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Default How much did you lose in Phase 1?

Hello there!

I started SB nearly 2 weeks ago (on Monday) and have only lost about 5 pounds. I've read about people losing 10+ pounds in the 2 weeks. I was just tested for hypothyroidism before starting this WOE as recommended by my doctor.

Is this an abnormally little loss for the 2 weeks?

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I wouldn't say so, because from what the ladies here say, it varies. I only lost 4 lbs in Phase 1. I think 5 lbs is great.
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you lost 10% of what you want to lose... seems about right

most folks will lose more if they are morbidly obese or ate really really badly

phase 1 is about losing water and busting cravings...

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I lost 6 pounds on P1, which is fine with me.
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Andrea, I think you did very well in Phase 1. Weight loss varies greatly for each individual and is based on many different things about your body. Phase 1 is mainly for ridding yourself of toxins and cravings. Phase 2 is where the real weigh loss begins, but also keep in mind that it is a slower process, too.
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I lost 8.5 lbs in phase 1 .....the first phase isn't about weight loss is about stopping your cravings, so if you lost some weight then that is great but not the main purpose...but 5lbs is great....good luck in phase 2 .....
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I lost somewhere between 5 and 8 pounds. I got really sick (food poisoning) on day 13, so the scale said 8 pounds total, but that is a little misleading.

Right in line with the 10% of my goal.

I was a little discouraged at first, but the fact is that I didn't eat horrible before, and already drank a lot of water, so there wasn't as much water weight to lose. But, I busted the cravings (except for pizza!), so it was good.
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I think 5 lbs is great for phase I. Slow and steady...
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