Which did you find harder?

  • For those of you who have reached your goals... What did you find harder to lose? The first 20 lbs, the last ten? How did you get past any plateaus?

    I know I tried for years to reach 176, as I've mentioned everytime I hit 178 I'd gain it all back and then some! I'm wondering if that will be my hard stuff to lose and find it easier to lose more, or if it is going to get harder????

    I'm not giving up. Maintained 177 this morning and that was with only 30 min walking and adding in an apple yesterdays menu.

    Unfortunately I haven't been hungry and not really eating a dinner, so I'm scared that some of the weight will come back when I start eating again.
  • Loriann, I have not reached my goals, but I feel I can speak to this. Having 100 lbs. to lose total, the first third was really easy. I didn't have to worry too much about exercise, just stick to the plan, and it really just fell off, about 10 lbs/mo.
    Then it slowed.
    I really feel like this last third is my true challenge. At this point I don't think I can manage more than 2 - 5 lbs/mo. The 5 is sticking very close to plan and exercising regularly. It is harder because it is going to take longer, I have to worry more about portion sizes, and less treats, and I really have to exercise. It's okay though, I'm in it for as long as it takes.
  • the last part is harder b/c its a higher % of your body weight and a smaller #
  • Hopefully your in it longer than what it takes! You'll have to maintain once it's all off!!!!

    CONGRATS in the 65 lbs!! Thats awesome!
  • the first 30 were easy the second 30 stressful on and off..now every half a pound is a struggle and i still have 40 to go.

    i got to 241 and i was there so long i figured it was my new permanent weight....

    hung around 230 a long time too

    now 215 is my new permanent weight...

    one day that will be history too..,

    what else do i have to do but eat well.. move and slowly lose it. i've got nowhere to be... so i just keep going.
  • Unfortunately, early weightloss is much easier.

    I think that there's a difference, though, it what's harder because your body doesn't want to give it up and what's harder because you don't want to let it go. Speaking from personal experience, that is! I hit ONEderland and was so excited...but I found that I bounced from 199 to 205 for a year and a half...as soon as I saw that 1, I'd freak out somehow and binge...and be back up a pound or two the next day. I wish I'd dealt with the psychological part of that more. Eventually, I gained more--and now I'm trying to lose that.

    I have heard from the maintainers, though, that it's very hard to lose the very last bit. But if you lose it slowly, by the time you get there, you're ready for it to happen and very ready to wait as long as you have to wait.
  • loriann, I totally think the last ten is the hardest. I am on my last 15. I have had to up my exercise and lower my calories. I am on WW and the first 30 was pretty easy. I never really felt hungry. Now that I have had to lower my points, I am feeling pretty hungry. My trick is in the way I split my food up during the day. I have been having a low points Kashi cereal breakfast with strawberries and Skim milk. I usually have a big old iced coffee, no sweetener, at lunch. This usually lasts me until 4:30. That's when I need to eat because I have softball; so I have an energy bar because I am usually on the road. At about 8:00, when I get home, I have a big salad and a sandwich loaded with vegis. Since night is my weak point, this helps big time. I have managed to jump start my weight loss again. I also usually have a banana and cherries sprinkled in there. This is how I get through on game days.
  • Mama, no wonder your hungry at night, your not eating!!!!!
  • Did I mention I don't wake up until 11:00 a.m. because of our screwed up schedules? My baby is on my schedule because I am home with him all day. Believe it or not, I am even going over on my WW points most days, which, they are supposed to be 20 to 22. I give myself slack because I am pretty active. I usually treat myself to a delite pizza once every couple weeks.