South Beach Diet Fat Chicks on the Beach!

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Determined to lose!
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Default This research just in!

Today's yahoo news, they had this article. I personally know that it works for me, but myproblem, which is key, is getting more than one week into the diary thing!!!!!!!!!
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this story was also ran on good morning america today.
its the only way for me to diet !!
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I have been doing that for many years (out of habit and even when i am not following an eating plan)......and I find when I don't lose weight I can look back and see my week at a glance and see where my mistakes were etc......
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I saw the Yahoo article as well, and was thinking "yup, yup, yup!" Every time I'm keeping track HONESTLY about what I'm eating, I do much better than if I just do "whatever."

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I've tried (repeatedly) to lose weight without keeping track or counting calories, but that just leads to slower weight gain. Counting and logging = weight loss for me.
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Maybe that is why my weight is stalling I have stopped doing a diary, I'm starting again today
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Hmmm, looks to me like some writer has been lurking around 3FC
Seems to me that's one of the first things veteran 3FC members tell the new members looking for advice.
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I guess I kinda do this. Sometimes I wing it, and for a while I tracked online (Fitday), but since I've been losing very slowly lately, I decided to go to a simplified tracking system. I made a chart to track things that need to be limited (fats, nuts, etc.), and things I need to make sure I get enough of (veggies, water...), so I can check off throughout the day.
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I seriously dont know what I would do without calorie king. Being able to have calories and fat for everything at my finger tips and being able to track everything I eat. The days I dont track or plan out what I am eating, I go way over. it truly keep you accountable.
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ONEderland here I come!
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i write my food and exercise down every day!
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When I saw the headline "A study finds dieters who did this one thing lost twice as much weight as those who didn't" I was really hoping that it was something that I didn't do. But nope.....keeping a food diary for me is essential when I'm really focused on getting the pounds off.
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