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Come on Spring!
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Default TGIFrozen Chat - Janaury 26

All I can say is Brrrrrrr! We are in a deep freeze and will be there for a week or more. Florida on Feb. 10th is sounding better and better! The Girls are doing the fastest potty ever these mornings. I got really dirty looks this morning because the stove in the back room (aka their room) went out overnight. I got my coffee first and then started it up again.

I'm off to B-town this morning to work a Bingo for the Fair Board and then will pick up salad stuff at a big store. Has anybody tried māche? It's also called corn salad or lamb's lettuce and I think I've become addicted to it. I've even put it in soup lately and it's great in stir fries.

So what's happening chez-toi today? Are you ffffrreeezing too? Sit and chat a bit because the back room is cozy right now. Just move a dog and sit on a warm spot.
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I'm so glad it's Friday!! No clue what we're going to do this weekend, but it has to be better than working...right? If the weather holds out (i.e. just cold and no more precipitation), I think we might take a little road trip to Hutchinson to visit my grandma. She's been home from the hospital for a week and a half now and seems to be doing well. Her doc even had her return the O2 to the medical supply place. The drive is only about an hour, so it won't be too bad. Need to call her today to make sure she'll be home. That also depends on how the girls and I are doing. I don't want to visit if any of us are sick. No way am I risking being the one who gets Grandma sick again!!

Ruth - Good on ya for making coffee before starting the stove. You have your priorities straight!! Stay warm today. I've never seen mache, but it!!

I think I'll break out the knitting this morning. There's no work for me in the queue, and I don't particularly feel like reading right now. But first, it's time for another cup of coffee...

Hope everyone has a great day!!
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Ruth-I wish I had a woodstove-have a fireplace and LOVE watching the fire-but I'm afraid most of the heat gpes up chimney
Jet-hope you are feeling better since your day to recoup-I havent been online lately
Mornin everyone else-have been insane lately-havent made it to the gym since monday or tuesday-eeek-did get hired on at Home Depot-so I will do training next weekend, meanwhile I am working at the warehouse job walking walking constantly walking and am getting ready for my trip to Scottsdale(tomorrow till tuesday)-my friend that lives there is really gung-ho and saying I will have to be working 16 hour days-havent told him yet I got the HD job and plan on doing both till it gets off the ground. Will be talking timeframes for transition as well-and what to do about my clients here when that picks back up (January is just NOT a time of year people have portraits done-at least not around here)
Hope everyone is staying warm-we have had some warmer days-but still thick ice on the windsjield in the morning-was thinking of taking off the horse's blanket-so glad I didnt yet.
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Brrrrrrr! It's 5* out there this morning!!!!!! We have a few inches of snow, and it's very pretty, but I don't plan to go out until around noon. The schools are on a 2 hr. delay, so I guess the roads are pretty icy. I got busy paying bills first thing, which lead to looking for something in the file cabinet, which lead to me finally cleaning out the file cabinet and shredding old papers. That took a while, but I'm glad I finally got around to doing it. Now, if I can just keep it that way.
I'm going to put on a pot of chili for supper, that will taste good on a day like today. I plan to do a little more sewing, too, I want to make new cushions for the chaise lounge on the patio, and then make a few throw pillows. I'm thoroughly enjoying my "mini" vacation. I'll be picking up Audrey & Maggie from their grandparent's house on Sunday afternoon, then staying out at their house with them until Thursday when Cindy & Richard get back. The girls will probably be spoiled rotten when I get them, but that's what grandparents do best, right?

Ruth ~ Bundle up and stay warm today! Have fun wowing everyone at Bingo with your new sexy red glasses!

Jet ~ You are so thoughtful to make time to spend with your Grandma. Hope you have a nice visit, and drive carefully.

WildWoman ~ Sounds like big changes are in your future. Congratulations on your new job at Home Depot, and have a safe trip to Scottsdale tomorrow!

I'm going to start that chili going, and get the sewing machine out. Have a wonderful day, and stay warm!
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ooh brr Cottage-that is cold. Stay safe. I USED to sew-seems the past few years I just collected fabrics and patterns I "was going to" make LOL.
I have been self employed for 10 years and have always been able to save and plan for the rollercoaster income seasons-but the past couple years when I had my sisters kids I was EXTREMELY limited with WHEN I could work and completely decimated my savings-so I am in new territory here-not sure my boyfriend understands -he thinks my taking the Home Depot job is scraping the bottom of the barrell-but what would he know-he comes from "the other side of the tracks from lil ol me" His mother on the other hand is an excellent resource for planning/building a new photography studio-they just sold theirs in Ca-very high-end-actually they are the creme de la creme-so building a new one from ground up is quite exciting-when I opened up 10 years ago I was sub leasing about 600 sq ft inside an art gallery ad there for 3 years before getting my own storefront. Never took a loan-so THAT will be new too.
OK now ya all know my life story-is there anything I HAVEN'T covered? Oh and now that I am planning on going into business with my best friend (a male) my boyfriend has decided he isnt so comfortable with that.
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Morning, gals. I'm working from home today since I had an early morning meeting. If we have no new outages, I shouldn't have to go again until next Thursday.

The meeting last night for Wood Badge was very productive and most of the action items are being handled by others in the group. I just need to get online and order our gift for the guy leading us. And type up the minutes for last night.

Lots to do so I better go but I wanted to say Hi before the day got away from me again.
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Good morning ladies!!!

Ruthie, I'm cold but I bet not nearly as cold as you are, way up there! Once it hits 35F or lower, it's all the same to me. Just plain cold. Hope Florida comes quickly for you!

Jet, sounds like a nice relaxing day is planned. Hope all goes well and you can visit Grandma this weekend!

WildWoman, congrats on the Home Depot job! Do you get a discount? I might go broke if I worked there. Get the paycheck and spend 5 times the paycheck on stuff to re-do my house. How very exciting for you!

Cottage, enjoy your chili! That does sound good on a cold day. I had leftover gumbo last night (with fake meat, of course) and may make some soup for dinner tonight when I get home.

Soon2B, I guarantee you'll get $$$ as gifts! Which condos do you stay at near Smathers? We stayed in the Truman Annex on Southard this time (Shipyard Condos by Ft. Zachary Taylor) since it's the busy season, but in the off-season, we have friends who have a condo at Southard and Margaret (other side of Duval) right by Mangia Mangia, and they give it to us for $600 for the week. Much cheaper!!! I've decided that if I hit the lottery, I'm moving there too.... just has to be a BIG win because even if I buy a house down there, the taxes and wind insurance are ridiculous every year. I don't know how people do it. Next time you're there, you should try going to the top of the La Concha hotel (right near Margaritaville on Duval) and watch sunset from up there. That's where I took the picture of the church on Duval. Mallory is fun, and it's fun to see Will on the high-wire and werid Dominique and his stupid cats jumping through hoops (OsCARRRR!!!! Hurry up, take your time, hurry up, take your time....) but it's nice to pop up there for just one night and see the sunset from up high. Boy I could go on about Key West forever.

Well, I guess I'd better head out to the couch. Only have 2 and a half hours of lying around before I have to get ready for work. Sometimes I like to take a nap on Fridays before work. Helps me feel ready for the long day. I hate working until 9pm. Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

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Woops, Hi Barb! Missed you while I was typing all that out. Have a great day!
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Morning gals!

A quick check in..... I am so hungry today and want to eat everything in sight! Fortunately there is no food around, so I will just wait until lunch.

Weezle Good to see you back! Sounds like your trip was lots of fun!

Soon I am from Ohio too- I went to Ohio U so spent some fun times in Athens.

Barb Hey you! Supposed to get up to 62 today!

Cottage I am so glad to hear that you are enjoying your mini-vacation. I am sure that the girls will be excited to see you though.

Jet Morning!!

Ruth WAY TOO COLD!!!!! I often miss the seasonal changes living here in Texas, but can do without th super cold weather, that is for sure!

Gotta go... just wanted to say hi!
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Good morning friends.

Sorry I have been too busy to even check in the last week. I feel like I will never get to know everyone if I don't take the time to check in. Mil has been sick and that takes a lot of time then I had a lot of medical appointments this week. Things should start slowing down this week.

It has been frozen here in the a.m. but warmer during the day. I am only about six hours south of Wild Woman.

Everyone have a wonderful day and I will try to get checked in more often this week.
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Afternoon chicks it is freezing here as well -35 with the windchill. My forehead was frozen after walking the kids to the bus stop. Things are slowly going back to normal, dh is still feeling sore, and tired but I keep telling him it has only been 3 weeks. Well nothing new here today, dd went away for the week end with her friend, youngest dd is having a sleep over here tonight and I have to work at the store as well as sunday too. Part of me wants to give it up, the other part dosn't not sure what to do???? I don't really need to work there, but it is my adult time and I have fun plus get discounts on clothes. Well must run dh needs me for something I will pop back in later. Have a great one chicks.
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Default Hiya

Hey chickies, I hope you all have your fur footie thingies on cause it's cold!

Not much here on this side of the sand, have a day off...such as it is. Doing homework and laundry. I'll be doing clinicals at an ICU in a hospital about 30 miles away, 12 hour shift on Saturday and Sunday. Will have to take some time today to get me a good lunch packed. I hate the cafeteria they have there.

Sounds like everyone is ready for a weekend, I detect a worn out sense of blah..........TGIF.

Weez, cool that you had so much fun in Key West, hope that was what the doctor ordered.

Ruth, move over them there canines, I can't squeeze my rear next to the fireplace and that is where I want to sit.

Barb, glad the meetings went well. Scouting can be hard to staff.

littlechick, wouldn't it be nice if we didn't have to work at all? I don't mind working but I hate giving up free time to do it.

bunnababy missed you.

kiko, sounds like a monster has invaded your head.....drink water and meditate!

wildwoman, you sound like an ambitious woman!

cottage, have fun with the grandkids! I think I'll be seeing mine in two weeks. Fun, tiring but fun.

Well, I'm off to drink a bunch of water, I indulged in too many treats yesterday, legal but too many! I've got a tummy ache today. The sun is shining maybe I'll try to head for the road and get a run in, that would feel good.

Hugs everyone!
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Thumbs up

Morning girls...DH and I just finished cleaning the house. Now he is in his shop and I am going to get ready for a day with daughter #2. The other daughter #3 is in Sacramento having a good time with her DH who is taking a class with the National Guard...Sure hope he doesn't get called again.

Watching her Canary while she is gone...What a singer...She might not get it back as I am getting too attached to it. I love the sound of it's singing.

No show today, but a nice day I know with daughter #2, shopping and lunch.

Wildwoman: Wondered where and what happened to you. Did you ever find some cheaper hay? Have fun working in HD. I hear it is a good place to work. Missed you.

Bunna: If you are about 6 hours south of Wildwoman, I am about 6 south from you. That makes at least 5 of us on the West Coast that I know of.

To all the rest of you friends: Stay warm, stay legal and drink your water...

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Good afternoon chickies

I had a nice break yesterday from picking up kids at school and transporting them to daycare. It seems the school systems here were shut down due to a bus driver being caught with a needle (drugs). They investigated the bus company and drivers. Heard they found around 5 others who are being questioned...Wow pretty scary to think of who is transporting our children around town.

I am still complaining about the cold. I really should live in a warmer area of the country. I wish I had a nice wood stove like Ruth does.

lubajo nice of you to take care of the canary. My mom keeps my dog and fish when I go on vacation.

RNMOM I am bad about drinking water too. I would probably do better to drink more.

little chick good for you to keep walking to drop off kids. I gave up at the first wind chill and now drive.

Bunnababy Glad to see you. Hope you can enjoy some free time soon.

Kiko I hear you about the 'eating everything in sight' thing. Maybe it is this Ohio weather that is making us extra hungry.

Soon2be I am just north of Columbus.

A big hello to all. Later

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Good evening, Chicks. How did you all survive the day? Did you stay warm? Were you productive? Did you make someone smile??

I got another lesson in material science at work. More about aluminum today. The "new old guy" has been very generous in sharing his knowledge...almost too generous at times! I did manage to get the 2nd sleeve of my sweater done in the downtime. Now I'm ready to cast on for the body. Hopefully, I'll get a chance to do that this weekend while I have better light to work by.

Just finished dessert and think I'll make a cup of chai before going to bed. I should probably put in a load of laundry, but I don't feel like treking back down to the basement. Don't think we'll make it to see Grandma as my oldest has developed the cough I finally got rid of. Gave her some medicine and she went right to sleep when her head hit the pillow (that doesn't happen very often with this child). Hopefully we won't pass it any further.
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