteners and find one that I actually like.

Never being a fan of Splenda (the after taste to me is shocking) I found Truvia.

Does anyone know if this is SBD friendly?

beachgal 12-17-2008 11:18 AM

Sure is. Plus, it's much more "granulated" than Splenda--grainy in texture--which is helpful in some recipes.

It's a mix of stevia (an herb) and erithrytol, which is derived from grapes and pears. It's certainly more natural than Splenda, though erithrytol (which is the first/biggest ingredient in Truvia) is a sugar alcohol, which can lead to digestive upset, gas, and other unseemly side effects if consumed in large quantitites. So be careful with how much you consume or you may become best friends with your bathroom. :o Plain stevia won't give you that side effect, but sometimes it has a licorice-like aftertaste, so experiment with brands and types (powder, liquid, etc.) to see which you like.

luvbug412 12-17-2008 11:24 AM

Probably not going to go around licking the stuff out of the packets (VERY sweet), but I dumped one in my tea this morning (instead of Sugar in the Raw) and I am extremely impressed that I'm not getting that "sweetener" after-taste.

In other words - WOOT!

murphmitch 12-17-2008 09:33 PM

I tried it but didn't care for the taste of it on my cereal, but then I'm a Splenda kind a gal.

Kiko 12-18-2008 12:05 AM

LuvBug Don't wait to start until after the new year. If you start today, you will have those cravings under control and will start the new year feeling great! Then your resolutions won't feel so negative, but you will be moving into the new you!

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