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cottagebythesea 01-18-2008 06:27 AM

The TGIF Chick Chat
:carrot::carrot::carrot: It's Friday and I have the day off! What could be better than that! :D Cindy is taking the girls skiing with her mom & dad and gave me the option of going along or enjoying the day off, so guess what I choose? :dizzy: This way, too, the girls can spend some special time with their grandparents away from me. When I'm there, they always run to me for anything, and it makes me feel bad for the grandparents. I don't have a thing planned for the day, but I'm sure I'll think of something! :) I know Amber is supposed to be coming here any minute for an hour or so before school, then DS will be picking her up, but that's it.
It's a beautiful winter wonderland out there, and they're reporting that it's very slippery right now, but it's all supposed to melt away as we warm up later today.

GONNABE165 01-18-2008 06:36 AM

Good morning Cottage I hope you have a very enjoyable day off. Be very careful if you hit the roads in this crazy weather.

As for me I have to go to doc and then I have blood work. I weighed in this morning and I am up 2.6lbs thanks to TOM and could be all the perscriptions and the sickness - who knows.

:coffee2: heres some coffee/tea for the rest of you ladies - have a sip and let us know whats on your schedule for the day.

CyndiM 01-18-2008 07:16 AM

Ahh Coffee :coffee: Thanks!

Cottage - Enjoy your day off. What a treat :)

GonnaBe - good luck with the blood work. Hope they get some answers for you.

It's slippery here now but is supposed to warm up soon. I'm starting slow and will head out once the temp is above freezing. Tonight is our staff party for our boss (next week is the big community party). We have a basket of goodies, a children's created by one of our staff, and a song based on Wheels on the Bus. Can you tell we work with child care folks?! It should be fun. Since I'm doing South Beach I'm going to be a driver. Won't have more than one glass of wine with dinner so might as well let someone else ;)

Have a good day all!

tomandkara 01-18-2008 07:42 AM

Hi gals!

Linda, enjoy your day off! Put your feet up and have a nice relaxing cup of coffee.

Gonna, I really hope they get you and your immune system sorted out! Hope you feel better soon! You should join Dawn and I in our scale boycott!!!

Cyndi, have a great time at your party tonight. I don't drink (well, I've been known to "throw back" a Mike's hard lemonade once or twice - literally - in my life...), so I'm often the designated driver. I always feel so responsible, like I'm saving the world or something!

I can't believe we're facing another weekend already! I made it through the week of the gym being closed and I can't wait for yoga tomorrow morning, although they shortened it from an hour and a half to an hour-long class, which had half the class up in arms last week. They said that the folks who do the spin class right before yoga want to do the yoga class but don't want to stay the whole time. I blurted out, "Just let them leave halfway through, then!" and then realized how rude it sounded and tried to explain my way out of it, but luckily I wasn't the only one upset, so no one thought I was crazy or anything. I'm hoping they'll just have it as an hour and a half anyway. Maybe I could just go to the stretching room and do an extra thirty minutes myself. I kind of feel like I still need someone leading me, though. We'll see.


pamatga 01-18-2008 07:58 AM

Hello lady chicks
Well, hope everyone has some nice relaxing plans for this weekend. This has been a waiting week for me. My mom was diagnosed with uterine cancer and unspecified leukemia a week before Christmas. It has been a test of our patience and faith to wait until this past Tuesday when she was scheduled for a hysterectomy. We thought that the worse ( or we were hoping anyway) was over. Well, she has had to overcome obstacle after obstacle. She is 73 and diabetic. Now, she is in ICU on a respirator. I can not afford to fly "home" nor can I afford to take time off from work. I do not get PTO. So, there have been a lot of long distance phone calls among family members. I have been saying a daily Rosary for her since she was given the news. I said one this morning at 6 am after my sister called me to tell me that Mom went from serious to critical. She is experiencing acute renal failure. The surgeon believes the cancer was contained and they got it all. Who knew it might be the actual surgery that might kill her? So, I am standing firm on my faith today. Let's hope I have something good to report in a couple of days.

Ruthxxx 01-18-2008 08:04 AM

Patma, my prayers and thou

Quick post this morning as I'm still in my robe and Hersh and I are due at a new fur stylist at nine. It's a good 20 minute drive way down back roads. Back roads around here always seem to skirt our many lakes and can be a bit hairy. We've had just a skiff of snow so we should be OK.

Gotta throw on some duds, give Hersh and extra potty and hit the road. See y'all later.

Schmoodle 01-18-2008 08:14 AM

Morning mes poules, I am being naughty and letting DH deal with the kids this morning while I play. They were certain there would be a delay and are devastated and cranky that there isn't. Especially DS, he has a test. Anyway, it's DH's last school morning, so I'm enjoying myself. 3 more sleeps until he goes now.
Woo-hoo Friday! Nothing special on our plan today. I think my Dad's driveway will be impassable so pizza tonight is probably canceled. Just work today, and I may try to run up to Old Navy and the Gap this afternoon. They are both having their killer clearance sales, and I usually try to get most of the kids clothes for next year at this time. Oh, and I will go to my friend's for our second bowflex workout. I wasn't too sore yesterday so maybe I'll try to push it some more.
DD has a birthday party tonight, but they live halfway up the side of a mountain like my dad, so that may be off too.

Maybe a cozy day at home, Gonnabe and cottage!
Have fun at your party Cyndi!
oh, pamatga, I hope your mom will be okay! How difficult for you that you can't be there with your family.:hug:
Have a good one Kara!

THINBYJUNE 01-18-2008 08:15 AM

:coffee: Good morning all. I'm running a bit late this morning.

:wave: Cottage & Cyndi

Gonna I hope the Dr. has good news for you. Feel better.

Kara I actually put the scale in the garage under the car I don't drive often until we figure out a plan. :lol: Thanks for the idea Schmoodle. I'm trying to determine if I should weigh tomorrow as sheduled or skip it. Good for you to stand up for your yoga. One groups desires shouldn't inconvenience an entire other group. Besides then the spinners get 2 hours and you all only get one :nono: not fair.

Pamatga :hug: My thoughts and prayers are with you and your mom today.

Have a nice day Ruth.

I'm off to get ready for work. TGIF I don't think I could stand much more crazibess this week. Have a great day everyone.

cottagebythesea 01-18-2008 08:44 AM

Pamatga, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your mother. It must be agony for you not being able to be with her right now. I hope she takes a turn for the better very soon. :hug:

little chick 01-18-2008 08:46 AM

Morning Chicks, a quickie this morning cause there is no school today, the teachers have meetings today.

I had a NSV this morning.... DH told me I felt skinner... :lol:

Hugs to all you chicks I try to pop back in later.

Pamatga- a big hug for you, you and your mom are in my heart and thoughts. Take care.

HistoryChick 01-18-2008 09:13 AM

Good morning everyone!:coffee:

Well, like my post said last night I have decided to get back on the beach. I started the beach back in June of 04 and lost around 85lbs. Since then I got engaged and got married back in September 2007! :val2: However I have put on a few extra lbs :yikes: I really want to get it off and maybe a little more, plus I want to get back into this one pair of jeans I have:crossed: That's one of my goals. So I'm on day two of phase one...so far so good...I was craving the chips my dh had on top of our fridge last night....BUT I was good and didn't touch it. I'm glad to see some familiar faces on here. We had some snow showers here yesterday morning but that quickly turned to rain:( They're calling for more snow tomorrow so I've got my fingers :crossed: I love snow and we haven't had a decent snow in years:snow4: How is everyone doing today? I have to close at work so I'll be getting ready in a little bit.

Pamatga- my prayers are with you, your mom and your family. I hope everything will be fine. :grouphug:

Pacergal29 01-18-2008 09:18 AM

Good morning my dear chicks! Where did this week go?

Cottage Enjoy your day off!

Gonna Sure hope you get some positive news at the dr. today.

Cyndi & LC :wave:

Kara I admire your stamina to do an hour and half of yoga, that would kick my butt. Of course I am lucky to get in 20 mins in the morning but hey something is better than nothing!

pamatga Thoughts and prayers to you and your family. I know what it is like to be miles away and facing this situation.

Ruth Be careful out there today!

Schmoodle I was thinking myself of hitting the sales this weekend but I am selfish and doing it for me! :devil:

Dawn Have a great day!

Me Just another busy work day at hand! I am once again starting to see the top of my desk. Thinking of moving the living room around this weekend, I get bored of it being the same for too long. Need to start doing some planning, I want to re-do my dining room which currently isn't used for that purpose, heck there isn't even a table in it!

Confession time! I was very bad last night, won't share the food porn I had but lets just say that little devil on my shoulder and my DH (shame on him) and the Queen were not my SB friends lastnight! Dairy makes it healthy though right? So much for a treat this weekend!

Have a great day ladies I will check back later!

Pacergal29 01-18-2008 09:19 AM

Jess Sorry we were posting at the same time! Welcome Back, I look forward to getting to know you!

tkglenn 01-18-2008 09:25 AM

Morning chicks,

Cottage-enjoy your day off. I'm a stay at home mom so I don't know what days off feel like anymore.
Gonna-good luck at the doctors
Cyndi-have fun at the staff party tonight
Kara-I know what you mean, I've always been the designated driver. It's better to save a life than let one go.
pamatga-sorry to hear such terrible news. My prayers are with you and your mom. My dad was just diagnosed with cancer in his kidney (the right one). He lives in salt lake city and I'm in houston so it's hard to visit with him. My brother works for the airlines and dad gets to fly for free so he comes down here quite a bit. But when it comes to surgery, no one is there to take care of him and I can't, I've got 4 little ones. He has 2 of them on one kidney. The doctor is gonna sit with him on Thurs to determine what's happening inside his body and what they are gonna do. They don't know for sure if they are gonna do surgery or chemotherapy. When he went for his MRI they wouldn't tell him anything, they wanted him to come back in 2 weeks with family to discuss what is going on. I take it that it's something bad. All will be well though with you and your family. Good luck.
Have a nice day to everyone else who I missed.
Me-well, I'm afraid to step on the scale today. I went into alittle snacking frenzy yesterday. I had all low fat, low calorie snacks but I just couldn't stop and I didn't get any exercise in either. I think my daughter has an ear infection. She gets them quite frequently and her doctor is waiting for her next ear infection before sending her to an ENT specialist to determine if she needs tubes in her ears. I would rather her get tubes, that way she'll stop getting ear infections. She's very fussy and whiny. I think I'm gonna pull my hair out today. My boys have half a day at school today. Shucks. I was hoping for a full day to get the house cleaned for the weekend. I guess they will be put to work when they get home. DH hasn't had any PTSD moments yesterday or this morning. Hopefully it stays that way for the whole weekend. It's getting better though. Nothing much else is going on. Gotta go and do taxes today. Making some oreo truffles for the boys' teachers today but if I don't have time, I'll wait till Tuesday (Mon is holiday).
Take care ladies and have a beautiful day.


Kim_Star060404 01-18-2008 10:02 AM

TGIF ladies. I am so glad this week is over!

Cottage: Enjoy your day off - does that mean that you have a 3-day weekend? Hope you stay safe and warm at home.

Gonna: Thanks for the coffee! I really needed it! :coffee: Hope you have a good day in spite of the scale!!

Cyndi: I can't believe I forgot about the retirement basket you were working on! Did you get some good things for it? (I'll be honest, I really want to know about the silly gifts! ;) ) Be careful out there!

Kara: I agree. I don't think the real yogies should be penalized just because the spinners don't want a long session. I hope they change the class back in favor of you (and the rest of the yogies)!

pamatga: I'm sending my thoughts and prayers to you and your family right now. :hug: I know how terrible it is to be so far away when there is a family emergency. We're all here for you if you need to talk. And hold on to your faith, in the end I'm fairly certain that it's all we've got that's real. I know that doesn't make a lot of sense, but it does to me. :hug:

Ruth: You and Hershey be careful on those roads. I'm sure she will be coming back looking quite beautiful!

Schmoodle: I don't know what it is about living in the mountains. On certain days, we can't go visit friends, shop, etc., etc., but I wouldn't trade it for the world!! Hope you have fun shopping the clearance racks. My thoughts are with you and your family as DH's departure gets closer. :hug:

Dawn: I'm with ya! When will the craziness end! :dizzy: Hope you have a great day in spite of it all!

LC: YAY for NSVs that involve DH's! Those are the best! Congrats on being skinnier!

HistoryChick: Nice to meet you and congrats on your marriage! Isn't married life divine? Great job staying away from those chips. I love snow as well, but I don't want any this weekend. DH is out of town and I hate the thought of him driving in it. Last time we drove in snow we spun out and were stuck 45 miles from home until a friend with a 4x4 was able to "rescue" us. Hope you get some snow and that nobody gets stuck! ;)

Stephanie: Shame on DH! :kickbutt: Would you like for us to take care of him? :lol: Hope you have a good day working and maybe rearranging. You'll have to show us pics of the dining room design!

Tawnya: I'm so sorry to hear about your father. :hug: Please keep us posted and let us know if you need someone to talk to. Hope the boys are good helpers today - sounds like mom needs a break. And I'm sorry about DD, hope her ears feel better.

Me: Just a (sort of) normal day for me. Just work today, but when I get home, DH will be gone. :( I feel silly for being so sad about it, especially with Schmoodle's DH leaving for 4 months, but I can't really help it. I think that, in light of what happened this week, I just don't want to be lonely. I have to be honest, though. It will be nice to clean the house and get my homework without him being in the way! I can't have my SF Fudgesicle and eat it too! :lol:

Well, off to file, file, file. Most of my staff is out sick, so I have to file papers today - I hope I remember how! ;) Have a great Friday!


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