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Come on Spring!
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Default Tuesday Chickie Chat - October 30

Cold and clear morning out there. Hershey slept in and had to be persuaded to go out while I check the trap lines. No victims again so I may have solved the problem.

I've got several things on today's To Do List but the most important one is to find the Halloween stuff. I definitely remember packing it into a box but be darned if I can remember where I put the box. I may be making a trip to Wally World for a lit pumpkin. The kids don't come down my dark street unless there is a pumpkin or two on my porch and somebody has to eat those chips that are still in the trunk of my car.

Time to tackle the day although it's still black as a witch's cat out there!

What's happening at your house today?
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Good morning, Ruth, and all those to come,

I got home yesterday to see that Jake already hung our pumpkin in the tree in the front yard. He grumbles a lot, but I think he really enjoys Halloween.

Yesterday was a fun day. Cindy organized a trail ride and picnic for as many of the girls' friends as we could round up. It was the perfect day for it, too, and the kids had a great time. Today after school, we're making Halloween Rice Crispie treats with cookie cutters and decorating them for the girls to take to school tomorrow. I'll have to call upon a special helping of willpower to resist sampling one of those, I love rice crispie treats!

Time to get ready for Curves. I'll be back later!
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Morning Ruth (and all to follow!)..

It's cold here too, but should warm up to the 70's by this afternoon..gorgeous weather.

My Mother and Sister got to town on Sunday and I have been loving having them here...and they have been happy with their SB food also! I just have to take special care with what I fix vegetable-wise to take into account the meds my Mom is on...have to keep an eye on the amount of vitamin K she eats. She showed me something yummy last night. She takes a small amount of skim milk and puts it in a little bowl and adds frozen blueberries to it, then put splenda on top and stirs it up...the milk gets ice crystals in it...yummy yummy!
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Morning Cottage...we were posting at the same time as usual! Sounds like everyone is really getting in the Halloween spirit! I stopped doing all that a few years ago..we moved from a neighborhood that was "Halloween Central" into one that never has trick or treaters and since my kids are grown and I don't have any grandkids yet, I don't even bother anymore.
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Good Morning South beachers!!

Ruth - Keep warm and good luck with that to do list
Cottage - for you on fighting the rice crispie treats
Femme - hope you enjoy the time with your mom & sister you just gotta love family

No rain today (so far). Tonite is bowling night so my workout must be done at lunchtime. Be back later....
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Good Morning chicks...OK I am so back on track today... I weighed myself last night and my ticker is so lying... but I really don't want to change it. But I know that I should.

Ruth- Hope all is well with Harry. Hope you found your decorations. Is your knee feeling better today.

Cottage- I am going to make rice krispie treats for the kids here too. I like you am going to have to duct tape my mouth shut... Love those things.

Femme- glad you are having a nice time with your mom and sister. And that you can keep following SB, I tend to over cook and bake when I have company.

GONNABE165- Have fun bowling tonight.

To the rest of you chicks here is a little......

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Good morning, another cool, bright day today. I think it's supposed to get warmer today. They are forecasting a comfortable temp for the trick-or-treaters. The grass sure was frosty this morning though! Lots of piddles to do today, in between work. I bought some hostas Sunday that were marked way down at Lowes. Hope I can get them in the ground before they're frozen solid. DS has a program at school tonight. We haven't carved the pumpkins yet and I doubt we'll have time tomorrow. I think I'll make taco salads for dinner - quick and easy. I made a Cat sandwich for breakfast this morning, hope that'll help with the hungries today.

After dropping the kids at school, I walked a mile on the track. I've gotten lazy about that, since my walking partner broke her foot. I'm sure that's not helping with the weight loss slowdown. This morning I signed up me and DD to do the Jingle Bell Walk/Run for Arthritis Foundation this weekend. A group from her school does it every year, and I've never gotten off my butt to participate. This year we will walk the 5k, but my goal for next year is to run the 1 mile.

Good luck finding your pumpkins Ruth!
cottage, sounds like you and the girls are making the most of the fall weather! Dontya love this time of year? And the RK treats, mmmm Those are my Dad's favorites.
Cat, glad you are having such a nice visit with your mom and sister.
Morning, Gonnabe, have fun bowling. I am a terrible bowler!
littlechick, do what I do, just ignore it until the scale decides to cooperate with the ticker! Shhhh... So glad you are back here posting again! I really missed you and all your pretty pictures!

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Good afternoon everyone! It turned out to be a pretty yet hot day. I got my 31 mins in on the elliptical - level 6 of course. How are your afternoons looking?

Schmoodle: good job on getting that walkout of the way and that is cool you and your daughter doing the 5k this weekend

LC: thanks for the will power dust your fairy is handing out - hang in there you'll match up with your ticker.
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Last night our Webelos boys (5th graders) and boys from two other packs joined a boy scout troop for their meeting. It ended in a fun game followed by a chance to go across a rope bridge they had built over the swimming pool. I think 3 or 4 boys ended up falling in the pool. It was a bit cold but not too bad. I'm just glad Brian didn't fall in since he had on his uniform with all his activity pins on. We'll be camping with that troop this weekend. I hope Brian does decide on that troop since it is well run and I know many of the leaders.

DH sees the doctor this afternoon. If all goes well, he gets his PICC line out and won't need any more IV antibiotics. He's still staying home this weekend just in case.

My den leader, Terri, and I are carpooling to camp with her son and mine. It looks like we'll need to leave at 6AM Saturday since it's a 2 hour drive to Athens in east Texas. It may be a bit crowded in the car but it should be lots of fun this way.
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Just popping in to say hi. We sold the restaurant so will have a little more time for checking in. I have been lurking but no time to respond.

I have Halloween candy that only the grandkids like. They are these little gummy pizzas, we only have a few children from the neighborhood.

Everyone have a great day on the beach and here's some more

Love that picture LC.
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Hey chickies! I've been neglecting to post on the daily thread but I'm still out here. Sounds like everyone has a busy day today. The girls from the office are taking our receptionist (and den mother) to lunch for her birthday so I'm covering the front desk and phones and catching up on my posts.
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Hey everyone - this is the first chance I've gotten to post in the dailies today. I've been busy at work and it looks like we're only going to get busier. I start inspecting the next town over on Thursday so we're getting all the files and stuff together for that.

Tonight I HAVE to finish my costume. My boss' wife is letting me borrow her sewing machine as mine is on the fritz. Along with that I have a TON of laundry to put away, the Spurs play at 7, I have to work out, and Avon stuff to take care of. I'm just glad I haven't started school yet. Thank goodness DH wants leftovers for dinner! He's got two pumpkins to carve tonight, but he can see the tv from the front porch and will be doing it during the game. I hope I can get it all done!

Weight's back down 2 lbs this morning - seems like I was retaining a lot of water yesterday morning. That puts me 13 lbs from my Dec. 31 goal - woohoo!

Have a great evening, everyone and I hope to catch up on personals tomorrow!

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