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Come on Spring!
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Default Hump Day Chat - Feb. 28

We're over the hump of winter and I'll be glad to see the end of February. More snow is on the way but today is going to be just above freezing so some of it will melt. So far this year, we've not had freezing rain but I'm crossing my fingers.

Today I'm going to venture to town to check out what cut flowers are available for the wedding. I need to do one arrangement for the Church and three for the reception at Claire's house. I love arranging flowers! I won't actually buy them until Friday or Saturday morning but I need to know what's available. I also want to get some flowery fabric to make scarves for the dogs. Christine is a vet tech and wants the Church dogs at her wedding!

Right now I have to throw on my coat over my robe and get the garbage to the road for pick-up.

What's happening on your stretch of sand?
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Hi Everyone,

I've been away from the boards for a couple of weeks. Crazy busy and then sick. First I was at a trade show. Can I just say that convention hall food is a SB wasteland! Awful. Had the worst salads I've ever had! Combine that with 7am-9pm days with no exercise put me right in a slump. The next week as I was getting myself back on track, I got a tetnus shot and had a bad reaction. Was in bed with fever and joint pain for 4 days. ARGH!

So here I am trying to get on track and hit my 20 pounds lost mini goal. After I drop kids off at classes today, I'm on my way to the Y for the first time in awhile. It's so easy to blow off and hard to get back on track!

It's a beautiful sunny day here in Florida. Hope everyone else is well!
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I do hope you're right, Ruth, that we're over the hump of winter! I think today should be a day of celebration, , the last day of February!
You have a super day planned today, being surrounded by flowers! I can't think of anything that sounds better than that right now, ummmm!, I can almost smell them! Let us know what varieties you decide on, ok? I think the doggage will look adorable in their flowery scarves, too.

I feel the beginnings of a cold coming on so I took some Zicam this morning, and am taking it with me to keep on using today. No way am I going to suffer with a cold! I should have been more careful when Maggie was sneezing all over the place yesterday. I'm having the Fireside Bean & Sausage Soup for lunch, so that will be soothing, too, especially after I add a few drops of Tabasco to it.

I've been wondering what happened with Jetsetter and Kimstar too, and where is Schatzi?
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Come on Spring!
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Whew! I barely made it to the road before the truck came along. They are supposed to pick up after eight but the lads have been setting out early to get the day done and were here at 7:40!

Cottage, I just emailed Schatzi but will phone her if she doesn't reply. Her last post (Feb. 18th) said she was fighting a "bug".

Shelly, nice to see you posting. Convention food IS the pits! Good for you getting back on track with Y visits. Please send some of that Florida sunshine up here, OK?

I think I'll go and eat an orange before I go out to shop.
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Hey gals!

Feeling lousy, but am here at work today. Poor Abigail was up coughing for a good bit of the night. She was sooooo tired this morning.

Have a super day!!
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I can do this!
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Wow...bugs are going around! Be careful and have a zinc lozenge and maybe some SF airborne, chickies! We can't have everyone sick! Hope you and Abigail feel better soon, Kiko!

Ruth, how exciting about the wedding and the flowers. I love flower arranging too. You are so multi-talented! Glad you're feeling better and the girls are too! Would love to see pics of all three of you dressed up for the wedding!

I did my favorite gym class today and nearly fell over it was SOO hard after weeks away! I am so out of shape... You should have seen how green my face was after we did about 10 minutes of exercise lying face down on an exercise ball...I messed up and ate a bowl of dense oatmeal before class. Never again!

I'm spending a cozy day at home catching up on phone calls (I hate them!) and baking. I got this adorable Valentine's brownie kit set for nearly nothing at Target two weeks ago. I'm going to use it to make heart shaped brownies to decorate for DH. It comes with frosting that hardens and little edible paints in a rainbow of colors. It looks so fun!!! I'll make some heart-shaped brownies for me by making a recipe SBD-safe so I don't feel left-out too. But I'll probably just freeze everything.

I also hope to get to my scrapbook, but we'll see.

Have a great day, chickies! Enjoy yourselves and stay warm and healthy!
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Working for the Cruise!
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Morning Gals!

Slept late today, but yesterday was exhausting. Took the kiddo to his gymnastics class and worked out while he was there. Then we walked back. He was tired when he got home, so that's a good thing!

The car situation is a bit more under control today. I went and paid the toll bill and I'm selling it to a friend. Unfortunately, I have to get a new title because something was written on the back of mine!!! ARG! So I'm off to stand in line at the DMV today.

Hope everyone has sunshine today, I could surely use some!
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**** all -

Ruth - good luck with the flowers. They would certainly encourage a springy mood!

Shelly - good that you are feeling better and great job on getting in the visit to the Y, enjoy your sunny days - I miss them!

Kiko & Cottage - hope you are feeling better soon.

Laurie - I also am enjoying time at home - I hope you get the "stuff" done and find time to relax.

Sarah - continued good luck with the car.

It is spring break here at the college - so that leaves me some down time which I am truly enjoying, sleeping in, reading books, catching up on Tivo. I had a masage on Monday and a facial today and feel very papmpered. I should do both more often - as I feel they are good for the body and soul, not to mention the skin!

I am struggling today to stay on plan. Driving home I just wanted fast food - burger, fries, ice cream - espcially hard after the grocery store where I could not find one single brand a whole wheat burger buns with out HFCS - frustrating and a bit discouraging. Thankfully we have mostly good things in the house, but I think too much free time leads to more cravings or just eating from boredom. Plus, I tried yoga for the first time the other day and still feel sore. Makes it hard to be motivated to hit the elliptical or try more yoga - though I have started to tape some that are on TV. Maybe I will get motivated later this afternoon.

Tomorrow I will be at the hospital with my grandma and grandpa - he is having knee replacement and I am keeping her company. I am not good with medical stuff, but I am pretty sure I can keep the conversation going!

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I am going to try to make it to the gym today. Seems like every time I try something happens but I am determined. I have my blood pressure check tomorrow and it helps to exercise so I am hopeful. I suspect she will raise my dosage and she probably should since my pressure has been up lately due to a combination of stress and the lack of exercise. I hate taking the medicine but I'd rather take it and be healthy than skip it and not be healthy.

Got to go. More work coming in. I will get a march exercise thread started before I leave work today.
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Just a quick hello to everyone on this beautiful semi-warm day. I got to walk outside today on clear sidewalks. Yea!!!!!!!
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I just set my first exercise goal: 720 minutes for March. I hope it works out. My problem (like most people's) is time. I work full time and started graduate school in January. I also have three daughters and am working on developing a new and healthier lifestyle. South Beach has been a gift for me: 24 pounds lost so far (I need to update my signature). Now all I have to do is figure out how to squeeze in time for exercise. Lately all my "free" time has been spent on statistics homework...BLECK!

Good luck to everyone this month on your goals (weight and otherwise)!
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hello chicks a quickie again for me. my fingers are still so sore that typing is a real chore. I did not even weigh myself to find out how badly i did for feb but I am back on track tomorrow. Gotta run my fingers are so sore I am wincing while i type, take care chicks.
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