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Default Overwhelmed and I haven't even started!

Hello ladies,

I am planning on starting tomorrow. I was looking around trying to get recipes that I can use and prepare a shopping list. I only have 3 that sound like my family would enjoy too. Also, it seems like a lot of these old recipes from 04 and 05 call for Carb conscious ingredients. I recall the low carb craze from a few years back, but don't see many of those items on the shelves anymore. I haven't even started and I already want to quit. I know this isn't the way to go and I just need to go to bed and prepare myself even more.

Did any of you have a hard time starting and cooking for yourselves as well as your families? Or did you just cook something else for them? Also, what about those Carb conscious items like ketchup and stuff?

I guess I already need a kick in the rear...

Thanks in advance.

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Welcome Crystal!

My two favorite sources for recipes are right here and Kalyn's Kitchen. Both use primarily typical ingredients, not specialty items. What kinds of items are turning up in your recipes?
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Hi, Crystal. This diet can feel overwhelming until you get the hang of it. I'm glad you're checking out recipes, it helps enormously to know exactly what you'll be having for dinner, etc.
Keep in mind that this is not a low-carb diet. Some low-carb products can be used as long as they meet the guidelines for each phase. The important thing to look for when buying anything is to check the ingredients label. Most any ketchup, salad dressing, mayonnaise and sauce can be used as long as it has less than 3 grams of sugar.
When I cook, my family eats the same as me, except that I'll usually make a starch for the rest of them.
I hope this helps, and good luck!
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Hi and welcome.

yes at first this plan is NOT intuitive... but given time it will be.

I'd like to know what ingredients you are finding that seem 'carb conscious'

our first meals were things like chili with beans, grilled meats, grilled chicken
lots of veggies and salads (and of course for the girl child we did not stop her starchy veggies or grains such as sweet potato or quinoa or brown rice)
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I just started the other day, but I cook a little separate for me. I made chicken alfredo for the family, I just took out some chicken for me and cooked it separately- I took double helping of veggies and stayed clear from the garlic bread. I make enough for me to last a couple of meals so I don't have to cook at each meal.
What recipes were you looking at?
You can do it!! It just takes a little trial and error-don't give up!
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It may be a bit overwhelming at first, but YOU CAN DO IT! you can start simple at first with simply cooked meats and veggies, salads. There are so many products out there now that are sugar free, too. you will get used to scanning the ingredients on the back and sugar content. It becomes almost like second nature before too long! hang in there!
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I have found (at least during phase 1) it's easiest to keep it simple. I'm not big into "recipes" in the summer anyway.
I am cooking for six everyday (I have 4 sons) so I don't want to be doing overly complicated meals.
We all like fish, grilled chicken sausage, pork tenderloins, chicken breasts etc. Sometimes I will cook these things in advance and make them into a large salad (the others have bread, too) or I'll serve with plenty of south beach approved veggies (and baked potatoes for the guys).
Really, I think the key for me, so far, has been to keep it simple and nutritious.
You can do this! Good luck.
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Hi booksncoffee, I am just finishing phase 1 and once you get into it isn't so bad....I bought sugar free pancake syrup, sugar free ketchup etc and got ALOT of recipes from here such as the warm brownie that got me through many sweet attacks, I hate yogurt and hate plain yogurt even more but on this site they advised putting some sugar free jello crystals in the plain and it tastes great (I won't go back to flavored).....basically i had some kind of egg, turkey bacon or canadain bacon and some veggie for breadfast.....for lunch was a big salad with lettuce and spinach, cheese grated on top with shrimp or chicken etc and dressing, sometimes some cottage cheese, hummus etc.......and dinner could be stir fry, cut up chicken peice with pesto, meatballs with a coconut curry sauce and veggies.....really there is no reason to cook separate meals for the family because once you start looking for those recipes that are SB friendly it can be really tasty....you really should try making the taco bake that is so popular here and it freezes well. and phase 1 only lasts 2 weeks and then you start incoporating bread, rice and pasta back.......what i would recommend it at the top of the page there are links to phase 1 breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert recipes...take a look through there and mabey you will get some inspiration....good luck and don't get discouraged, if i can do it trust me anyone can ......
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My other suggestion would be to look through the "What's for Dinner" threads. Often times I find a lot of inspiration from what others are fixing. Good luck on your journey! And be sure to post when you need some support!
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Don't despair - I finished Phase 1 about 3 weeks ago and YOU CAN DO IT! While my family is supportive, they do, at times, want some of their personal favorites that I simply can't eat (and I might add, at this time, don't have any inclination to do so....) - (carbonara, fried chicken....) On those occasional days, I just take some of the fresh veggies and some of the sliced turkey breast that I always have in the fridge and make a nice big chopped salad for my dinner (last night I had chopped bell pepper, cucumber, turkey, arugala, tomatoes, scallion, pumpkin seeds and cilantro with a little olive oil/balsamic dressing - it was great and only takes about 7-8 minutes to pull together while the "other dinner" is cooking). But most of the time, everyone will be happy with chili, taco bake, etc. - just add a starch for them (rice, tortillas, pasta) that you don't eat... Keep it simple, in the summer time, you are lucky because you can throw some meat, chicken or fish on the grill and make a big salad and everyone should enjoy! The more you do it - the easier it gets!
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Wow...thank you all sooooo much! I am not going to quit. My husband actually helped me pull through this and start today (Saturday). It is now past midnight and actually Sunday and I can say we are down 1 and 13 more to go...lol. I went to Sam's Club today and bought some chicken breasts, extra lean ground beef, " " ground turkey, broccoli, celery, low fat cottage cheese, and some other SBD friendly items. I am glad I didn't just give up.

As far as the recipes I was looking at...I will go back and look for them. I guess I should have done that before I posted this huh? I noticed that they were from 2004 and 2005. I went way back in the recipe files...lol.

Anyway, I appreciate all your responses and suggestions. I feel much better about this now. I can just cook something for all of us and make my own special meal by modifying it slightly. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I'm looking forward to posting successful progress soon!
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Crystal, YOU CAN DO THIS. Please don't think about quitting before you even start. I think SB is the most sensible eating plan out there and it seems like it has helped people overcome alot of their food cravings.
As far as meals, if you don't have time today, just grill some chicken and serve with a salad for lunch and then you can do a turkey chili for dinner (just trying to come up with something from what you bought at sams' today).

Good luck to you. Try to post here every day as I think it will keep you accountable and if you do slip up, get back on the program.
I already cheated today after only a few days on Phase I but I picked myself back up and stayed on the plan the rest of the day. I am just going to restart with another 2 weeks of phase 1 tomorrow and try to focus on my end goal.
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thunder, thanks for the motivation and ideas. it is sometimes good to hear that you are not the only one struggling and everyone has bad days. makes me feel more human...

you guys rock...
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