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Ruth - our weather here is the same. Hopefully B.C. will be nice. I too don't care for turkey bacon.
Cottage - remember you did say relaxing time is here.
Cyndi -I see your are down a lb. good for you.
Schmoodles - maybe it will quiet down after this week.
Kim - good luck in your classes. At least you can forget about the Christmas rush for a while.
Zeff - you sure have energy, still baking with the baby due so soon.
Heather - hope your appt. works out.
Jenn - nice to meet you.
Pearlrose- hope my butterfly moves someday like yours.
Barb - I had tendonitis a couple of years ago and a shot cortison really helped. Haven't had it since but I do work special elastic gloves for when I do my knitting or beading.
Beachgal - Phase 1 at mothers. It wouldn't have worked at my mom's.

Me - We woke up to a broken furnace. It was a present three years ago from the department my husband managed when he retired (natural gas research) one of the guys from that department who installs is on his way. Nice that they still remember DH. I am sitting around with a heating pad and we have our natural gas fireplace on so it isn't too bad. Thankfully it isn't that cold today.
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Finding success on beach
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Hey there! Let's just clear the air and let me start by saying, I fell off the wagon this weekend. One piece of chocolate led to another "treat" led to another illegal "snack", you get the picture. DD is home sick today. I am home with her trying to get caught up from the weekend and get a dent in the pile of laundry.
I started the morning good. Started by saying... a few days on Phase 1 is what I need. By lunch I had already dipped into the chocolate and some of the leftovers from the party this weekend! What is wrong with me? So, I divided up the rest of the chocolate into little bags, stuck them in with the teacher gifts. Threw out the leftover from the party and I am feeling guilty as heck. Lesson learned. Eating illegal things is bad enough. What I miss is the self control I had BEFORE that first taste of chocolate.
I just needed to get it out there. Thought if I was honest out loud, I could finally be honest with myself.
OK, picked myself up, brushed myself off, and from this moment forward, I am going to not try, but do what I have to, making sure I am back on track!
Thanks for listening!
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HI girlies, Just wanted to pop in to say hi, I have been sooo off lately... back on track as of this morning and with the lord willing I am staying on track! I have got to get back undercontrol with my cravings before family comes or I will never make it through the holidays without gaining 20lbs! I am up like 10 since the wedding. its soooo frustrating! but soooo MY FAULT...

OK, off to go recycle, get groceries, cook dinner, and then dig back into my book! first thing tomorrow I am hitting the gym!
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Finding success on beach
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Rikki - I feel your pain! I'm going to get back on track too! We'll encourage each other.

We took the train downtown yesterday for our annual Christmas trip to Chicago. We took the kids to an indoor winter event at Navy Pier. What a great day! It was a GIANT room full of rides and inflatables, more photo opportunities than I could ever imagine. It was a long day, the kids had so much fun. Here is a picture of my little family in front of a giant Christmas tree. My brothers went with their kids and my mom and dad went along as well. It is hard to keep tabs on 12 people, 6 of them being little kids.
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Barb - Thanks for the reference on the book. I'll have to check it out!

So the Dr.'s appointment was not exactly what I expected, however I was finally refered to to a fertillity specialist. I think things will be moving in the right direction for now. And the mid-wife who I spoke with this morning was lovely....I know I'll be going to her once we are pregnant. Now time will only tell.
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wow, the furnace is on. Yesterday we had a 2 minute power outage and that threw the computer on the furnace off. Everything has a computer in it now. So DH was shown where there is a switch to readjust the computer. I feel for those who have no power or heat right now.

Jenskihere - good attitude - brush yourself off and .....

Rikki - look how far you have come, you can do it.

Heather - glad you feel positive about your dr. appt.

I just picked up a a new book - Knit Two a sequel to the Friday Night Knitting Club, will save it for the holidays when there is nothing to do but eat leftovers and sit by the fireplace.
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sophie, thank goodness your furnace glitch was a relatively simple fix! It's amazing how fast a house can cool down, but you're fortunate it happened on a mild day.

Heather, I'm glad you were finally referred to a fertility specialist to get some expert help and advice. I'll say a special prayer that soon you'll be blessed with some good news. As for the winner, I'm so glad he won! He was the most deserving of them all. I went to be before I found out who won the $100,000 though.

Jenski, what a beautiful family you have! That's wonderful that your family has a day out together, and I'm glad that you all had such fun!

I've been on the go all day long, and it feels so good to finally be able to put on my comfy jammies and curl up on the sofa with a mug of tea and 3FC.
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Ruth and Kim- I'm in central Florida. Today they said that we will have highs in the mid 80s for the rest of the week. I know this isn't everyone's idea of perfect Christmas weather, but I love it. The weather is a big reason that I moved to FL.

Zeffryn- You amaze me with your energy! I'm sure that keeping active will help you recover much faster after the C-section.

Heather- Good luck! Dealing with infertility can be so hard. I had a hard time getting pregnant with DD. For me, it was just that God's timing was so much better than mine would have been, but that didn't make it any easier as I was going through it. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Jenn- I hope you feel better soon!

Cyndi- Will you have to get back in shape when you resume yoga after the holidays or will you be able to pick up right where you left off?

Schmoodle- I hope things calm down for you soon!

Jenski- You can do it!

Wow! Doing personals at night takes a lot more time, but I love hearing what everyone is up to. Tonight I made salmon patties and green beans. I just used egg and parmesan to bind them, and they turned out great. I wasn't sure how the family would like them, but DS and DH both went back for seconds.

Time to put the kiddos to bed-
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Finding success on beach
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Originally Posted by hmacneil6 View Post
So the Dr.'s appointment was not exactly what I expected, however I was finally refered to to a fertillity specialist. I think things will be moving in the right direction for now.
Heather - I hope you feel more at ease now that you are going to a specialist. I had a hard time conceiving with DD and my obgyn wasn't the best at giving me the extra help I needed. If nothing else, the specialist took all the guess work out, knew exactly what my body was/wasn't doing every day of the month! It made things a little less stressful!! Sending positive vibes your way!

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Working on healthy
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Seriously - what kind of yoga teacher makes fudge for the class?? The one place I thought I was safe from temptation

Kim - Yeah, we're nutty about birds DP takes the photography seriously and I just love watching them. We've both gotten into life lists recently so there is no hope for us

Heather - I'm glad your appointment went well. Here's hoping things turn out the way you want

Sophie thanks. It feels like I'm finally getting back in control.

Murphy - I have a few DVDs I really like so I try to do a couple of sessions on my own every week. There is a Wed. lunchtime class in town that I might try to get in too. I definitely work harder in a class than on my own.

everyone. I'm too tired and already sore to do a lot of personals, so am going to go lie down with a good book. See everyone in the morning
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Sophie - I put that book on my Christmas list and am 100% positive that DH bought it. I can't wait to read it. I flew through the first book. I'm going to have so many good books to read after Christmas...too bad I won't have much time to read

Heather - I hope everything works out just as planned and this specialist gives you two the answers you've been looking for. Good luck! Trying is the fun part

Jen - your family is beautiful!

Murphy - I hope to recover quickly from my section. With my last, I was bored out of my skull and took a trip to Target 3 days post partum (in retrospect, it probably wasn't the best idea but I brought DH along in case I ran into any trouble). Thankfully my mom will be here to help with my toddler this time around!


I got a lot done today - aside from the cookies. I ended up meeting MIL at Chik-Fil-A (I really don't like their food, but DS loves their play area) for lunch and we ended up chatting and going to Target. It took almost 3 hours and afterwards I had to get some grocery shopping done. I didn't get home until close to 5!

Oh well, there is always tomorrow! DH only works in the morning and afterwards will be coming home to set up the crib and rearrange the nursery furniture.

Time to take the last load of baby clothes out of the dryer....I forgot how good the Dreft smells.

Also, forgot to add - I emptied out the tank on my vacuum today. Those da*n ladybugs were STILL alive. Some escaped...I guess DS will have another job tomorrow

I had another funny encounter with intruders of the pesty variety today. Just for reference, I'm completely terrified of anything like that (bugs, geckos, etc.) and get almost paralyzed by my fear. This morning when I was opening packages of new baby clothes that had been sitting in the closet, I thought I saw a leaf on one of the shirts. I took the shirt out and shook it....out flew a gecko...on top o me. I FLEW out of the chair I was sitting in and ran into the bathroom. I composed myself a bit and decided I needed to compile some sort of armor if I was going to get rid of this thing without touching it. I put on my bathrobe, knee high boots and oven mitts on both hands (Thank God DH wasn't home - he would have been camera happy) - there wasn't an inch of skin showing below the chin. I went back into our bedroom and thought I would just throw a towel on top of it, scrunch the towel up and then toss the towel outside (it was an old towel that I was more than willing to throw away if need be) - I tossed the towel and everything seemed to be working out fine...until I tried to scrunch the towel and Mr. Gecko decided to get jumpy. He jumped onto DH's pillow (gross....and I totally didn't tell him) and just stared at me. I nixed the towel and moved to plan B. Grabbed a cup and a piece of cardboard and thought I would just trap him in the cup and release him outside. Sounded simple enough and quite humane as the towel idea had a risk of me squishing him. I worked up the nerve to trap him in the cup (it took about 5 minutes of deep breathing and talking myself up)...finally I jabbed the cup down and got him! except when I tried to put the cardboard under the cup, he kept trying to escape. I did him one better and just grabbed DH's pillow and pinned the cup down. I walked out the back door and tossed the entire lot off of the deck. DH came home about an hour later wondering why his pillow was in the yard alongside a cup

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