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You can do it!!!!
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Thumbs up Can everyone add an idea?

This idea was taken from a different board, and I thought it is a fantastic idea. Like many of you, I am starting/restarting in the new year. I know many of you have a great hint, motivator that would help a fellow beacher. What are the tried and true tricks of the trade. What helped you make it through Pase 1? What could you not live with out in Phase 2? Please share!

"There is no try, there is only DO" Yoda

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I've been in phase 2 since August, so thankfully phase 1 is way behind me, but I got through phase 1 by marking my weight on a calendar, and crossing off the days until phase 2 started. I could visually remind myself that 1) It was working and 2) It would be over soon!

Hope it helps!

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I can do this!
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Great idea, Monkey!

Tons of things! I found comfort foods I could have in Phase 1 (PB cup and refried beans with cheese and SF salsa). I set small, manageable goals, stated them outloud and put them in my sig, and gave myself non-food rewards for them. (spa treatments were a HUGE incentive, NPI!) I exercised and found inspiration in my new strength and burgeoning muscles...and I did yoga and found lots of joy in learning to view my body as a way to move and be rather than an encumbrance.

I threw out clothes that were too big (actually, I either gave them to consignment stores where I got a little money back or donated them to salvation army or friends) and resolved to not buy anything I couldn't fit into.

In P2, I told myself than short of things that call for carmelized sugar, I could make anything SBD (and I can!!!) and did, when I felt the need to make the effort. One weekend I totally craved this chocolate cake with peanut butter icing that they had at the house where I was visiting. As soon as I got home, I researched recipes, modified two and had this amazing cake that was to die for! Yum!!! Totally SBD safe.

Looking forward to tips from others!
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Around the 4th day on Ph1 I way very very very hungry...I ate everything in the house...thankgoodness all of it was Ph1 friendly...

Here's my hint. Have veggies and other ph1 food on hand...even if you eat a few too many nuts or cheese it's better than totally blowing it at a fast food joint. I was okay after that one day and I did not 'blow it'. Occasionally I still go through the 'I'm hungry and want to eat all day' thing. When that happens I am ready... then the next day I'm fine.
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Come on Spring!
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I'm practicing one of my hints right now - or will in a minute.

Do something with your hands like knit or do a jigsaw puzzle.
Change isnít easy. But if you donít change, you stay the same, and whereís the fun in that?
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I agree with Ruth...Keep your hands busy. Leave the house and visit a shut in...read a good book and munch on the allowable amount of Cashews...and drink water.

Each 5 lb. Loss::
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Old 01-15-2007, 07:38 PM   #7
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Enlist other people to help you. My coworkers and family know what I am doing and have been so supportive: trying to bring less treats to the office, asking what SB foods could be a part of holiday meals, even noting changes in weight, etc.

Remove the food you can not have. DH was so supportive about this. If it is there you will eat it (at least I will!). Donate it to a shelter or food bank so it does not feel wasteful to get it out of the house.

Sugar free candy/gum and hot tea with sugar substitute - they are sweet and feel like a treat, and they keep your both busy until a craving passes.

Good instincts usually tell you what to do long before your head has figured it out.
Michael Burke
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I have recently restarted on SBD after having a baby. The most helpful things from last time were writing my weight on the calendar at least once a week, usually on my monday weigh in, writing my monthly goal weight at the bottom of the calendar page and keeping a picture of myself when I was skinny and cute pinned up next to the calendar. That way when I felt like it was hopeless, I could see that I actually was making progress. Also, I tried to lose 5 lbs per month, which is totally reasonable, but would add up to 60 lbs in a year and have me below my goal weight.
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Exercise was what got me through phase one. When i felt like cheating i would leave the house and work up a sweat.

I'm in phase 1.5 right now so i'm still mostly following phase one but another thing that i have learned to love are the frozen cheesecake squares from hungry girl. In a nutshell, its cool whip. FF cream cheese, splenda, and some SF chocolate sauce!
Shaping up over the summer!

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Supermommy to Jojo
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On Phase I, I always kept almonds on hand...at home and the office at my desk...so when temptation came around, or I was hungry, instead of going in the kitchen and devouring whatever was laying around, I'd grab a handful of whole, raw almonds. Yummy.
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I too had to clean the cupboards so when searching for snacks when wanting to binge there was all SBD friendly foods. I always keep almonds, cashews, and walnuts around. Yogurt with walnuts are a favorite of mine.

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