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Determined to lose!
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Default WRappin Wednesday!

Good Morning. If any of you are talented at rap *(yes, I hate rap music)... feel free to type in rap today! hahahhah, ok, i just rolled out of bed no coffee yet! lol

So I have a visitor today. My son came over last night and spent the night. He thinks he may have a job at a local restaurant washing dishes. Please pray he gets it, he needs this job!

Bought the bigger bag of taste of the wild for the kids. Joe got to see how much Jade asks for her bowl to be refilled and commented to her " your getting fat Jade." I think the weight is more to do with fewer walks and being on the chicken soup though.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a great day.
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Morning everyone,

I've been watching Jake chip the ice off his car. Thankfully, by the time I have to go anywhere, all this ice should be melted.

The last of the gifts I ordered from Amazon came in yesterday, so I'm going to get them wrapped this morning (good title for today, LORI!), and I'm thinking of what to make for supper since it'll have to be something fast since we're going to Amber's Christmas program this evening.

I was happy with the winner on The Biggest Loser last night! All the finalists looked pretty amazing, though!
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Determined to lose!
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Cottage, I didn't watch the Biggest loser all season. I guess I got tired of it. The winner of the first (maybe he was season 2) has put most of it all back on!
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Come on Spring!
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Wrapping Wednesday is a great title but spare me the rap music. It seems so stupid to me, not to mention irritating. This morning I am playing Bach's Christmas Oratorio to offset the mere thought of rap!

We have lovely Christmas snow and lots more to come. I am so glad I cleared off the slush on Monday! This morning I'll clear the deck and steps for the dogs and their wee legs. The Porties never had a problem in the snow but Jazz could go right under in a drift. (By the way, he thoroughly charmed everyone at the vet's office yesterday.)

Lots of "niggles" to clear today and it'll be an "at home" day with all the snow. I should make progress if I get off my butt and at it! It is nice to say good morning to my Internet pals but I do get distracted.

Getting on with it right now! See y'all later. Fa-la-la-la-la and all that!
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After two days on the road, I am luxuriating with a cup of coffee at my desk and taking the opportunity to catch up with the chicks. I will probably have to go back tomorrow, so I have lots to get done around here today. I'm in charge of a craft at the Girl Scouts party tomorrow night, so I need to pull out my craft supplies and see if I can come up with something that doesn't require a trip to Michael's. Maybe I can get some wrapping done while the kids are at school. Tonight is basketball practice for DD and a Parks and Rec committee meeting for me. After going over my list last night I realized I need a shopping trip to get the last few things for Christmas. That's not so bad, as I have ordered everything else online. If I get by the grocery store, I want to try zeff's Greek tacos for dinner. Otherwise, who knows?

I'm so glad we got the tree up over the weekend. I'm really enjoying it since the weather has been so dreary. I plan to keep it on all day.

Poor Jen, I hope your hands are not bothering you too much. That sounded like a serious burn, ouchie!
Kim, how are the grandparents?
Loriann, you are funny before the coffee I hope your son gets good news about the job.
cottage, DS was quite sure they would delay school around here, but he was disappointed. The trees and power lines do look icy but I guess the roads are fine.
Jenne, sorry about the bad news regarding the job.

ETA: Hi Ruth!

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Working on healthy
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Good morning I'm slow starting this morning. I knew there would be snow and everything would be delayed so took my time getting up an moving

Lori - How are you doing today - feeling better?

Cottage - yup, we got your storm. Hope your roads clear before you have to go out. Enjoy Amber's program

Ruth - I'll admit the snow is kind of pretty and festive. I like it a lot more than the ice we had the other day! Good luck getting those niggles in line!

Schmoodle - Enjoy your day at home

Jen - Hope the hand is doing better and you were able to sleep last night.

Kim - Any word? I've been thinking about you.

I'm going to make breakfast and get a little done around here. Tomorrow I'm working from home in the morning and then off to the office party in the afternoon. My BFF had shoulder surgery Monday but might still want to go to the party. I promised to pick her up if she does so it's easier to be up here. I'm making a loaf of bread and maybe some lentil crunchies. Still deciding on the appetizer item to go with the bread. We always have tons of food at these things. Unfortunately there are bound to be some yummy desserts too. Ah well, if I'd done better staying on plan last month I could have some treats this month but since I gained last month I'm strictly on plan. Have to plan better next year

Stay safe and warm out there
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Schmoodle, the girls and I made some really cute ornaments from pine cones to give as presents to their teachers. We had several differents shapes and sizes, and first we gilded them in different colored glitter glues. (I found it easier to put a glop of glue on a sheet of waxed paper, and let the girls smear the glue on the pinecones with their hands, and it dries faster, too.) Then we hot glued a foam paper candy cane or snowman on the cone, glued a jingle bell on the bottom, and glued a gold or silver wired thread to the top for hanging. They look adorable and the girls had a lot of fun making them. Even Maggie can handle the hot-glue gun now.
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That's a cute idea cottage, thanks. Where did you get the pine cones?
I'm also eying a feather angel on my tree that my SIL made for me years ago. She's one of my favorites because the feathers look so nice against the tree.
I actually need to come up with a couple of things I think. I was also thinking maybe stringing Christmas bracelets, if I've got enough beads.

Enjoy the snow and your day at home
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Good morning all. Finishing my last cup of coffee before I begin my day.

Cottage, those pine cone ornaments sound really cute. Yeah, Michelle won. They all looked awesome.

Lori, best of luck to your son with the new job.

Ruth, love your sense of humor. Great start to my day, reading your posts.

Smoodle, sounds like a busy day for you.

Kim, hope your grandparents are doing better today.

Hi Cyndi.

Seems like a 24 hr bug is going around. My daughter and g.daughter were sick yesterday. Today, one of the grandsons is sick. Hope we don't get it.

Have a wonderful day.

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hiya guys! quick one here just wanted to stop in and say hi.

woke up this morning with a fever blister on my lip and it feels like it weighs 100lbs

hope everyone is doing fine and i hope to have nore time real soon

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Jeez, girls. I need to wake up earlier to beat all of you busy women!

Lori - Hope your son gets the job. Is it nice to have him back in the house, if only for a night?

Cottage - CRAP! I knew I was forgetting something last night. Who won and did they do a recap of everyone? Is there a reunion next week?
I'm still waiting for my amazon stuff... ETA: That craft idea is too cute. Too bad we don't really have pine cones around here..

Ruthie - Morning. The Christmas Oratorio is absolutely beautiful, fantastic choice! Enjoy your day.

Schmoo - morning! The greek tacos are great. I hope you get a chance to try them. I have to schedule a shopping trip as well....I'm so not looking forward to it. The malls are insane.

Cyndi - What are lentil crunchies? They sound fabulous.

Pam - Michelle won!? Awesome. I was really pulling for her to win. She looked absolutely wonderful. Her face was the most dramatic change!

DH should be home by noon today. I still have a few little things to do around here - it seems never ending! DH promised to wash the floor in the kitchen and bathroom since it is hard for me to get down that far. Maybe he'll give the lower cabinets a once over while he's down there! Laundry, mopping, cleaning DS' room, putting away the clutter!

I can't wait to get our new laptop and are able to get rid of this ancient desktop and desk. Anybody have any ideas on how to clean off a hard drive? I want to give the desktop away on freecycle because it still works and would be great for a young kid. I just want to make sure that in case that young kid is a hacker, he won't get any of our pertinent information.

Alright, off to get DS chocolate milk. It is a special treat for him and he knows that the leftover hot chocolate becomes chocolate milk in the morning He's been begging for it since he woke up!
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Hi, everyone! Sorry for no personals; woke up late, worked out late, running late!! Thanks for the concern about my grandparents!

GP is at home; he has a viral infection, but is doing much, much better. He just needs rest and soup and to finish his antibiotics.

GM is still in the hospital. Her white blood cell and blood sugar counts were too high yesterday morning for the doc to release her. They were already way down by lunch yesterday, so she'll go home this afternoon if her morning blood work is back to normal. She also had the viral infection but it was exacerbated by her diabetes.

I got to see them both (drove down to San Antonio with the parents) and they both looked pretty good. That's why I'm so late...the roads were crowded and it was pretty late when we got back.

Okay, now I'm off to my last day of instruction; exam tomorrow morning and then we're on the road back home! Wish me luck!
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Good Morning Ladies! We have ice here and all the schools are closed. Driving to work was an adventure! Most of the accidents around here have been SUV's, these people around here just don't get that 4 wheel drive means nothing when you are on ice!

I'm counting down the days til the 26th, for the first time in years one side of my family is all going to be in one spot for Christmas and we are going to Michigan for a very informal get together! My "kids" are really excited. Hope the weather holds out!

Still have to much shopping to do but that is the norm for me. Hope to knock it out in Indianapolis this weekend when I take the kids to swap with their dad. One good thing about not having Christmas with my kids until after is I can hit the day after sales for stocking stuff and their Hallmark ornaments.

Was hoping to get to personals but it has taken me forever to get to this point, work just doesn't cooperate. Hope you all have a great day!
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Good morning chicks.

No time once again (I have a meeting on the Hill this morning) but Jen, feel better! And Cottage, I agree with TBL finalists. They all did a great job!

Come the 1st, even if for only 15 days, I will be a commuter -- it's how I plan to wake up early and exercise. I have to figure it out on google pedometer just how far I will be walking each day.

Got the Ph1 lull today...ick
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I can do this!
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Mornin' everyone! We'll see what the day has to professor (who has several classes) has a big paper due today. There could be a deluge of students or next to nothing. I have plenty to do if the students don't show, though!

Did a bunch of wrapping, cookie box delivering, and packing presents for shipping last night. Also made up all the ingredients for another month's worth of food for the dog. So far all her urine tests have come back with a normal level of acidity, but the big test is if our vet does a urinalysis that shows no crystals. We'll'll probably get done while we're gone over the holidays. I'm crossing my fingers; as much work as it is, Angel loves the food and I feel SO much better knowing she's eating something healthy. I can't imagine trying to get her to eat the prescription food again!

Hope everyone has a great day! I caught the end of Biggest Loser last night while I was making her dinner. I've never watched it before, but it was really exciting to see so many people who seem to have made major life changes.
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