South Beach Diet Fat Chicks on the Beach!

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Default Try again Monday West Coast Chicks

Yep...try, try again is the ol' saying. I cooked all morning yesterday and I learned a hard lesson for me. I thought it would be easier for me to cook ahead of time so I would not have to think about it the rest of the week - WRONG! All that cooking just made me HUNGRY. So I am now on Phase I...Phase I...Phase I...not going to experiment with new recipes any more...they just set me off on the wrong path.
It's much easier and better for me to stick with a basic plan.

Stinger I feel for you and all the were doing great and you can do it again...let's just do it!

Aimee, Yes, let BF do all the cooking kiddo. Yes, there are two formal nights on the ship (not all ships do it that way though) we like to dress up and be served like we're somebody. but it's only two nights, the rest are casual. We love the shows on ship and of course the pools. It's okay to be lazy on vacation.

Have a good monday everyone...

I love you sis!
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Goodmorning! I have a few minutes before work and thought I would check in! After a pretty bad day yesterday I really have to get back on this 100%, none of this 80%! I really want to hit my Feb goal of losing 10 pounds, I have 8 pounds to go, and while I can lose fast when I'm doing really well.. I don't know if it's doable. But I'm still going to aim for it! Phase 2 is SO tricky for me!

mamajok - formal nights could be fun I think, I mean how often do we really get a chance to dress up these days? Feels like never for me. I pretty much stick to the same kinds of things, and can't really experiment with a whole lot of recipes either. I've been finding out that I can do whole wheat bread at breakfast, but no other meals.. weird huh?

Well I am off to work, have a good one gals! I've packed up my lunch with ALL good foods, have a great ON PLAN day, I plan to!!

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Will it is after 2 and I am just getting on...Busy all morning.

I plan on getting the other hip replaced soon so my plan is to get all my cubboards, closets, etc. cleaned so I am take it easy afterward.

Today I cleaned 1 large walk in closet and 3 smaller 2 super large bags of clothes to take to Dorcas.
In checking DH side of the closet, I found at least 6 shirts that needed to be washed...good thing I check his shirts once in a while....Why do they think they are still clean when they hang them up? At least he did hang them up so I am thankful for that.

I mean I really cleaned. The walk in closet also has 2 large dressers in it plus shoe I cleaned them too. and mopped the floor..After all that, washing 3 loads of clothes, and cleaned 5 more drawers in our bed room, I am now beat!!!

I was going to cook a new recipe called Fried Shrimp Rice for my dinner...(Califlower is the rice). but too tired I will find something easy...and cook DH Speggetti. Sause out of the freezer..

Jojo: You and I have the same problem..When we do something we get carried away...I am anxious to do that recipe I told about above...but it is SB. and only will do that one thing....

Honey, Stick to Phase 1 as much as possible as it will be hard on the ship...You will want to enjoy your self fully, so watch it the rest of the week.

Aimee: I think you and I both aimed too high for Feb. and it Jenked us...I wish I had aimed for 4-5 lbs...which would be a good loss. Back to Phase 1 for Jo and I.

How is Josh now?

Off I go girls....nothing to east since morning and it is hitting me...going to get a cheese stick and a good cold glass of ice tea....Love to you both..

Ruth: welcome home!!!Sorry you got the bug...Hurry and get well...
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