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shrinkinglizzy 03-07-2008 06:48 PM

Not on SBD anymore, but...
Hey girls

I'm actually not on SB at all but I wanted to say HI because I used to be and I used to post here and I miss you all!!
South Beach turned out not to be the diet for me, but after backsliding a bit, I've picked myself up and recently started counting points on the WW system, which is working out quite nicely so far!
Anyway, it is so cool to see all the same old names as before, minus one in particular that I was thinking about...lisasimpson? Or something? She had a Simpsons avatar -- is she still around? I find myself thinking of her lately...esp her struggles with her marriage.
But as for those of you who are still here, way to go on the weight loss!

Much love and good luck to you all!!


Schmoodle 03-07-2008 08:22 PM

Hi shrinkinglizzy! I think you must be thinking of weezle. She separated from her husband and seemed to be doing really well. She hasn't posted much lately but she pops in every now and then to say hi.

Glad you hit upon something that's working for you! You can always come by and say hi.

shrinkinglizzy 03-08-2008 01:26 PM

That's her!
Oh, and I realized I changed my name -- when I was posting before, I was slisette.
Thanks for the response, schmoodle!

pamatga 03-10-2008 02:04 PM

Not a problem, come by any time
I can understand when you need to choose something. I went from WW Flex Points to SBD. I felt a little guilty but I wasn't posting specifically on that forum when I was following it so I am sure I probably wasn't even missed.

For me, I found out that I was ready to make the "lifestyle change" that so many people talk about. When I went from having a diet mentality to realizing that this is how I will be eating for the rest of my earthly days, I knew that SBD was for me. I had a friend who told me "I'm NOT ready for a lifestyle change". I understand and there have been times when I thought I was but my actions were telling me otherwise. It took me reading a lot of the posts from the Maintainers here on 3FC to "get" what I needed to so I could "move forward".

I am sure that you will "get" what you need as well. The main thing I have learned is nothing will work if you don't work it. In the same vein, anything will work if you work it. It's a shift of thinking or attitude really. If WW Points works for you, then that is the right plan for you.

Glad to hear from you. Keep in touch. Thanks for stopping by.:hug:

frustratedieter 03-10-2008 02:57 PM

Can I jump in?? I once "did" SB---I think it was about 5 years ago right after the book came out. I went off it and don't really remember why now...maybe just got bored or didn't have the support. It doesn't really matter I guess because I'm back now. I'm insulin resistant and have found that for me, WW and low-fat plans don't work. I did some on-line research along with some other reading and "low-carb" and South Beach kept coming up. The low-carb didn't seem right to me as they were very restrictive and SB is a bit more like real life.
I began Phase 1 last Friday and so far I think it's going pretty well. I find I need to have my small snacks in mid-morning and mid-afternoon. I had the headache the first couple of days and that's now gone. I have an accountibility coach so will do my first weigh-in this Thursday since being on this plan. I might add, I also do some exercise as that's "key" especially with being insulin resistant.
I just had a conversation this morning with a gal at my gym about all this. I told her that I really am envious of people who can go on most any food plan (or diet) and lose the weight readily. People in my position have a hard struggle! But in re-reading "the book" the good Doctor says he formulated this plan just for insulin resistance! So with working the plan and the support on this site....I do hope for some success!! I'd love to hear what others feel since being on SB!!!

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