SBD Product question

  • Has anybody tried the South Beach Diet Tide Me Over drink mixes? I'm intrigued because with only 30 calories they deliver 3 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber. I just wanted to see if anyone tried them and if they 1) really did tide you over (my worst time of the day is from 4-6 PM) and 2) do they taste good? Let me know! thanks!!!
  • Yes, I have tried them. I probably won't buy them often, because I'm cheap like that, but the one I tried was really tasty and I did think it helped "tide me over" for a while. I think I'll get them to take on trips with me because when traveling you can't always eat regularly. And maybe keep on in my purse for emergencies.

    PS, the one I tried was tropical breeze
  • Thank you! I appreciate your input. I'm thinking that if I were to drink one of these prior to leaving the office (or as soon as I got home) I'd be less likely to open the pantry for a grazing session while contemplating what to fix for dinner! Water alone just doesn't cut it when my tummy is rumbly for food!!! I'll have to see if my local grocery store carries them.
  • 4-6 is a long time... when did you have your last meal or snack and what was it?

    see i eat between 4-6 or drink calorie free stuff.

    I hate padding krafts pockets because Dr. A sold out.
  • Nessa~I usually have a snack around 3 PM. It's not always hunger that drives me--it's boredom. Sometimes a glass of wine will satiate my boredom during that time, but I'd rather cut those calories for a while.
  • The tropical breeze ones are delicious! They're a little pricey, so I try to limit myself to 1 or 2 per week. The only things I drink other than that are 2 cups of coffee a day and water, water, water, so I figure a 30 cal splurge won't hurt me.
  • I love the tropical breeze ones also. I have been adding a teaspoon of my sugar-free orange flavored fiber supplement to it too, so I'm getting like 6 grams of fiber instead of 3. I do feel full after drinking it.
  • I like the Tropical Breeze ones Allison. I've actually been drinking the pretty regularly lately along with the Special K Iced tea (same protein and fiber). I was off of artificial sweeteners entirely for about 2 months, but lately I've been refocused on losing, and I HAD to lower my calories to lose. So, in an attempt to tide my hunger a bit, I guess I've reverted to artificial sweeteners again. Drat.
  • Thanks, Claire! I'll be buying these this weekend. I hope it helps. I really need the help!!!