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Come on Spring!
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Default Monday Morning Murmurings

An awfully early good morning, Beachies! I woke at 3:10 and could not get back to sleep so I got up. The dogs are still zzzing but I'll wake them shortly because I can't do without coffee much longer! They sleep in the room just off the kitchen and are really tuned in to anything happening in their very favourite room.

Our crazy weather! After being so cold last week, it's 43F right now and we are supposed to get rain. I hope it melts away some of the ice because walking is pretty tricky. Before it rains, I plan to get the garlands and lights out of the barn. This may even be the day they get put up.

Busy week ahead. A week from today I leave for Ottawa to drop off the doggage and then check into a hotel for overnight before my Tuesday flight to Vancouver. I guess I won't be able to lose 20 pounds by then, right?

Have a coffee and a bit of a chat before you leap into your day.
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Good Morning!

Ruth- I'm glad that you think it's warming up in your area. I would still be freezing. Right now it's 64 and the high today is supposed to be 79. Not very Chirstmassy to most people, but I like the warm weather.

Loriann- SB has gone really well for me except when I have non-SB food put in front of me. It's weird, because I don't have cravings, I just don't know how to say no. I have been avoiding situations where there is a lot of food but few good choices. With the holidays I've felt the need to go to more social gatherings with food and I've had a harder time saying no.

Today is the last week of school and I can't wait to get out for Christmas!

Have a great day everyone!
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Good morning to you, Ruthie, and to all,

Did you ever venture out for your greenery, Ruth? Every time I see some winterberry and bittersweet as I drive through the woods, I think of you. I bet your DD is getting excited about your visit!

I stayed up late last night to watch the Survivor Finale, but shortly after the winner was voted, I went to bed. It was another long day, and I was pretty tired but satisfied that we got everything done. Now, I can just relax and enjoy the holiday festivities.

I'm taking my car in for an oil change as soon as the dealership opens, so I won't be around until this evening.
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Come on Spring!
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Yes, Cottage, I did get some greenery but chickened out about going to the swamp by myself. Finally I have the arrangement done for the side door and it looks pretty good although I had to use fake winterberry for that touch of red.

Murphy, where do you live? And do you have a spare bed and room for two dogs? I may run away from home if we get a lot of those way below zero days. Actually I have friends in Florida (Sanibel) and have a standing invitation to visit.

I'm feeling better after breakfast. My bloodsugar was fine when I woke up but I think it dropped as I was feeling "fuzzy" in the brain. Scrambled eggs and turkey bacon fixed that quickly.

Not sure if I like turkey bacon. It sure isn't much like real bacon. I may use up the rest of the package when I make pea soup later today. It's funny how fridge cleaning day and soup making day fall at the same time. I need to clear things out because I'll be away for a week.

Time to stop talking about it and just get on with it.
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Working on healthy
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Good morning all Bit of a late start because my computer decided to crash right after I booted up. Love it when that happens

Ruth - Crazy temps here too. It's a little frustrating because I can't get used to the cold. Now I'm really hoping it stays in the 30s through Saturday though It's Christmas Bird Count and it's so challenging getting in and out of the car for 10-12 hours when it's really cold out. That bacon might be good crumbled on sauteed greens with a sweet & sour dressing (stoneground mustard, cider vinegar, EVOO). When my fridge really needs cleaning it's usually a chili day

Cottage - congratulations for being on top of the holidays must be a nice feeling!

Murphy - Hope the week flies by for you!

Today is my last Monday night yoga class for a few weeks I won't miss the rushing around to get there but I love the class. Other than that it looks like a full week of meetings broken up with one office party. (the closed I could find to napping!)

Have a good day all!
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Just a quick hello this morning chicks. I've dropped the cat at the vet and DH, DD1, and DS have all left for work and school. I've got to walk DD2 to school, shower, attend two telecons, then I will get on the road to Quantico for another meeting this afternoon. Then back home, run by the bank, get milk at the creamery, pick,up the cat, and DH wants to go out to dinner tonight (so I don't have to cook). Then kids homework and more work for me. At least DD's dance classes are over until the New Year, and maybe traffic will be light with all the government folks using up their leave before end of year. Yep, it's gonna be one of those weeks. Hope your Mondays aren't quite as manic.
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Good Monday morning, everyone!!

Ruth: I thought you said you were putting an end to all of this waking up early stuff? I'm hoping that the ice is melting as I type. Here's to you and the doggage having a great day!

murphy: I'm curious as to where you are as well... It's supposed to be fairly warm and rainy here in central Texas. It's supposed to pour on Thursday, which is the day we have to drive 7 hours back home. Sigh. I know what you mean about saying "no". It is really hard, but you just have to do it for yourself. While some people may give you a hard time; I'm sure that most will secretly admire your strength. Keep it going! We can get through the holidays together!!

Cottage: I hope the oil change doesn't take all day, but it sounds like it will. Oh well. Once you get home, you have all that festiveness to relish! Try to have a great day!

Cyndi: Geez! I can't imagine traipsing around in that weather to count birds. You and DP really have a passion for that, don't you? That's wonderful that you can enjoy that together. Enjoy your day and your last yoga class tonight!

Schmoodle: Thankfully, my Monday isn't half as manic as yours. Oh, and yes, it's another work trip. Fortunately, it's the last one until Feb. I hope you have a great day and that traffic isn't too bad and that you have a lovely dinner out!

Me: Just finishing up breakfast and getting ready to head downstairs to start my class. I'll be grateful when it's over on Thursday because it is the last class I need for this level of my certification. Next year I should only have to take 2 classes and one exam! I'll be home so much that I won't know what to do with myself!

Got up and got a workout dvd in this morning, so I'm feeling great. I really should be going; don't want to be late and make the "teacher" mad!

Happy Monday, everyone!!!
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Morning, girls,

Early starts for you all!

Ruth - have fun putting up lights and garland...I'm hoping DH does the same today. -- I'm also not a big fan of turkey bacon. It just doesn't get crispy like regular bacon. I would much prefer to go without than use turkey bacon.

Murphydoo- Saying no will get easier with time Have a great day!

Cottage - have a great day!

Cyndi - enjoy your day, busy lady!

Schmoo - Wow, another busy lady. Aren't you glad DH is home to help with everything? Enjoy your day!

Not much going on here today. University is out for DH so he is only teaching morning classes. I talked him into skipping the gym today so we can finish up all the little projects we started over the weekend.

I baked a boatload of cookies last night - one batch wasn't great. They taste good, but they don't look that pretty. I also think the recipe was off - it said it made 3 dozen, I got 12. Oh well, I guess those will be the ones that I give to DH and DS when they beg for cookies. I have at least two more batches to make today (probably 3). I was hoping to get them all done in time to allow DH to bring a plate to the office secretary at the university - we'll see.

Have a great day, girls!
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Good Monday morning!

Dh and I had a good weekend out of town which is a good thing as it seems the next week or so are gonna be so busy and caotic.

Hope everyone has a great day
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Good morning ladies! As promised, I'm back.

Ruth - Sorry you couldn't sleep this morning, hopefully you'll be able to recoup some sleep this evening.

Murphydoodle - Have a good day. Good luck saying no!

Cottage - I don't know about you, but I was SO HAPPY with the results. Bob was so deserving of the prize. I would have been very angry if Suzie had won.

Cyndi - Sorry you have no yoga for a couple of weeks. How's DP doing since the last surgery??

Schmoodle - You have quite the day ahead of you. Hope you're able to get it all done!

Kim - Good luck on your class. Great job getting up and exercising!

Zeff - Baking cookies is on the list of things to do this week. I'm jealous that yours are done. Good job!

Gonnabe - Glad to hear you had a good time.

Me - Well, it's been a crazy couple of weeks, but I'm glad to be back here checking in on things. Had a wonderful weekend, completed 90% of my Christmas shopping, and had a great date night with hubby on Sunday. Tonight we finally put up the tree.
This morning I'm headed to work late as I have a Dr's appointment to hopefully help us figure out why we're not preggo yet. I'm hoping it goes well.
Have a wonderful Monday Ladies!!!
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Heather - hope your doctor's appointment goes well. I hope nothing is wrong!

Ps, my DS loves your dancing carrots. He counts them every time he sees a post of yours.
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Morning chickies...

RUTH: You need a nap!
LORI: Kepp strong! I know the temptations are devilish!
COTTAGE: Happy with who won? Who also won the $100k! Good luck with the car...
CYNDI: We have our work party this week too, and a ton of meetings ahead. EGADS!
SCHMOODIE: I hope you make it through!
ZEFF: Yum, cooooookies!
GONNABE: Hope you have a nice Monday!
HMAC: We Christmas shopped too and got it all day. YAY!

As for me, Day2 of Ph1 is rearing it's ugly head. No appetite andsome nausea. Oh and a headache from lack of sugar. Good times. Must get my water in today though! Excited for lunch. Mad that our "party" on Sat was a dud. But happy we went out and got all our shopping done and doner. We're going to NY this weekend (no pizza for me sadly! ) and I have a lot to do to prep for the week.

Including finding a cat sitter! I am off...
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Good morning all,

Running reports so have time to drop in and say hello while I am waiting for them to run.

Hope everyone has a great Monday.

We had ice on the roads this morning took me forever to get to work but I am here.

Trying to get everything done before we leave on Friday am.

Have a great day everyone
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Heather - There is a book called "Taking Charge of your Fertility" that has wonderful information. It certainly helped me (along with Clomid)

The weather has been really weird here in Dallas. Yesterday was a high of 79 and now it is in the 20's with a wind chill of 15 and a possibility of light freezing rain tonight. At least they open the outer doors and let the kids come in from the cold when it is below freezing so waiting for school to start isn't too bad.

Brian and I got three pieces of Robert's video equipment disconnected last night. We might start on the stereo equipment next but tonight is Scouts so it might be tomorrow. Even with the wrist brace on, the DVD/laserdisc/CD player was heavy enough to hurt my tendonitis.
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I can do this!
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I feel like I haven't done personals in months! It's so busy at work lately. Guess now that the semester's nearly over, all the students are panicking about getting better grades on their papers.

We had a busy but fun weekend, with our big holiday open house Saturday night (and all the requisite prep beforehand) and lots of stuff at church on Sunday, including the awesome semi-annual women's evening. I didn't do the best eating chocolate after our party, but otherwise have been doing pretty good. I really need a good Phase 1 and am wondering how I could fit it in after arriving at my parents' house on Saturday.

Hope you're all doing well and staying warm!

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