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Come on Spring!
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Default Tickle Your Senses Tuesday Chat - Feb. 27

I'm so glad I have my silly Girls. They make me laugh with their antics. Hershey just brought in an icicle for a snack for her and Lucy. I hope you can find something in your day to make you smile.

I've been up since six and cleared a ton of emails that I've been ignoring since I got back from Florida. Don't they know I was sick? I think I've semi-recovered as I even cooked a decent supper last night and stayed awake until ten. The advantage of having my Girls is that they force me onto a schedule. I can't just go to bed at seven or there will be dire consequences in the morning and that is not a good way to start the day.

The sun is shining, my house is warm, my cold is fading into the sunset, I've got running water, etc. What's not to like?

I hope your day starts well and keeps right on going.
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Good Morning,

Ruth, I love your positive thoughts, and I will keep them with me throughout the day. Positive thinking is what keeps us going when nothing seems to be going right. God bless you, and I'm so glad you are feeling better. Bless those precious doggies, too, for keeping you active and cheerful.

I did my Curves thing already, and have a load of laundry going right now. This morning I plan to clean the house and do the bills before I have to leave for work. I think this last snowstorm is going to melt away this week, but the girls and I had fun making snowmen yesterday. I am soooooooooooo looking forward to Spring! Thank goodness we're almost into March!
The washer just stopped and I have some oatmeal waiting for me, so I'm going to run for now.

Make it a good day and find something to laugh about!
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Working for the Cruise!
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Well, I can't say I'm laughing this morning. Last night I got pulled over in my parking lot. Apparently, a ticket I forgot to pay 5 years ago just now went through and suspended both my license and registration! I was young and stupid, now I'm young, slightly smarter, and broke! So they impounded my car and took my plates, on top of giving me two tickets. I was saving to buy a new car by March 25th or so.....we'll see. Looks like I'm riding with the hubby, biking, or walking these days. On the bright side, let's hope the scale reflects that!

Meg is coming over this morning and we're off to Curves at 10 and then to the Y for Racquetball make-up (sick on Sunday). We have to plan our Girl Scout meeting for tonight at my house. We're having grilled chicken salads.

Cottage - I hear ya about winter. I'm not so tired of the cold, though I wish it were warmer. I'm more tired of the wet. Everything you do in winter requires you to end up wet. Sledding, Snowmen, Snow Angels, Snowball Fights......arg! If you're not outside, you're indoors watching TV or playing computer with the kiddos. I think we'll build a fort today. This nanny is TIRED of Spongebob!

Ruth - Still giggling about the image of the icicles! At least they are enjoying winter!!!
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Come on Spring!
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Cottage, our washers are swishing in unison. I ususally don't have a lot of laundry but changed beds yesterday. Of course I always have towels.

Adia, I'm so sorry about your car! That's a real bummer.

Sweeties, don't forget DST starts March 11 this year! That'll perk us up.

By the way, I let the Girls snack on the icicle in the back room. What's a bit of water on the floor compared to the fun they bring into my life.
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Good morning!

Back at school today- I feel much better. BUT I weighed in and am horrified! I am not going to change my ticker until my end of the month weigh in on Wednesday. Let's just say I will not be recording a loss for the month!

Ruth You sound so upbeat. I love days that begin that way!! I was up early to do my morning Bible study- that is the most wonderful way to start my day.

Cottage WTG on already having your exercise in!!! That is one thing I plan to really work on next week during spring break is getting exercise in.

Adia That stinks about your car!! Make sure you get it out of impoundment as soon as you can- I think they add money on daily for that.

Okie dokie, had to check in with you gals and now it is time to get to work!!
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Ruth, I am so happy you are feeling better. I have been reading and know you have been through quite a bit recently. I am glad you have your girls.

I have taken in a stay cat and he has lightened up my days and gives me some good laughs. Pets are great medicine.

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Hey there chickies just a quickie for me, almost time to get the wee ones lunch and get ready for nappy jammie time. It is pretty gray and dismal here today but warmer than it has been.

Ruth- glad you are feeling better.
Kiko- I am with you on the eating thing, I have not been on the scales and I am scared very scared.
Cottage- My kids here have been having a ball with the snow.
Adia- sorry about the car thing that really sucks.
ny- have a great day.

Well gotta to dash hungry kids are not happy kids. Have a great one.
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Kiko - I'm not recording a loss this month either. I've gained way too much this month but am slowly creeping back down. Why does it take so long to lose and is so easy to gain?

Ruth - I for one am not thrilled with the DST changes. Every weekend lately I have been putting in 4 or 5 hours of work because all the servers have to have operating system patches and application patches and firmware upgrades. This weekend is no different. I'll find out shortly if I'm working that window or if I can just do the security patches on Friday night. I suspect a lot of things will have the wrong time when this changes.

Adia - I am so sorry that this happened to you. Are they letting you just pay the tickets and the impound fees? It seems like they could have sent you a reminder.

Me - I had my performance review this morning and it was really good. I'm glad my manager appreciates me. I actually got an exceeds expectations which is really hard to get. I thought it would be a good eval since I've gotten a raise and bonus this year. On the downside, she is going to need to best shore half the jobs this year and since we aren't growing, she can't just hire over there. I am pretty sure my job is safe but it still gives an unsettled feeling.
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Sarah, SO sorry about the ticket thing! That's horrible! I hope it's all fixed up soon. In the meantime, good for you for looking on the positive side of things!

Cottage, I had oatmeal yesterday...perfect for this weather!

Busy day...appt with plastic surgeon to see if laser treatment worked on scars from spinning accident last year. Then off to run errands. Making homemade chicken soup for dinner and going to the gym with DH. Hoping for a quiet evening at home! Have a great day ,chicks!
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Afternoon Girls:

Ruth: It's nice to read positive post. Nice way to be.
I dog also likes ice (ice cubes). It is funny watching dogs play, lick and eat the ice.

Please sent some of your Sunshine to NC..So tired of all the cold, wet rain.

Cottage: Glad Curves was open for you this morning.
With you doing Curves, cleaning, cooking, etc. at home and holding down a job away from home tells me you are one indeed busy girl. Try to relax, go with the flow and get more time for your self.

SaraH: Sorry about your run-in with the Police. No fun at all..Hope they let you make payments with no interest.

Glad you are going to Curves and the Y today. Good way to burn off all the pent up emotions over the car thing.

Kiki: Honey, Each day is a new day, a new begining for each of us.

NY Cousin, Lil Chick: Hi to both of you.

Barb: Happy for you about your performance Report....Always nice to get a good one. I will keep you and your job in my prayers.

Laurie: Hope things worked out today between you and your Plastic Surgeon, and that things go smoothly.

As For Me: Missing my sister, so very much.

DH. just took the two little grandsons home (ages 2 &5.
Living room a shamble now but worth it to have them to our selves a few hours. Fed them Suckers(they know right where Grandma keeps them). Apples & Peanut Butter and the little one loves whipped Cream from the can in a spoon...just a little. Nice to be a grandparent and spoil them, and sent them home when we're tired.

Surgery set for after March 14th...Will keep you up dated...

Love to you all....Lu
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