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kessa 12-06-2007 04:05 PM

Something cool happened today
I wanted to share something interesting that happened today. I have been on the SBD for almost a month now and have lost 12 pounds. I have found it pretty easy and am really impressed that my cravings have just about gone away. Today I was running errands and I didn't eat breakfast this morning because I am not usually hungry when I first get up in the morning. Before I started on the SBD, one of my worst habits was having breakfast at McDonald's or Burger King. I would have a breakfast sandwich just about every morning and I remember thinking to myself on more than one occasion, "This is so delicious. I know it's VERY bad for me, but I don't know if I can live without being able to have this". How ridiculous is that? :frypan: But that's how I felt. This morning I went off SBD and had a breakfast sandwich from McD's, mostly out of habit and laziness. Miracle of miracles -- I didn't think it tasted that good after all. I can make a much better one at home with WW english muffins and low fat ingredients. And after I finished the sandwich, I just threw away the hashbrowns. :rolleyes: I assume I won't have a "craving" for that again any time soon.

I'm just having a lot of fun discovering different foods and recipes I can have on plan. I thought it was interesting that for me an experience of going off plan will, hopefully, actually help me stay on plan in the future.

Anyone else have any similar kind of experience? :comp:

Lovely 12-06-2007 04:19 PM

I'm not on SBD, but I've definitely found that foods I used to think of as "delicious" before changing my eating habits aren't very tasty at all. All I can taste is the fat. All I can feel is the grease.

This one time I went to a restaurant and ordered steamed broccoli. Unknown to me then they steam it with about 3 tablespoons of butter. (I've learned from that and always ask now...) At the time I thought "Oh well" and I ate it.. and I felt it like a knot in my stomach. It tasted too buttery... and the way it made me feel after was not worth it. Blech.

I used to think I had good taste before. Now I think I was just confused before and thought that "fat" meant "taste".

Schmoodle 12-06-2007 04:36 PM

I've had the experience of having something I used to love and finding it wasn't as wonderful as I thought it would be. My tastes have definitely changed. I have to say the some things (chocolate) do taste as wonderful as they always have, sigh...
But when I have it now, it's a great treat and I definitely appreciate it more. I too have had a great time experimenting and trying new recipes. It's definitely one of the things that keeps me going on this WOE and keeps it from getting dull.

Like you, I'm not usually hungry when I get up. But I've learned how important a good breakfast is. On the days when I've gone off plan, I usually didn't start out with a good breakfast foundation. I'll give myself until 9 or so, after I've had a cup of coffee, but then I make myself eat something even if I don't want to. I plan ahead so there are deviled eggs or precooked turkey bacon to grab. As a matter of fact, I'm trying to reinforce this habit this month, since I've been slipping. I didn't eat breakfast until 10:30 this morning, and I've been hungry all day. :(

tomandkara 12-06-2007 08:05 PM

Kristin, that's such a great feeling! Congrats on a big NSV!

By the way, when I have to run out of the door in the morning, I'll pack a little breakfast to take with me, even if it's just a hard-boiled egg and some pepper strips or a cheese stick and some cherry tomatoes or some nuts and sliced cucumber.


femmecreole 12-06-2007 08:26 PM

My standard quick breakfast is usually a turkey sandwich with tons of spinich leaves on it, OR leftover dinner from the day before. I've never been a breakfast eater either. I get up at 4 and eat at 7 so I'm up a couple of hours before I eat. Saturday mornings here are "big breakfast" mornings...eggs, spiced chicken sausage, grits (for everyone else), WG toast and fruit.

Before SB, my favorite fast food breakfast was an "eye popper" from Popeyes...turns my stomach to even think about one now....it would be a greasy rock in my tummy.

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