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Default Wacky Wednesday Chat - Jan 31

Morning, chicks. I was up early so I thought I'd get us started. I had both girls in bed with me all night long. I've got to figure out what's going on with them. Neither one is sick, so it's really boggling my mind and driving me crazy, too.

On a happier note, my scale loves me this morning. There's a ZERO in my weight, and it's not the last number. The last time I was below 210 was mid-2002. I can't believe I'm ending January more than halfway toward my March 17th goal. I get to start February with a mere 10 pounds to lose by then. Yay!!!

Hope you all have a warm and wonderful day. We're supposed to be getting another round of storms in today (unless they started last night). Could be fun.
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Come on Spring!
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Thanks for starting us up, Jet. You sure are down a pint on sleep!

-8F here and I have no idea what the wind chill is but it's certainly windy out there. The stove smoked when I stirred it up this morning as the draft was coming down the chimney. Oh well, it 's the last day of January - we're getting closer to Spring.

House problem this morning - very low water pressure so no shower! I'll give Charlie the plumber a call a bit later after I venture down to check out the pump. My cellar is old but very warm so it's not a frozen pipe. The problem with living by yourself is you can't pass off this crap to your partner to deal with! The dogs are no help and don't even commiserate.

This is a bit of a whiny post but isn't meant to be. Life is good. The scale is stuck again but my blood sugar is nice and steady. My "new new" glasses are ready and Lucy and I will pick them up after we do pet therapy at the clinic this afternoon. Tonight I have nothing scheduled and am not going to budge out of this house unless it catches on fire and even then......

Have a great Hump Day, Beach Babes, and don't be too wacky!
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Good morning, just finishing my coffee and oatmeal after a morning workout. It felt good - especially as yesterday was stressful. I work at a colllege and have a staff of 12 RAs (20 - 25 year olds)and I think they are wonderful and DH and I refer to them as "the kids". However, yesterday, a handful of them did more "stupid/young/immature" things than usual and it made for a rough day. I thought I might have to fire one and I still believe I have not learned the full truth and it is hard to be disappointed by people I chose to have on my staff, whom I trust and care about - even writing that makes me want to cry. You would think I would become more jaded over six years of doing this, but it seems to actualy get harder every time I think I may have to lose a staff member.

So there is my depressing morning post. I suppose I can not put this day off any to the showers!

Have a wonderful Wednesday, I expect only improvements!

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It's 6 above this morning, apparently with no wind chill because it's not listed on the website. Brrr. High of 26 today! HEAT WAVE!!! Stupid cold. Warmest it's supposed to get this week is 30, which is still below 35, therefore still COLD. Whiiiiiiiiiine.

Ruthie, sorry to hear about your water pressure problem. Hopefully it gets fixed soon. Good luck with your new new glasses! (Don't sit on them. That's what I usually do.)

Jet, geez. Are you tired? You were up late and got up early. I'm wiped out and went to bed early even. And congrats on your weight loss!

Amasam, sorry to hear about your rough day yesterday. I tend to not have much sympathy when my "kids" at work do something stupid. I love them all and they usually do a fine job for me, but if they do something stupid, I let them know, and if it's stupid enough, I'll let them go no problem. I just think to myself, "Do I really want someone like that working for me?" What your people do reflects on you, just remember that. And good luck to you. I know it's still hard.

Sooo I may have gone crazy last night and binged. I don't know what the heck my problem is. Maybe my body thinks it's time to put weight on since it's so cold outside. I don't know. It was just like "I don't care" and I went nuts. Dang. Not going to weigh myself for a few days. Back on track today.

Better get in the shower and get moving. Hope everyone has a lovely day!

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Good Morning Ladies!
Jet: Thanks for starting us up this morning- sorry you aren't getting enough sleep. I am sure you will find out what is behind your night time visitors.

Ruth: I don't blame you... I would stay home too! -8 is a little too cold for me.

Anasam- I work with a large group of Adult volunteers and even they act childish and stupid at times and I find I am always disappointed and sometimes hurt and angry. I keep telling myself that I should be tougher and learn my lesson... but it never happens. Hope you all get through this

Day 3 of the SB restart! I am feeling great. I felt a little queasy with eggs yesterday, so I made a modified cheesecake cupcake recipe last night and will be having 2 of them for breakfast with some cucumbers and V-8.

I went a head and stepped on the scale this morning and found that my body is being very forgiving and is strinking back!! I have lost around 4 lbs and I feel sooo healthy.

I think I forgot what it was like to feel healthy and in control. I am turning down all of the cakes and cookies that they keep in the office... a week ago I would have eaten them ALL!

Anyway... I am planning on going to the gym tonight and do some weight-training.

Hope everyone is enjoying the warm sunny weather on the Beach
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Hey Weezle! have a questions for you... How long did it take you to get from 157 to 128? I am just noticing that our starting weight is almost the same and your current weight is where I want to be. I hope this isn't too personal. I have just never seen anything below 145... maybe hearing/reading someone else's story will help me break through the barrier.
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Morning Girls!

Ruth, here's hopin you don't step on your glasses,the dog doesn't eat them and you can keep them until you need to get your eyes checked again! Stay warm.

Jet, you and I have the same problem with sleep, only I don't have kids to keep me awake any longer. I average maybe 5-6 hours sleep every night! But I have lived that way for many years so it's probably from raising three kids! See what you have to look forward to...take as many naps as possible!

Amasam, here's to a good day of communication with your 'kids'...maybe there were some lessons learned yesterday.

Weezle...binges happen just as sure as the sun rises every day...good girl for getting right back on track.

Shenanigans, great start for sure! Congratulations!

I love you sis!
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Good morning..'s weigh in day for me...and I dropped 1 lb.
I was Sooooo close to meeting my goal! I should have been more careful this week..I did a little snacking over the weekend.
Oh well! I'll take it anyway...I did lose 14 lbs this month..and I'm starting to feel soooo much better.

I just finished my oatmeal...and I think it's time for another cup o joe.

It's soooo cold here! I'm going nuts! I could actually snow a little tonight! thats crazy! I have daffodils blooming and the maple tree in my front yard had blooms on it.
I can't WAIT for spring!!!

well...gonna sign off and try to get warmed up!!!
hope you all have an awesome day....and STAY WARM!
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Good afternoon chicks, it is cold here again today as well, -25 DH has been taking his walks in the morning and walking the kids to the bus stop for me, he does not mind the cold. Gotta love that guy. most days.
I got on the scales this morning and down another pound. YIPEE ph 2 is going pretty well for me.

Jet-- We were all up this morning early as well DD has a baby (doll) from school that has kept her up the last two night and the silly thing had everyone up a 6 this morning. she is so tired she was in tears, and of course I don't understand cause I never had any babies that stayed awake all night and I didn't have to go to school the next morning. Working is soooo different. I hope you get a good night sleep tonight.

Ruth- hope your water pressure is fixed, stay warm and good luck with the new specs. Have a great day.

amasam- Heres another big for you. Hope you day goes well today.

weezleGood for you getting back on track, I think you may be right about our bodies wanting to keep weight on in the cold weather. Have a great day.

Shenanigans on the 4 pounds lost. Keep up the good work.

mamajok Hope you are having a wonderful day.

PHinsUP! Great loss for the month. You ROCK. Have a great day.

Me I was down another pound a total of 7 for Jan 2 pounds past my goal. I got up and biked again this morning. 3 mornings in a row this might just be a record. I hate to exercise. I am also trying to give up diet coke I have a terrible habit. I have switched to tea drinking that like crazy but I figured it was better than the artifical sweetners. And not to crabby, I have been drinking 2 liters a day for way too many years to count, High school. This is just another step in making this year about getting healthier. Well must dash, and check out the rest of the board, enjoying my quiet while the wee ones are sleeping and dh is out for a bit, ahhhhh PEACE
have a great day chicks.

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Hi everyone,

Only time for a quick 'hey' today. I just got back from the gym, and I noticed that the gym scale (which is probably more accurate than my little rinky dink scale at home) said that I was down to 232.5 - with clothes on! I think I might just weigh myself at the gym from now on, because my cheapo scale from Tar-ghey isn't really cutting it. But it sure did make me feel better - I was worried I was really plateauing!
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Hey everybody! Just a quick pop in to say "hi", and try to catch up on the postings for the week. Maggie and I are here at my house for a few hours to do some laundry for Jake and make him another couple of meals he can heat up in the microwave. I may get to come home tomorrow night, Cindy's parents offered to come out and stay overnight with the girls. That would work out great, as we're expecting a big snowstorm, and I'd rather be stranded at my own home rather than at their place! Everything's been going smoothly, though, and the girls have been little angels.
Gotta run for now, take care!
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I can't believe I never posted yesterday. At least I have read everything now and have a couple of minutes while eating lunch to say HI. I started the February exercise thread. I hope everyone will pay follow Ruth's reminder to update their January exercise. I usually do the Exercise Queen on the 2nd or 3rd to give everyone a chance but I'm either going to have to do it tomorrow or wait until Monday since I'll going to be at National Camp School all day Friday, Saturday and most of Sunday (and then I'll be worrying about groceries and spending time with Brian rather than getting on the computer).

Last night I taught Cub Scout Leadership training again. I really like that class and have a lot that I can share so it took over 2 1/2 hours. And then I got a chance to talk to the lady who is going to be our registrar at camp this summer. She had lots of names of people who would be glad to staff so I ended up talk to her for quite awhile.

Lots of work to do so I'd better go now.
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Quick post as I am home for a quick bite of lunch. I have jury duty today, the first time ever, and I was selected. Say hello to Juror Number 5........

Anyhow, just wanted to say hey!
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Hello everyone!

It can't decide today if it's going to be sunny or foggy. Was nice walking today. Not as cold.

Nice to see you lubajo at my Mom's house yesterday. Good soup and bread.

I only have a few days left to practice the organ before this weekend . It's coming along.

I got the courage to step on the scales the moring. Was better than I thought it would be. My blood sugar was real good too!

Keep plugging away everyone.
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Shenanigans, I lost 30 lbs in 2 years. It definitely took me awhile, but I haven't been good 100% of the time.... aheh. I do ok for awhile and then for awhile I'm bad, then I'm good again, etc. The fortunate thing is that when I've been bad, I haven't gained back ALL the weight I lost before that.

Plus, I did plateau often when I was being good. It took me some time to figure out what was causing my weight to get stuck. It could have been water consumption, not enough veggies, too much sodium (I'm really sodium sensitive,) not enough exercise, lack of a "Bathroom Celebration" (the girls know what I mean,) you name it.

It was all kind of a new experience for me because I'd never tried to lose weight before, so I'm glad I had the girls on here to help me through, tell me that I may not have had enough veggies, ask me if I got my water, celebrate WITH me after a "Bathroom Celebration," etc.

So anyhoo, it just depends on your diligence really. I tend to fall off the wagon during the summer. If you stick to it and learn how your body reacts to different things (not enough water or veggies, too much sodium, not enough time in the bathroom, etc) then you could lose it even faster than I did. The important thing to me is that I'm keep it off and don't regain it all really quickly. Good luck!

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