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Default Wednesday "Humpday" Chat

Can you believe it's Wednesday already? It seems like I was just moaning about it being Monday! Time sure does seem to fly.
Let's see, for today I have to call and reschedule a hairdresser appointment. I was going to take the girls with me on Friday and Melinda was going to trim their hair while I was getting my done, but I just remembered Audrey has a birthday party to go to in the afternoon. I have to drop Audrey off at a playdate this afternoon, and Maggie has a little friend coming over. I took them shopping for school supplies yesterday, and we had to go to 3 different stores to get everything on their lists, and we still don't have everything they need. Cindy said she'd pick up what I couldn't find, thank goodness. We spent the rest of the afternoon back here in the pool, where Monica and the GD's joined us after their big shopping trip. So it was a pretty good day, despite being busy.
Only 6 more days until school, Yahoo!
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Good morning all! Nothing new to report here, pretty typical day coming up. I am searching menus online right now for different breakfast ideas, I am getting sick of egg beaters and real eggs to say the least. Sound off with any good ideas. HAVE A GREAT WEDNESDAY!

Cottage - Sounds like a fun day. This summer just flew by for me, school started too soon!
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Wow Cottage, sounds like a busy day!! School supplies..ugh. I remember those days with my 3 kids well...a mad house in the stores.
I've spent about 700 on school supplies myself so far this year...ouch.

Autumn, Phase 2 breakfast?? My favorite is an absolutely stuffed turkey and spinich sandwich on ezekial bread for hurry up mornings. Or leftover dinner. I've been taking leftover dinner to work every day, so that sandwich is my best friend!

Nothing new here, just school and house and such. First lesson plans are due on Friday and they all have to be put online...very different from the old days. Emergency lesson plans also due friday. I'm pooped from working on them. I put up a link to our recent puppy olympics, but it was in another thread in case you didn't see it. They were funny..well, my husband was. They all have their eyes open and are walking pretty well and starting to play.

Have a wonderful day everyone!!

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It should be called Whoosh Wednesday because time is just whooshing away for me. I feel as if I've wasted the past two days on fussing about Life and niggles and getting nothing much accomplished.

Cottage, busy days are great especially when you get lots of stuff accomplished. It sounds to me as if you need a Harvard Planner to keep your life and work organized.

Autumn Rose, think outside the box for breakfast. I often have leftover chicken or other meat with sliced tomatoes. Chili, stew or soup work fine too. When you get to Phase II, there'll be more choices, of course.

At the moment I have a handsome 6'3" ex RCMP (Mountie) sleeping upstairs - in the guestroom, of course! Cousin Peter decided the Island sleeping arrangements were too crowded and is going to stay here nights for the week. He got here around eight last night and we sat and talked family until after one. He is madly in love with Disney and Hershey remembers him well as the guy with the boat that goes to the Island, a fun place for dogs. Peter lives out in Alberta and is just visiting for the week. His mother, my Aunt Rose, is in her mid-nineties and just moved into a nursing home. Peter is driving a van full of her furniture back out west next week and wants me and the dogs to come along! Oy! Anyhow, he's a fun guy and will be amusing himself during the day at the Island or in Ottawa and just be here at night.

So today I'll finally get some plants potted up for the sale and get my baking organized. The Hyper Pypers are going to come up for a day on their boat today or tomorrow so I'll get some food organized. The local techie for the TV satellite is going to see if he can fix my problem without climbing onto the roof and my barn contractor is going to put up my missing shutters that I finally picked up yesterday.

Not sure what time Peter will get up and want breakfast so I'm going to just get on with the day until he stirs. It looks like we finally have a summer's day - about time!

Cat, the "puppy olympics" are too funny! It makes me miss the days when I had puppies around. Hersh and Lucy had litters 14 days apart which called for pretty tricky management but lots of fun.
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I'm so glad I'm through with school shopping! 700 for supplies? that's highway robbery!!!!!

OK, Not sure how to train this dog cause he doesn't seem to mind pissing in the crate! ARGH! And whats more, I'll take him out, let him go potty twice, bring him back in and he turns around a few moments later and goes!

He did calm down last night after the long walk we took! still played, but nothing like the first night! And if I geton Guiness for anything, Jade picks up on my tone of voice and starts correcting him to stop what he's doing, it's awesome!

I had the second interview yesterday, and talking with the receptionist, I asked her how many they called back for a 2nd, she put her finger to her lips to say "sshh" and said one, u. . I really hit it off with Rich, the general manager, who I'd be working very closely with as he's the manager of the production and I'd be manager of the office, and the direct contact for customers to check up on their product and what not! A different sort of postion I'm used to, as I'm used to doing A/P, A/R, Payroll and such... but I'll still be supervising these functions, and doing month and year end. I am hoping they call back with an offer. Linda was saying drug testing is mandatory, I told her they'd be hard pressed to find alcohol let alone drugs.
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Good morning chickies!

Whew. Yesterday's thread was tooooo long! I can handle it today!

Cottage - I look forward to my little girl going to birthday'll be cute!!

Autumn- are you on I or II? II, to me, is endless. Phase I - I normally had eggs, or roll ups. I learned I LOVE fresh basil in an omelette...and still have that frequently.

Cat - good gosh! Good luck with the class stuff! I'd have to put myself on a budget for that!

Me - I was feeling good yesterday, until I went on the treadmill. I think this cold is finally kicking my butt! It's a full (but short) day at work today, I think I'm going to either go shopping (whew - I need some work pants that fit!) or just rest. Tonight, my son meets his future classmate at the park. There's only 6 (!) kids in his kindergarten class...and only one boy. Hope it goes well!!

Have a great day all!

Ruth - I got tired reading your post....hope you get some down time!

Lori -Hope it works out...good luck!

We were simulposting!

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HI Ruth, simulposting! Is Peter single? hahahah have fun! sounds like pups want to go to the island too!

Twynn, your poor son? um, not! I have a pic of my son on a HUGE tire swing with a HUGE smile on his face, with 5 very pretty young ladies when he was in preschool! To this day he brags to his friends!
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I'm sorry I don't have time for personals today. From this morning on through the end of the weekend, I am going to be unusually busy with errands, appointments etc., so I may not be posting very much. I'll try and grab some time here and there to keep up with everyone. Most days it's very quiet around here, but "things to do" have all piled into the next 5 days, for some reason.

I hope everyone has a productive, yet peace-filled next few days and I'll see you soon!
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Good Morning Chicks.... it is fallish feeling here this morning, although it is going to be a hot one later this morning. A quiet day kid wise so I am going to take advantage of it and get my girls to do some supervising so I can get some house stuff done.

Cottage- Glad you enjoyed your shopping day we are off to get school supplies this week end. But the girls only need binders, loose leaf, pens, pencils and white out. And of course clothes, although they saved their own money this summer and will be spending that. Enjoy your day.

AutumnRose- Good Morning and have a great day. As for the breakfast thing, I tend to eat alot of supper left overs.

Femme- those puppies are so cute. I am glad I don't live close by or I would be wanting one. And your hubbys voice in the back ground was too funny. Enjoy your day.

Ruth- handsome men sleeping in your bed, you lucky girl. enjoy your day with your family and friends. Wow I don't think I know anyone as busy as you.

Loriann- Have a great day and I will keep my fingers crossed for you. Hope the job comes through.

TwynnB and Belle Mer hope you have a great OP day.

Me- Made it through day one yesterday and had a great OP breakfast this morning. Although I am doing a ph 1.5 I just can't give up my fruit. So far I am feeling pretty good, I did have a bit of a slump yesterday my body is so full of bad stuff that after a good eating day I think it is celebrating. Other than that not much going on in my world. Just enjoying the quiet a week and a half and we will be back on school schedual lot of fun. Well must go, enjoy your day chicks.

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WOW it's WEDNESDAY already. TGIW! half the week down. We will do minimal school shopping on Friday with GC in high school it's paper binder and pens.... no biggie and she's got more clothes than I do. alleging no need for new bras or undies. bless this child. she does need cleats and shin guards. UGH.

Girls (and Matt) I think I need to shake up my world. I think i need to try calorie counting vs SBD for a bit... not giving up my eating healthy principles... just needing a change...

so while i feel like i'm cheating on you... i have to go check out that forum TOO...

so if you see me over there... do not think i'm leaving i'm just BRANCHING OUT!
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Good morning! Don't think I am going to have time for personals today. The boss is one of those types who doesn't speak before 10 am and for some reason will not shut up this morning. All I hear is blah, blah, blah. Please tell me this is not how my entire day is going to be.

So the weight gain is water and now I am trying to figure out why. I had my feet up in the chair and DD said "mom look at your feet, their fat!" Sure enough my pretty feet had turned all puffy. I have not had any majorly salty foods, pretty sure I have not licked a salt block lately, drinking my water like I should, who knows! I won't be 40 until December and I am already falling apart.

Cottage hope you have a calm day.

Autumn not knowing which phase you are on I might not be much help, but I have a healthy french toast many mornings, still get my egg in which helps keep my full along with some peanut butter, and SF syrup.

Cat sounds like my old nursing days of writing care plans, gosh I don't miss that.

Ruth good grief you make me tired!

Loriann good luck on the job!

Twynn hope you get to feeling better soon.

Belle hope you get everything done you need to.

LC may day 2 be just as good as day 1.

Nessa I know you will figure out what is the plan for you!

Well hot dog I did get personals done (he is watching basketball for now).

Have a great day beachers!

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ONEderland here I come!
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40 is that magic age...

i retain water more than i don't. ugh. hate it.

have a great day stephanie.
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Good morning super busy morning no time for personal just a

Have a great day
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Getting DS ready to go pick up some bagels and coffee for breakfast. DH is still sleeping.....he will be happy about the surprise.

Supposed to be meeting my aunt at 1...but I'm trying to find a way out of it. The entire family needs some rest today. We're supposed to be going over for my dad's birthday tonight anyway.

I'm tired......really tired. I can't wait to get back into my schedule and sleep in my own bed. It's amazing how terribly a 2 year old sleeps when they aren't in their own bed. He's been crawling into bed with us most nights.....too cramped.

Pacer- if you spend a lot of time in a seated position, that might be the reason why you're getting puffy. Is it possible to prop your feet without looking like a slacker at work?

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Hello everyone! Super quick post for me. Just got in to work and have a staff meeting in 10 minutes. Have to go clean the conference room as another dept. in our office left it a BIG mess. Sigh.

It'll be a long meeting, but I hope to be back later for personals! Thank goodness I had a healthy SB breakfast!
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