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Default Weary Wintry Wednesday

In honor of the weather, I think this title is appropriate for most of us right now. I seem to be holding this headcold in check, but I have another stuffy head and headache this morning. Hopefully several cups of coffee will clear out the cobwebs before too long. I'm meeting Cindy over at the girls' school this morning to watch Audrey perform in her ice skating program. It's cold and blustery out, I think I'll take a thermos of hot tea along with me!
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Linda, sorry for your cold, I hope it clears up soon! hhmmm, home made chicken soup in order?

as for me, a bit frustrated... scale says I gained back three pounds, and I haven't been eating off plan, and I've been exercising! ARG!!!!

Thank you all for your encouraging words. I know Joe will be alright, I just hope he doesn't ruin his credit in getting there!!!!! He's a smart lad but stubborn.

Oh, tomorrow is court, child support. His father is 1800 in arrears and hasn't paid anything since December. Last month we had court, he called court saying he had car problems, left a message for judge to call. Judge tried calling during hearing, he never answered! Lets just say, with this and the fact Joe quit his last job to go work for himself, the judge is NOT happy with him. I half expect the judge to either incarcerate him or pull his license. Hopefully neither, as that wont get me paid, but then again, the loser does't pay anyway.
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I finally have time to post. I read every day, but school has been consuming ever free second.

Good morning Cottage! I hope you fee better.

There are several inches of snow outside this early morning. I cannot wait to see my puppies play in the snow for the first time. I have a do-or-die exam today. It is is my hardest class this semester. The known "weed out" class of my major. The class is killing me. I hired a tutor and we spend about four hours preparing for the exam this morning. So keep your fingers crossed for me at 7:00 this morning. I will be sweating bullets and chewing pencils.

I went to the doctor yesterday regarding some minor feet problems, and ended up having both of my big toenails partially removed. The doctor said everyone is different, and that it should not be very painful. Well, it does hurt pretty bad. If I had known there would have been pain I would have waited until after my exam this morning.

I have been doing excellent on my plan. Even though I haven't lost any weight, I have noticed an increase in energy and I can concentrate a lot better. I would never have imagined that eating healthier would help me study! I forgot to keep track of my exercise this month for the February Challenge. BUT I have been exercising. I even joined my university's fitness center for free. One amazing deal that I signed up for was fitness classes that range from stationary bike class to water aerobics. I can attend 30 classes by the end of the semester and it will end up costing me 83 cents per class! I haven't started any classes yet, the first one I tried to go to was canceled because the instructor had the flu. And Monday and Tuesday have been completely dedicated to PASSING TODAY's EXAM! But I look forward to meeting new people and structured classes.

I can't believe I actually got to post this morning! Happy Wonderful Winter Wednesday to EVERYONE!
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OH, btw, with those car problems, thats with five vehicles!!!!!
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Morning chicks, woke up at 5:20 for some reason and couldn't get back to sleep, so here I am bright and early today!
cottage, stay warm and feel better!
Loriann, sorry about your troubles with ex-DH!
TnTechGirl, good to read you! Why did they have to remove the toenails? I've never heard of that before. Good luck with your test! I am sure you are not a weed.

Glad it's hump day, but I'm starting to doubt I'll accomplish everything I set out to this week. Just the usual on my plate, work, WATP, housework, and a Parks & Rec committee meeting tonight. I did pretty well staying on plan yesterday, here's hoping for another good one. Have a great day chicks!
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Running late and have to hit the tub after working time for personals but wishing everyone a great day. It got cold here again too...back to coats and sweaters after being able to wear springy clothes for a few days...sigh. What a tease.
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Cottage hope the cold feels better. Loriane hope things go well for you. Snow in Tennesse, guess you don't see that too much.

Nova Scotia has rain today we managed to avoid a big snowstorm by only a few miles. Its actually quite a bit milder here than in Maine where I used to live. I can go out and walk most days. I think we've only had a few days subzero F. Its hard to tell I think 0 F is -17 or something like that. Maine always had a month of subzero, and I usually had to work outdoors in it. ( trying to thaw frozen oil lines.) I was going to join a health club here but the weather hasn't been bad enough to drive me indoors to a treadmill.

I'm trying to figure out if I need to change things around a bit. I'm really really hungry in the morning even though I have a couple boiled eggs. I've been eating a salad or apple for mid morning snack, but I'm wondering if I should move the bowl of bran and yogurt to morning cause I'm not really all that hungry at night time. I think I'll try it for a day or two see if I am a bit more comfortable.
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Schmoodle, I was having reoccurring infections that was partialy from ingrown toenails and I have a skin condition called psoriasis that wasn't helping out either. So they removed the edges of each and I believe they said destroyed the nail bed so the nail would not regrow. It isn't the entire nail, so I am not horribly sad about it. But after 24 hours I can take the bandages off, and I am hoping that they didn't remove too much so I can wear cute sandals and open toe shoes without fear.

BTW, I just about spit my milk out on my monitor when I read that I wasn't a weed! Thank you for the support, it just caught me off guard and I thought it was cute!

If you need a good laugh, I wasn't suppose to get my bandages wet so for my morning shower I did this mind-boggling-duct-tape-and-garbage-bag make shift water booties. I forgot that garbage bags aren't designed with slip proof bottoms. I looked like a cartoon running in place when I stepped into the shower!

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Morning chicks, a quickie as there is another snow day here and the kiddos are home. I need to go out and shovel as we had rain after the snow and it is way to heavy for hubbys back. So it is up to me. I did go for a walk again last night and did two miles in 35 mins. Yeah me. Eating has been terrible.
Well I must dash cause dh is pacing waiting for me to get it done.
just one personal for know.
TnTechGirl- my cousin and a friend both had their big toe toenails removed and after they healed they were able to paint them, you would never know they didn't have them.
Well gotta to dash I will pop back in later on. Have a great day. LC
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Quickie this morning - gotta shovel AGAIN!

Yes, we have more snow. Should be fun because there's just no where left to put it. I am so looking forward to spring and gardens.

Still losing and re-gaining the same two pounds. I'm getting a little tired of them but am sure they will move along when they feel like it.

I hope to get back in for personals after the shoveling. Have a good day Chicks!
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Come on Spring!
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Quickie this morning again. I am really having trouble getting my a$$ in gear these mornings. It's NOT snowing which makes me suspicious! I'm sure we'll get more and then there's March to shovel through. My lane-ploughing lad is smiling this year!

Same old, same old around here: laundry, dog petting, exercises, nap and some quilting. My block a month quilt is more than halfway done so I need to put it away for a while. I'm where I should be for the March 29th class and the thing is not to be done until the end of June! Each month the teacher reveals another of her little "tricks" and you can't really use them if you've gone ahead with the project. I may work on a smallish wall hanging to hang in my side door window - maybe adapt the attached? (My sister says I am terminally "country"!)

Time to go through the shower and get dressed - Donna may be coming to clean this morning. Back later to read.
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Good morning everyone! It is kind of dreary out there, although I see a bit of blue poking through the clouds. Avery seems terribly grumpy this morning so I may have to put her down for an early nap.

Ruth, you've reminded me I need to get on the quilt I've had hanging out for the past year. I've gotten all the blocks together; I just need to sew them to each other, back it, and quilt it. That'll be my Tom's-in-Florida-I-need-to-keep-myself-busy project (because the kids don't keep me at all busy...).

Cyndi, hope your shovelling goes quickly!

LC, you're a speed machine! Hope your walk was nice!

TN, good luck on your test! I'm sure with all of that studying, you'll be fine!

Jen, I definitely need a bigger breakfast and can survive on smaller lunches and dinners. I must burn up most of my calories in the morning. My new favorite thing is crockpot steel cut oats.

Cat, don't hit the tub too might hurt yourself!

Schmoodle, string those good days together!

Loriann, good luck with the hearing tomorrow!

Linda, glad to hear you've been able to stop that cold in its tracks! Enjoy Audrey's ice skating!!!

I'm off to do grammar and phonics with Connor. More later!

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Morning Chicks, quick fly by for me, lots of work to do! DH took me out lastnight for our anniversary and we will leave it there since I could be kicked off the board for pornographic material if I disclose what I ate!

He said this morning he was going to stop eating cause he can't seem to drop this belly he has going on. I said haven't you learned anything through my experience???? Guess it is time for me to step in and put my foot down. Good news is I think I have him convinced to sign us up for the gym!

Gotta run, will try to get back at lunch for personals! Have a great day ladies!
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Good Hump day! The weekend is around the corner.

It's cold here today with a windy high of 55.

Cottage I hope your not coming down with anything worse. Seems like some kind of bug is going around as my mom and a few others around me are sick with fever, chills, headache etc.

Good luck with court Loriann

Intech be sure to let us know how you do on the exam. Sorry to hear of the toenails & I can sympathize as I lost mine when I fell down a flight of stairs - loosing the toenail hurt worse than the actual fall

for you Schmoodle

Cat the temps were like that here in Fla unitl this morning & it's suppose to get colder

Morning LC! Great job on getting the walking done and heres some to help on the eating

Snow shoveling has to be great exercise right Cyndi

Ruth my mom would love that quilt as she is country - her house looks like the inside of a cracker barrel store

Hi Kara

The usual here today - work, walk on treadmil at lunchtime, bowflex this evening & maybe some work in the spare room.

Check back in a bit
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Stephanie looks as though we were simulposting. You made me laugh with your comment. Sounds like you had a nice time as well as a productive evening with your dh - let us know how it goes with the gym thing.
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