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Come on Spring!
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Default Freezing and Frenzied Friday Chat - Feb. 9

This'll be the last time I get to start the Chat for a bit over a week because
this time tomorrow I'll be on my way to the Ottawa Airport and then to Fort Myers (Sanibel) via Philly. That'll bring back some pleasant memories. Too bad I can't take in Reading Market as I did when I was there with the 3FC MODs.

Donna didn't show yesterday (medical appointment) but will be here this morning to spiff up the house. I am taking my darling Girls to the kennel and then going to town for a haircut. I'll pop in to see Harry on the way back and then have the afternoon and evening FREE! I have two pair of pants to shorten but that's a quickie. It'll be a simple supper and then bed for an early start tomorrow morning - 7 AM departure from Delta.

I probably won't get my hands on a PC to check in when I'm in Florida but will be thinking of you Chicks and doing my best to eat healthy. I wonder if it's possible to lose weight on vacation - it's be a first for me, I think!

Behave yourselves and be nice to Schatzi and Beachgal.
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how exciting Ruth! You'll be spoiled by the warm weather for sure!
I'm making a cup of tea and heading back to bed... headachy and just achy all over .
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Morning Ladies-

I thought I would pop in over here. Ruth enjoy your trip.
Today is day 12 for me and 7 lbs gone I am so grateful to have found the beach. You ladies are wonderful I'm in a good mood today, work was cancelled and a meeting as well. My day freed up so I can have tea with a friend.

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Good Morning Ruth, Schatzi and Nikki!

Ruth have a wonderful vacation enjoying that nice warm ...try to think of all of us in the cold, damp world - ya right! Treat yourself kindly and just have a great time!

Schatzi take care of yourself!

Hi Nikki, great 7lb loss!

Me, today my new housekeeper arrives at nine so I want to be sure things are a bit picked up and then I have to make out a menu and shopping list. I want to do my grocery shopping whilst she's cleaning. Two more days and DH will be home!

Everyone have a great SB TGIF!

I love you sis!
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Morning ladies!

Ruth, I hope you have a wonderful trip!

I am doing alright... I haven't lost any weight... but I am pretty sure that it is the late night snacking on nuts!! I have been craving salty foods and those mixed nuts are becoming my downfall. I think I am going to try and eat nuts early in the day... this way I won't get carried away.

Today is my BF's B-day! I am planning on driving up to his place and clean his apartment and cook him dinner as a suprise.

But for now... I need to get to work! Have a great day!
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Hello chicks just a quickie for me, busy busy busy, DH is not having a very good day today or yesterday either. The girls have kept me hopping and now I have to work tonight and all day tomorrow and tomorrow night. GRR. But atleast I have sunday off. I need to jump back on ph 1 as I have not been a good chick this week. But Sunday is planning day and organizing day for the week. Well must dash and get the wee ones up from their nap and get ready to head to the play ground.
Ruth have a fab time. Enjoy the sunny south and take care. See ya when you get back.
Bye chicks.
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Ruth - Have fun in Florida! I grew up in Tampa so I happen to think Dallas is too cold during the winter. I don't miss the humidity though.

Last night's Roundtable was fun. We had several people volunteer to help us at camp. Tonight I'm going to be helping with some of the writing on our project. Then tomorrow morning will be picking up the Scouting for Food bags. I am so excited that I don't have to work any maintenance windows this weekend. I love being able to sleep a normal night's sleep! YEAH!
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Ruth, have a safe and happy vacation. It's too bad you won't have any time to spend in Philly, I'd love to meet you for a coffee! I'll be waving to you as your plane flies over my house, ok?

Has anyone else had trouble getting into this website today? I've tried several times today, and this is the first I've been able to get through. Nothing much to report upon today, though, just the usual stuff. DD is coming to spend the weekend with us tomorrow, as my SIL will be working all weekend and Caitlyn will be at a youth retreat in northern NJ, so it'll be just her and Carley coming. I have to take my car in for an oil change first thing in the morning, so we'll drop it off and walk next door to Cracker Barrel for breakfast while we're waiting for it to be done. I'll let DD decide what she wants to do for the rest of the day, though.
That's about it for now, it's time to make some tea and snuggle under the quilt and read until bedtime.
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Hello All, Hope you all have a great weekend. I work weekend nights so I will be at work most of the weekend...but since it so cold outside I do not mind. I started phase 2 on Monday and am very happy to report that the scale dropped another 2 lbs. So far 9 lbs lost, I am so happy....I was scared to add any grains or fruits, but did as suggested and only added one grain and one fruit. Thanks for all the wonderful suggestions you ladies put out there, they are really helpful. Have fun in the warm weather Ruth. Pearlrose
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