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Default Tuesday Twitterings

Dawn is breaking on a clear, cool morning. I'm going to run over to Cindy's early so I can watch the girls get on the school bus for the first time. Maggie will be getting home again at noon, but Audrey won't be getting home until almost 4. They're eager and ready to go back, and it will be nice to get back on a regular schedule again.
I have to really get myself back on-track again, too. I've been pretty much OP, but eating way too many grains. I bought a loaf of organic whole grain bread that is just out- of- this- world -good, and I haven't been able to leave it alone. I should know better!

So how's everyone's day looking?
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Working on healthy
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Cottage - I had the same experience on vacation. We stopped at the When Pigs Fly bakery and I discovered their freshly baked whole wheat bread. It was so good. Now it's in the freezer so I only take a slice at a time for toast.
Hope all goes well this morning! Do the girls have a full day today?

Same old here. I'm definitely indulging in some stress eating and need to get that under control. I'm also sleepy - some people love the Olympics, I love politics so late night last night.

Have a good day Chicks!
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Cyndi, good morning! Yep, the girls start off with a regular school day. I've been sleepy, too, but I think it's due to the dark mornings. Now that the Olympics are over, I'm back to my regular bedtime of 10pm.
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Determined to lose!
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Default Good Morning

Good morningall.. Perhaps I'll do personals later. Right now I'm SSOO exhausted I could cry! I did finally find a home for "Tucker". The guy cried when he seen Tucker's pic. Turns out he had a black lab he had to put down earlier this year due to cancer. He has a little Chihuahua and watching his sons golden retriever and walks the dogs every morning in the woods and near a pond. He's retired and doesn't mind that Tucker is not potty trained.

He was ecstatic to get him!

But poor Jade, she's been watching the door and out the windows, and looks so sad her "buddy" is not here! I feel so bad for her!

i'm gonna try to sleep somemore.
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Good Morning

Rainy day today. I'm planning to do some housecleaning today.

Have a great day, everyone!
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Come on Spring!
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Quickie as I have no coffee - milk is sour. :9 I may dash down to the diner for a cup and then leave for Ottawa. Hershey's appointment is 9:30 and she is not pleased to have no breakfast! She just dug up an old grotty nylon bone and is trying to guilt me into giving her kibble.

Not sure how long I'll be in town but will pop in later.
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Wow! How'd I get in so early today?

Cottage - enjoy some normalcy!

Cyndi - Ugh. Politics. Ignore it as much as I can!!

Lori - I'm sorry he didn't work out for you, but I'm glad you found a new home for him - and it sounds like a good one. The right pet will come along sometime!

Belle - housecleaning? What's that?

Ruth - no milk??!! Gosh, I've dropped the sugar from my milk would be horrid!

Me - looks like another long day. I'm hoping to get a walk in, but it might be after the kiddos go to sleep. Doctor put me on some hormone (horror-mone) pill yesterday to help me out...I'm so afraid it's going to make me eat like a pig and gain some weight back (never mind the bloating and crabbiness). It's short term, right?! I guess we'll see how it goes....

Have a good day everyone!
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Good morning everyone,

Cottage - that's sweet that you are going to watch them get on the bus.

Cyndi- My DH loves politics, I try not to watch lol

Lori - Sounds like you found the perfect fit for him and hopefully Jade will adjust soon.

Belle - hope you get all your housekeeping done today.

Ruth - Yikes, hope you have a good day

Me - today is wfh day so I am hoping to get some things accomplished and atleast it will be quiet with everyone in school. I am planning on doing some yoga at lunch need to increase my flexibility and strength for back- still giving me some problems. Other than that nothing going on really

TywnnB- Hope that you have a good day and that the hormone meds do not make you gain anything

Have a great day everyone!

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ONEderland here I come!
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cottage did you cry at the bus stop?

morning gang...
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Good morning chicks and Matt,
What a crazy morning - we definitely don't have the schedule down yet! Everything was on schedule until DS went to the bus stop and some kid told him he had already missed the bus. So I started throwing on some clothes to drive him and his other friend called and told him the bus was coming, so he ran to catch it and just made it. Then DD1 overslept and was rushing around to get out of the house, so since I was making breakfast for the kids and packing school lunches I made some for her too. DD2 is getting dressed and we need to leave in about 15 minutes, so I think we're all caught up, except I didn't get my shower yet and I am in the same boat as Ruth, no milk, so no coffee! I need to make a run to the creamery today. I also went to grab some blueberrries out of the freezer in the basement and noticed that everything is defrosting in there. Of course it is stuffed full with all the summer freezing I've been doing. Okay, I'll deal with that AFTER DD is gone and I'm showered.

I already expected this to be a crazy busy day, with piano lesson, bookmobile, leotard fitting, and Parks and Recreation Committee meeting tonight. Oh, and there's that pesky 8 hours of work in there too. Come on weekend!

cottage, tears... of joy maybe?
pearl, enjoy your quiet day.
Okay girls, stay away from the bread!
Ruth, have a good trip to the big city.

I'll try to stop in later, have a good one!
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Good morning my Beachy friends! No big news today LOL. Will start integrating phase 2, I am nervous but know it's for baby's best interest. As happy as I am, I am bummed to not continue the weight loss. However, I have to keep in mind that eating healthy and continuing my workouts puts me in a MUCH better place no matter what I weigh... I had a slice of WW toast (ezekial bread, not great honestly lol) with breakfast of eggs and turkey bacon. I will have a wrap for lunch with hummus, lettuce and a hodge podge of left over veggies, then I will head to the store for groceries. Not looking forward to it due to insane amounts of rain today!

COTTAGE - Have a fun day!

CYNDI - I cannot relate, I finally went to bed last night at a decent hour lol

LORIANN- Get some rest hun!

BELLE - when you are done, wanna come over here and clean???

RUTH - good luck today and get some coffee!

Twynn - good luck with everything!

Pearlrose - have fun with your yoga!

Schmoodle - sorry this morning was crazy for you!
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Live, Laugh, Love
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Morning everybody! BRRRR it's cold outside! I'm not ready for fall yet. It's August! Supposed to be hotter than Hades until mid-September, then feel like it does now. Makes me concerned about how long our winter is going to be, since it didn't finally warm up until mid-May....

Little Guy has a fever. Must've come down with it yesterday, and I know it shouldn't be 99.0 first thing in the morning. Joy. More illness in the house, just in time for me to be off work. Chuck-E-Cheese is a germ-factory, I'm convinced. It's a secret government operation. That's what I think.

Well, another orientation today at work. I think I've hired enough NEW new people to replace all the new people I hired and didn't work out. I am feeling a little under the weather myself, so I'm pretty sure I'm going to head home after I put in a few hours with the new guy. Woke up feeling achey and my eyes are both really filmy. That can't be a good thing.

Well, time to start getting ready. Hope you all have a great day!

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Hey Ladies
My Mom said when My sis went to school I cried b/c I wanted to go!
Ruth Get thee to a full coffee cup NOW!
Cyn I love it too doesn't matter which side it's fun!!!
Lori I'm glad Tucker has a new home!! Hopefully he'll be Tuck Everlasting there
Belle can you swing by NJ and clean mine too?
Twyn I'm right there with you with the Horrormones!
Morning Pearl and NEssa!
Schmoo You deserve a Medal for this Morning and no not a chocolate wrapped in foil. . .hopefully your day calms a bit!

Last night was Dh's Radio club so I went too I ate crap all day b/c I forgot good snacks and gave into the salt Monster (I have Anemia and really low BP) So today I'm bloated fully armed with an assortment of beachy stuff (and pretzels if the poop hits the fan)
Repeat after me "Kierie. . .Funions are Not a Vegetable" SO I'll raise my flavia double espresso to el dia de debloating!
I'll bbiab!
Autumn Stay Dry hon!!
Leezle Feel better and take care of you. . .maybe get some Airborne for the germ factory?

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Good morning beachers! another quick post here. Tonite starts bowling. Have a great one
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Shew, sounds like everyone has had a busy morning! I've been to the store twice today already, neice spent the night lastnight and I didn't have enough stuff to make lunches for both girls. Then had to go again because the dougnuts weren't ready for my weekly delivery to DH's work.

Nothing like getting down to the wire on my bonus for the month, these lenders are just killing me! Hopefully today is the day I hit 10 closings and I can breath easy the rest of the week.

Too early for visitors in the office and we have had 2 already today, ugh, time for more coffee and getting my arse in gear I guess.

Have a great one! BBL
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