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Default 3 cheese tortelini?

I was just browsing the recipe's and seen a recipe for 3 cheese tortelini... whole wheat... wouldn't the cheeses make it nonbeachy?

Also, with PCOS shouldn't I stay away from even whole wheat pasta's?
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Cheese is fine on The Beach. Cheeses that have 6 grams of fat or less per serving are acceptable. I find I have to monitor my calories to lose at all, though, so cheese is one of the things I limit.

I've gone to rice pastas because wheat tends to turn me into a big, nasty, hairy monster. OK, not really hairy, but you get the picture. Doesn't matter if it's whole wheat or not. But everyone's different. Fruit doesn't affect me, but it's awful for others.

You have to play around with what works for you.


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Loriann, I'm not sure about PCOS. We have a couple of sufferers here, but I think you might have to ask in the PCOS forum. I do know that eating SBD does help a lot of PCOS sufferers. Whole wheat pasta has a lot less sugar and does have protein and fat and fiber to help what sugar there is go into the blood stream at a much slower rate, which should help with insulin issues, I would think.

Kara's totally right about cheese. Only full fat cheeses that are high in saturated fat (some cheeses aren't reduced fat but are, by nature, lower in fat) are an issue.
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Loriann...i've never heard anything about avoiding whole wheat if you have PCOS...you have to avoid the enriched/bleached wheat..unless the product says 100% whole wheat try to avoid it same as the SBD guidelines...my general doc and gyno both OK'd and even encouraged the South Beach Diet as a way to help with PCOS and I know quite a few women who were told the same also...

I would try to stick to lowfat cheeses and limit your intake if possible as PCOS does put us at higher risk for heart disease/high cholestorol and all that fun stuff

i hope that helps

Feel free to PM me if you would like...I've done tons and tons of research on PCOS when I was diagnosed. I kind of went into panic mode as I'm sure you did as well. It's a normal reaction I guess.

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"Giving up is one of the easiest things you can do. It's keeping it together when everyone else around you would understand if you fell apart..that is true strength."
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