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Thumbs down i am writing this from the hospital...

So there *is* a good reason why I've been MIA for 2 days. I thought I poisoned myself and coworker with my stuffed peppers but I didn't. You can read more on my blog (listed in my sig) but I am in ICU. Came in with cramping as well as blood in places TMI to get into!

I didn't want you to think I abandoned ship yet again. I am heavily drugged and should jsve some answers after my tests today.

Sorry for all the typos and such!

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Hope you're home soon.

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Hope u get well soon!
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Come on Spring!
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Oh my. Poor darling Jenn. Hugs and prayers on the way!
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Jenn! I'm so sorry that you're so ill. I hope you start feeling better real soon Sweetie.

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Jenn we are all thinking of you!
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Tell us how ur exams turn out... I hope they are better!
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Hope you are doing okay!
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Oh Good Lord. I will pray for you Jenn. Let us know what they find out. Hope you get to go home soon!
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gosh Jenn, I was wondering where you were! So sorry it's because you're under the weather. Take care and hope you are feeling better and home soon.
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Oh, Jenn, I just read your blog. I hope you get well soon.
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Jenn- I hope you feel better soon. I read your blog and I am SOOOO sorry that you are in the hospital. Sending thoughts an prayers.
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Sticking my nose in, I have has both UC and Cronhn;s for more than 20 years. You will find a way to manage it and you will find that certain foods set you off and foods that will forever just make you feel like crap and never want to see on a plate

The good news is that the meds have gotten so much better...I hope you fel better soon and please feel free to drom me a PM if you have some questions, I am happy to help
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I really hope that things start getting better!!!
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Ya know, after reading your blog, I have a good friend (Lucas) who has UC and Chrone's and he does ok. You'll be alright once you figure out what's good for your body and what's not. Was **** in high school/college though with the fistulas and what-not (never thought I'd have to change dressing and pack my good friend's you-know-where with gauze) but he's good to go now.

Still praying!
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