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Default Monday Cluckings

Here we are on the last day of March, and thankfully it's going out like a lamb, albet a wet lamb! I'm starting the day with my Curves workout, then doing a bit of laundry and cleaning the house before picking up Maggie. This is her only day of school for the next 2 weeks, tomorrow is her tonsilectomy. She's a pretty resilient kid, so hopefully she'll bounce right back.

What's on everyone's agenda for the day?
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Determined to lose!
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Hi Linda, hope all goes well with her surgery! Scarey, even if it's an everyday one!

Sorry to not have popped in last week, it was perhaps one of the longest (so it seemed to me) weeks i've had in a long time. This morning I'm not feeling so well, want to call into work but I have a meeting at 9. Just as well cause we are out of food, so my son says. hhmmm, funny, fridge, freezer and pantry all stock full!

I'm going to start back on p1. Truth be told I jumped back in supposedly on p2 but i never really stuck to the program. I want to relearn the program to the fullest and work it for benefits. I have drawn up a menu acceptable to my son, so hopefully that will help. Hard when the only two people in the house both like different things! ARGH

Anyway, I painted the bathroom last week and ready to repaint it next weekend. I dunno, a second coat but I am thinking different color! This one is too cold. I guess it's alright, it's a white base, bluish green (seems more blue to me).
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morning ladies!

march is indeed going out like a lamb..we've got balmy temperatures and sunshine (finally!!!) and boo tazer (wee kitten of the ferocious type) has discovered squirrels and neighbor's bunny.

sorry i wasn't able to check in over the weekend...just a sickie on the couch.
the pain has lessened considerably, though which is a blessing but i can't seem to get my brain to function properly while on these durned antibiotics.

so i've come up with lots of quiet work and group activities for my lessons today as i am just not up to par yet.

cottage: good luck for maggie's tonsilectomy..remind her of all that yummy recovery ice-cream she can have

i hope all of you that follow have a great start to your week! hope to check in again later
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Default Well, it's been awhile

Good morning! It's been several months since I've been around. Just popped in to say hi!

Cold here still, hoping to see the 40's this week, it's been an unbelievable winter with more snow that we've seen for years. I still have huge drifts in the yard.

Just finished week one on phase one and looking forward to week two.

jandaman, get feeling better, you too lorann.
cottage, hug your maggie for us all.

Well, off to tackle the day!
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Glad to have you back, Loriann, we missed you last week! So, is all your redecorating finished? You'll have to post some pics for us! We're making plans now to remodel our bathroom, and have been looking at bathroom fixtures, etc. Thank goodness Jake can do most of the work himself, except for the plumbing. That will save us a bundle!

Janda, I hope you're feeling better soon. It sometimes takes those antibiotics a few days to kick in, maybe today will be the day! Maggie is looking forward to her chocolate milkshakes this week, but also the doctors recommend eating chewy foods to prevent a scab from forming on the incision. So we hope it's not too hard to get her to eat toast, crackers, etc.
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RNMOM!!!!!! Welcome back, it's great to see you!!!!
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Come on Spring!
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I am so glad to see the back end of Monster March! I've never known a March like this one. We are still loaded with snow - the only place that's clear is the lane. The walk is still covered and so is the deck except for Hershey's path! The pile in front of the barn and on the front bed will be there for weeks. Adding more flowers to my avatar didn't do a darn thing.

RNMOM, it's good to see you back again. I think I can out do you on drifts!

Jandaman, sorry you had the sickies, They should be illegal on the weekends!

Cottage, I do hope Miss Maggie makes a fast recovery. She's off school for two weeks? Well, Cindy should know best, I guess.

Loriann, don't you love it when they open the fridge door and stand there saying "We have nothing to eat!"!!!! My son, at 45, still opens mine and looks in. I hope you feel better once you get into your day.

The elusive Donna is scheduled to come to clean this morning. We are moving stuff out of the sewingroom to really do a number. I am tempted to paint while it's cleared out but am trying to dissuade myself as I'm still pretty weak and have company coming next Sunday.

The week is filling up as I resume ADL (activities of daily living per my PT!) but I am going to try to keep some quiet spaces every day. Hershey and I will resume the pet therapy visits at the nursing home this week. She really misses seeing her folks!

Time for another coffee and some breakfast. Merry Monday!

Here's a pic of my front snowpile. Way under there is my peony tree! The other pile is in front of my barn door. It was as high as the loft door!
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Working on healthy
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Good morning Chicks!

Not sure about the lamb here. We are supposed to have freezing rain this morning, but it's not here yet. I hope it either arrives before I have to leave or waits until I'm at work.

Cottage - Poor Maggie I bet by the second week she will be getting antsy and wanting fun things to do though! Hope she has an easy time with it.

Loriann! It's good to see you I hope you aren't getting any of the flu bugs floating around. Seems like everyone I know has been sick this year. I agree with Cottage - we need pictures!

jandaman - hope you have a better day today!

RNMom- Don't remember if I met you before but it's nice to meet you (maybe again!)

Ruth - Wow, that is -a lot- of snow! We had more Friday but that all melted over the weekend. Now we just have all those deep spots in the woods and from the plow. It's actually supposed to be almost 60 tomorrow so that should take care of more of it. Glad to hear you're almost back to your regular routine. Good luck with the sewing room.

Me - It's just another week here. I'm taking all the Fridays in April off. I was reminded that I need to use 17 days before July 1st or I will lose them. I don't make enough to want to donate time back to the agency! Seems like every year I end up taking a lot of long weekends to use up days. It is pretty nice to work shorter weeks in nice weather though. I'll use the rest to go to Maine in May and to get my gardens in.

Have a good day!
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ONEderland here I come!
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Good Morning Sunshines.... yesterday was a fully p1 food day. scale is down 2 pounds and i'm about 2 pounds up from my lightest... doing good as far as I'm concerned.

CyndiM oh i would love 3 day w eekends. I might be inclined to take Mondays... I wish i had use or lose, i've used all my leave and i might lose my job....

Ruthxxx stop making me feel so guilty with all your pictures of snow. we have buds on our trees already.... hope Donna shows up today....

RNMOM hello

jandaman sorry you were sick all weekend.. glad the 'biotics are working...

Loriann7 good luck with P1. I've been spending a lot of time on and off there... a few days or even one day (like yesterday) really did seem to help me...

cottagebythesea hope curves was good for you and here's some good vibes for Maggie.. may everything go smoothly and easily!

as for me, I'm at work today... planing on working an hour over to earn some leave, i've used most of it up with Bri being so sick this winter... men are just big huge babies... yesterday i ate lunch and dinner no snacks (i'm working on learning about my hunger) and was only hungry right before lunch. my food was spot on phase 1 so i'm pleased... today is a 1.5 day.. maybe even a full phase 2 depending on what i do about dinner... we have an abundance of sweet potatoes right now...

oh well off to do my other stuff... everyone have a great day!
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Buzzing in quickly! Good Morning to time for personals..

My internet connection went down on friday afternoon and we finally had to get a tech out to replace a cable...That put me VERY far behind in work and I'm still trying to play catch up along with everything that has come in since yesterday...auggghhh!
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Barb, I'm with Kara - Robert sounds like a vengeful moron. Someday you'll be rid of him for most of the time, and maybe you will be blessed with a new relationship that more than makes up for his foolishness.

Schmoodle - When we go to the chinese buffet, I actually eat the sushi anyway. It's the only thing they have there that doesn't make me sick, and it doesn't send me into cravings so I just deal with it.

Kara - you are on different time zones again? I thought Tom was in FL and you're in NJ? For the distance, it might as WELL be different time zones, though. You're better than me for feeling bad about complaining - I'm not very good at thinking "Oh, I should be living this experience and finding the meaning even though it STINKS!" I just focus on how to get myself out of it (or ignore it completely). Maybe that's why you're on your path to goal weight and I'm still struggling.. ?

Cottage - I had my tonsils out when I was TWELVE!! I was like the old fogey on the tonsil ward. I remember it hurting, but no worse than tonsillitis, and I didn't feel crappy all over like when I was sick, so it wasn't SO bad. I bet you've stocked up on all kinds of soft goodies, but my favorite was that my mom bought me a whole tub of just lime sherbet. I love lime!

Where is Tawnya? Didn't she say she was improving? Hope so.

Nice to meet you RNMOM!

Ruth - we got RAIN RAIN RAIN overnight, so a lot of the white stuff is disappearing finally. Supposed to get to 50 today (but damp and rainy ) and thunderstorms tonight.

Cyndi - that's great about the long weekends. I think I'd have to take off Mondays, though. LOL!

Nessa - great on sticking to P1!!! I haven't managed that yet again. I keep TRYING but keep failling. This morning I failed because I hate eggs and didn't realize it's been a while since I bought that ricotta. It was not edible, so I had to have bran buds. They'll bother my stomach, but it was the best food I could find.

Cat - how do you solicit your clients? Word of mouth, advertising, do you consult through a service? I used to do just word of mouth and did pretty well, but you seem busier than I was. Maybe you're just better.

Well, I have a ton of things to do today, so I hope to get my housework done before I have to run out. I'd love to get my haircut today, but not sure if there's time or if he has a spot for me at a convenient time.

I need to find some way to exercise. Maybe I'll just clean my house REALLY speedy! LOL!
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Live, Laugh, Love
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Hi girls! Just popping in real quick to say good morning! Ah, the start of another work week. Sigh. I'm just tired. Someone kick me in the butt to get me jump-started!

Hi RNMOM! Long time no see!

Gotta get in the shower and get moving. Hope all of you have a great day! I'll try to hop back on later this evening!

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It's a wet/rainy morning here and suppose to be like that much of the day. I got through my busy weekend and the weather for the walk on Saturday was perfect.

RN glad your back

Cottage heres a for Maggie

Wow Ruth look at all that snow - you poor thing.

Of course today is work and after work I am hoping to do a nice walk outside if the weather clears up and then we will go to the mall. The rest of the week looks to be a busy one to so we shall see.
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Trying it again....
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fluffy-I'm right here. Yeah, I am fully recovered now. I know my stomach has gotten smaller due to smaller appetite while sick. For some reason, I'm feeling nauseous today. I think it's because the puppies kennel stinks and needs to be cleaned.
I had a pretty good weekend. We didn't really do anything but be lazy. My baby is rolling all over the place now and wants to go places by rolling around. He rolls into a wall and gets frustrated cause he can't go anywhere.
This is a short message to day. Gotta get some stuff done, like clean the kennel. It's making me too sick. Hope everyone has a beautiful day.
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I can do this!
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Mornin' all!

Cottage, best of luck to dear Maggie with her surgery. Are you stocking up on ice cream?

Loriann, I love blue and green for paint colors, but I hear you on it being "cold" sometimes. Perhaps you can ask the paint mixer at the store if they can "warm" it up a bit? Good for you on relearning the plan--I need a refresher every now and then, too.

Janda, I envy you! It's raining instead of snowing here, but it's still in the 30s and the rain is fierce--so there's no "lamb" here. Hope Boo doesn't scare the poor bunny! Hope you feel much better very soon!

RNMOM!!!!!!! Oh, how I've missed you, hon! Check out the sticky up above with the search for SBD success stories--I certainly consider you one!

Ruth, I saw some actual snow drops yesterday on our walk and thought of your avatar! I can't believe all that snow...WOW!!! Guess 2008 will be one of those "down-in-history" years, either from the extremely early Easter (our RCIA director told us yesterday that it won't be that early again for over 200 years!!!) or from the crazy amount of snow we all got!

Oooh, Cyndi, I love Maine--enjoy your trip there in May! Hope the short weeks are lots of fun!

Nessa, I'm so happy for you! You are doing GREAT!!! You should change your weights under your avatar, girlie! Hope you can get some leave--it's awful to have used your vacation time for dealing with sickness--that's NO vacation!

Ack, Cat, that's awful! Hope you can catch up without giving up caring for your health!

Fluffy, I hear you on how great Kara's attitude is and how hard it is for us to be that way. I saw a woman on Oprah a few months ago who was sexually abused by her alcoholic dad and yet she was able to say that she was GRATEFUL for all the experiences in her life because they brought her to where she is now. Even Oprah was agog at that one. I keep thinking, "if SHE could be grateful for her life, why can't YOU???" But beating ourselves up is hardly going to get us to gratefulness, is it! I think the thing for me, in terms of weightloss, was to stop bemoaning the fact that I had to eat differently in order to be healthy and happy. Focusing on my friends who can eat anything and stay thin and who LOVE to exercise (sick, sick individuals... ) wasn't making anything happen to me. But meeting women here on 3FC who are in the same situation I am but have figured out how to be happy about it made me feel so much more motivated to be like them. I know lots of members here who didn't like exercise before but have learned to like it. That gives me hope. I hope it gives you hope too! I think one of the keys to a good P1 is to plan out all your meals, buy more good P1 stuff than you need, so you have NO chance of running out, and getting anything tempting out of the way (even if it's just for a couple weeks). Hope you can get through it--you know we're here for you! Housework, by the way, DOES count as exercise--especially very vigorous stuff like vacuuming and scrubbing things!

Just for you, darling Weezle:

Hi, Gonna!

Glad you're feeling better, TK! I have the same issue with my stomach--it seems to have gotten smaller lately. I didn't eat any snacks when I was gone this weekend and I was totally full at each meal.

Off to the gym today after work before going to dog obedience class tonight.

I'm hoping to plant my morning glory and sweet pea seeds tonight--I plant them in a planter outside with a trellis. They make such a pretty sight whenever I come home, so I hope I have enough time to grow them before spring comes, or they won't flower much before fall comes! We still haven't ordered the seeds for our garden, but we decided to sign up for a CSA program, so I'm not as stressed about it. I also managed to go through all the seed catalogs during our drive to and from this weekend so I feel ready for us to pick some stuff and order it.

Hope everyone has a great day!
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