South Beach Diet Fat Chicks on the Beach!

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Default Chicks Starting/Restarting Phase 1 - week of Jan. 1st

Well, this is the LAST time I'm doing P1!! I've got to do it, though. I'm as addicted to carbs as I ever was and I need to change. I figure all of us going through P1 at the same time might need a place to discuss things and ask questions of the wiser, more experienced SBers.

I'm writing my menu for the next week after grocery shopping tomorrow (I buy the meat that's on sale and figure something to make with it after the fact). I have plenty of veggies and lean protein on hand for breakfast, lunch, and two snacks tomorrow, and I'll pick the rest up in the afternoon. I hate saying it and saying it, but I'm bound and determined for this to be the last time I restart. I'll weigh-in tomorrow morning and do my measurements in the evening and see if I'm starting from scratch or not. I really am afraid I might be back up to 216 or more, but I'll have to wait and see.

Here's to a Happy New Year and a great go at P1!!

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I think I'll be hovering between P1 and P2 for a little while. So you have my support. Somehow I somehow manage to lose 1 lb. in December. Ofcoarse my scale is not operating correctly so I had been weighing myself all over town. All other scales showed a 1 lb. loss. Who knows???

My goal is to be bathing beauty thin by June to go on my vacation. I have a looooong way to go.

I also am adding a workout with weights and more cardio. I figure that is the only way I am going to be able to do this. If I lose inches I am okay with weighing more.

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Losing on the Beach
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Count me in ladies..I am ready to live on phase 2 but had better phase one it for awhile and detox from the mounds of sugar I ate over the Holidays, so here is to phase one for 14 days (toasting with water )
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And so begins P1! I stepped on the scale this morning and guess what! I lost 3 lbs over the month of December! I'm totally shocked! I think this is the first holiday season that I've lost weight in 5 years or more!

I woke up and had a great breakfast of eggs scrambled w/ veggies and some milk. I'll be hitting the treadmill and my bike for a while after this!

TwoPeas and Christian: It's nice to have your support and I know we can get through this P1ing together! It's just 14 days, right?

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I am also restarting this week, either Tues. of Wed. but am trying to be somewhat on program as best as I can. I'm probably going to do P 1 1/2 just because I bought tons of fruit this past week. Best of luck to us all in 2007!
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I just posted some place else a few minutes ago, but I'm beginning Ph1 all over again. I hope I can, I know I can, keep up this positive attitude. I'm with you all - all the way.
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on my way to fabulous
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I started Phase I for the first time yesterday. That's technically this week...right? Good to know I'm not going through this all by myself!

I made a version of the sausage & cheese breakfast cups yesterday and had that for breakfast this morning. Last night, I made the cola chicken for dinner with homemade low-carb ketchup...had leftovers for lunch. Not too shabby, but I'll use less vinegar in the ketchup next time.

I'll do some time on the elliptical this afternoon. 20 minutes is my goal. I'm ever-so-slowly working on getting up to 45.
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Allrighty-count me in.
I had lost 50 pounds on SBD between July1, 2004 and Feb 2005-have had 20 pounds slooowwwly creep up on me since. (At that time I had recieved custody of my sisters children and my life turned upside down)
the past couple weeks I have been getting back to my gym routine-but they wll be closed today. pooh. Gonna go ride my horse today tho.
My goals are..... get back to my previous low by my birthday (Feb 28) and down to 145 eventually. now to remember where I can get one of those ticker thingies.
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Default Count me in

I am needing a detox from the sugar I've inhaled as well. I was going to start the day after Christmas but it seems to be such an uphill battle with family, parties, goodies so this morning I stepped on the scale.....there was NOT a smile on my face........anyway, phase one has always been good to me, after about the 4th day. I'm stocked up on tylenol for the headaches to come.

Thanks for starting this thread!
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I'm going to be starting tomorrow, Tuesday the 2nd, I've got to go to the grocery store in a little while....I've gotten my shopping list ready. I've just got to clean out my fridge! I'm gonna weigh in in the morning...I really dread it! I know I've gained a ton of weight since I last weighed in. I have been off of any diets for a year. and before that I did pretty good on the Beach. Well...there's no better way to kick off the new year is there!
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Count me in starting tomorrow a.m. Gonna bake a quiche today so I have it for tomorrow to get started right. Kim that is such a great thing to lose three pounds during the holidays. Good job.

The and are so cute I am going to add one of those to my siggy for each day I follow plan. I want to do PI for the entire two weeks and then 1.5 for a couple of weeks to wean myself into P2. That is where I fall off the wagon so I know I am adding back carbs too quickly with P2.

Good luck to each of us.
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Me, too! Me, too! I also want to get in on the Sweetheart Challenge. Hope to lost 20 pounds in these next 6 weeks to get a good start. With so many to go, I think I should reach it. I love the recipes y'all have been posting!

Thank you! Barbara
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Oh, yeah, here I go again, too! Restarting phase 1 after the holidays!
And Thursday afternoon I am expected to accompany my Primerica office to a leadership school in Orlando. We will be driving down together in one car, packing our food and sharing a hotel room. Problem is, I am the ONLY one who is interested in eating healthy, let alone on South Beach. One other young lady is almost a walking skeleton and decided to bring donuts in last week! I didn't touch them, though - donuts don't really do it for me anyway.
My upline doesn't even like healthy foods - she and her husband prefer white bread and anything fried. They don't like fish, most vegetables or whole grains. >Gee, I wonder why they are overweight and diabetic - did I say that?<
So I will have to pack enough food for myself for 3 days. I need ideas for easily packable foods: hard boiled eggs, cans of tuna and chicken, cheese sticks, precut veggies, little cans of lima beans, green beans, mushrooms, hummus, nuts (I better prepackage those in single servings!) Plus my can opener, plasticware, and be prepared when they go "Eeeww" when I pull out my phase 1 travel foods! (Warning - I like sardines!)
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Come on Spring!
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Wow! Great enthusiasm. Go, Girlies!
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Count me in too. Just started yesterday and did fairly well. I have to get rid of all this sugar
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